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22nd Annual
FEBRUARY 14, 2024

The most important co-creator of World Sound Healing day is–YOU!

If you are planning on hosting a World Sound Healing Day event, please post your event title, best web link for the event, your location & event time, and any other contact details you would like to share so that other people can join in and participate! Events can be posted by groups or single individuals who wish to participate and experience the interconnected resonance of World Sound Healing Day.

We trust that this year through this Events Page Portal, there will be a wide variety different of co-created sonic offerings. We welcome any sound—vocal, instrumental, etc.—or performance manifested with the energy of love and compassion and dedicated to the purpose of World Sound Healing Day. We thank you for your participation!

Together we can create symphonies of consciousness that can change the available frequencies with our own sounds!

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Please Note: The events posted above are hosted by separate private individuals and organizations. World Sound Healing Day and Healing Sounds do not endorse any of these events nor accept or assume responsibility for the contents of any of these listings or any consequences related to participating in any of the above events. The event organizers are solely responsible for everything related to participation in their own event.