For two decades we have celebrated an event called World Sound Healing Day on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. This annual sonic offering is dedicated to Global Harmonization—creating peace & harmony on our planet through intentionalized sound.  This year, on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, we will be celebrating the 22nd Annual World Sound Healing Day. 

In prior World Sound Healing Days, we have suggested that at noon people have sounded forth with an “AH” encoded with love as a sonic valentine to the Gaia Matrix—our Mother Earth. This year, we are suggesting that any sound made with the energy of love and compassion is wonderful to resonate for World Sound Healing Day.  This healing sound can be any vocal sound — Ah, Hum, Om, etc. —any tone—crystal bowl, Tibetan bell, didjeridoo etc. — any instrument—piano, violin, drum, etc—or any sort of performance or sonic presentation you would like to make.  

Major focal points will be around noon at any time zone, but you can participate throughout the day. Any time during the day that an event is held is a good time to sound forth for Global Harmonization–the process of creating harmony and peace on the Earth.

Please be sure to visit the Events Portal–it’s a place where you can post your virtual event.  We have even got a Google Map that will show where you event is originating from.

Through the Events Portal we can resonate together for Global Harmonization.  There will be Symphonies of Consciousness throughout our planet! To create an event, simply follow the instructions on that page.    Since the majority of these events will be virtual, it will be necessary for you to have access to a platform (whether it is Zoom, Skype, Streamyard or any of the myriad others now available) where you can create an event to share with others. Fill out the information on the Events Portal and that’s it.

This year, the sonic scope of World Sound Healing Day will include all sorts of presentations.  In particular, musical performances encoded with the energy of love and consciously projected toward our Earth Mother and all sentient beings are being encouraged.  Also guided meditations featuring music focused on planetary healing are wonderful.  All sounds created with Light & Love are Healing Sounds!  

As always, for those who wish to work with the “AH” sound, we suggest you go to and go to the “AH” toning chamber.  There are numerous toning chambers available, so you can choose others sounds to tone along with if you choose.  There is also a link to the Temple of Sacred Sound on the Events Portal.

For more information which you may find useful, please visit There you will find a “Planetary Healing Sounds” section with articles on suggested sounds, visualizations and toning techniques. There is also an “AH” sound you can download here and tone along with should you choose to do so. 

Sounding with love and appreciation any time of that day will be of great benefit, assisting in the creation of a coherent waveform that will affect the entire Earth. 

Thanking you in advance for contributing to this positive global vibratory activation using healing sounds.  

Remember, this a day of both personal and planetary healing. We heal the planet; we heal ourselves. We heal ourselves and we heal the planet.

Many Blessings of Love & Love through Sound to each and every one of you! My appreciation and gratitude is extended to you for all your efforts and love in sounding together for planetary peace and healing on Feb. 14, 2024 celebrating the 22nd Annual World Sound Healing Day!

Harmonically Yours,
Jonathan Goldman


Note:  If you do not want to create an event but simply want to participate in one of these events there will be numerous events held throughout the planet and throughout the day and that you will find one of great resonance.  Visit the Events Portal before World Sound Healing Day and find an event.  Each event will be unique and different.