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Planetary Healing

by Jonathan Goldman

This recording was created by world renowned Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman and his wife Andi Goldman. It is 11:33 long and was designed to be utilized by those who wish to participate in World Sound Healing Day as well as other global toning events.  The music and chanting is from Jonathan Goldman. The guided meditation features the voice of Andi Goldman. This video and the audio are both a powerful tool for planetary evolutionary activation.

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The first portion of this recording features a guided meditation by Andi Goldman that incorporates several simple techniques which will serve to create a coherent field between your heart and brain. When coupled with intentionalized sound, this technique amplifies the power of the quantum resonance we sonically project and makes us more effective vehicles for co-creating positive change.

The second portion of the “Global Guided AH” created by Jonathan Goldman  features individual sounds of the heart sound “AH”, that you can tone along with. The voices of hundreds of renowned sound healers are featured on this.  In addition, the accompanying sounds are newly encoded with special psychoacoustic tones and frequencies designed to enhance the sacred and healing aspects of this recording. 

The third section portion of this recording allows you to be in silence for several minutes while projecting your healing energies to our planet.

Please know that any time you utilize this recording and project positive, intentionalized sound, you are being of benefit to our beloved Earth and to yourself.

Remember: We heal the planet. We heal ourselves. We heal ourselves and we heal the planet.