Certified Holistic Coach (CHC) focused on empowering the holistic growth of individuals and companies. I am an inventor, entrepreneur, yoga, and meditation instructor, sound healer, recording artist, writer, somatic therapist, and President of Greenergo Association for Renewable Sources of Energy and Electric Transportation in Zagreb, Croatia. My teachers of healing methods, among the others, are: - Jeff Romanowski of Albany, CT, a founder of Romanowski deep tissue method, - Vajra Matusow of San Francisco, CA, founder of Diamond Light School for Massage and Healing Arts, - Masayuki Saionji of Tokyo, Japan, founder of Yumeiho (a combination of oriental chiropractic, shiatsu and Thai treatments), - Jonathan Goldman of Boulder, Colorado, a founder of Healing Sounds methods, - Jadranko Miklec of Zagreb, Croatia, Yogacharya for advanced yoga training with the European Yoga Federation, - Dez Stephens, CEO of Radiant Coaches Academy, holistic coaching training. I have 10+ years of experience in the macrobiotic and vegan lifestyles. I worked in Essentis Biohotel in Berlin, Germany as Event Manager and in Bio&Bio, a Croatia-based macrobiotic center as Program Coordinator. Also, I am the author of several Sound Healing records like Omming and Om Didge: https://youtu.be/TdEw2UM4J9s?si=3cVbsCKg8bDsU6sx I am active as a singer and songwriter in the progressive rock band Super Grouper with one published album Excitation: https://supergrouper.bandcamp.com/album/excitation As an inventor and entrepreneur, I hold 2 patents, and one of them, Spinfly - a flying disc with a ball bearing, is in production and is finding its expression as a new sport called Spinfly golf. I sometimes publish my writing on Medium: https://medium.com/@svemir.vranko Join me for my Self-Healing and Sound Healing Classes and Courses, OM Course (Oversouler Meditation Course), and 1:1 holistic coaching sessions. See more Location Zagreb, Croatia Website https://www.oversouler.com/ Twitter URL https://twitter.com/over_souler Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/svemir.vranko/ Instagram URL https://www.instagram.com/over.souler/ Linkedin URL https://www.linkedin.com/in/svemir-vranko/

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