Deena Rahill is the founder and owner of HI Mindfulness Forums. HMF provides a wide variety of high-quality mindfulness modalities in the form of events, including workshops, lectures, and sound vibrational healing. Deena intends to ensure that her offerings profoundly affect the growth of consciousness and love in the community she serves and beyond. HMF commits to elevate, enlighten, and bring awareness to all the hearts we touch. Deena Rahill, a certified sound practitioner herself, knows too well how vital mindfulness modalities are to her well-being. Deena is a member of The Sound Healing Association, and she has received her certificates through the Sound Healing Center and Sound Healing Academy. Deena holds private sessions, groups, and virtual sessions for corporate wellness and those who cannot attend in person through her practice. Deena has been a guest speaker at the Thrive & Focus summit 2021 and the Jason D'amico's show. She has appeared in multiple magazines, influencers' blogs and has her own YouTube channel. Deena recently collaborated with the Port St. Lucie Cultural Alliance for the Inaugural Art & Mindfulness Fest 2021. Deena performed with artist painter Lisa Jill Allison during the fest for a symbiotic art and sound experience. Deena is often on the road with regional performances in yoga studios and public and private venues. Visit her website for the entire calendar of events. Certified through Sound Healing Academy & Sound Healing Association

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