15th Annual

FEBRUARY 14, 2017

The most important co-creator of World Sound Healing day is–YOU! If you are planning on hosting a World Sound Healing Day event or toning group, please post your name, event location & time, and any other contact details you would like to share in the thread below so that other people in your area can join in and participate!

As a special gift to everyone hosting an event, we are offering a free download of an hour long recording of the AH tone. This recording may be played to help set the sonic space at any gathering you may be leading, or enhance any personal meditation. After you post your event, we will email you the download link directly.

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  1. It’s NOW time! To attune the hearts and minds of many to the frequency of Divine Love.

    Mark your calendars for:

    February 13 – 15, 2017

    Attracting thee 144 souls ready to serve in this way.

    The Gift will be offered in Las Vegas, NV

  2. Would love to include this in an upcoming gathering I am hosting, “Soul Singing” for the freeing of Women’s voices. Thank you for this gift!

  3. Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing Event
    Saturday 2/11/17 from 1-3 pm
    Infinite Light Center for Yoga & Wellness
    6499 E. Seneca Tpke
    Jamesville, NY, 13078, USA
    Join us for a Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing event in honor of World Sound Healing Day 2017. After warm ups and gentle Yoga stretches, you will be led in a Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation), while you enjoy a beautiful sound bath. Included will be crystal and Tibetan bowls, koshi chimes, tuning forks, tingshas, etc.
    Lead by Cindy Yaple, Infinite Light Yoga Teacher & Mary Riposo, Reiki Master/Sound Healer
    Investment: $20
    Info & Registration: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=192746&stype=-8&sTG=27&sVT=9&sView=day&sLoc=1&sTrn=100000000&date=02/11/17

  4. Los Angeles, California USA

    Join us in sending a sonic valentine along with thousands of others around the world on Feb 14th at noon.

    We will vibrate in sympathy and strengthen a wave of peace and love, as we tone the vowel AH, stimulating our chests, infusing our voice with our innate feelings of compassion, kindness, and wellbeing.

    Crystal bowls, tuning forks, chimes, bass drums, bliss whistles, overtone flutes, glossalalia, and unexpected guests will vivify the experience.

    Join us at Durian Songbird’s Toy Factory Loft
    1855 Industrial St. 512, Los Angeles, CA. 90021 from 11:00am till 1:00pm, free

    Global synchrony meditation happens at noon.

    Feel free to bring any of your sound activation devices and sharings.

    For more info contact Durian Songbird

  5. Send some Sound Waves of Healing to the Planet!
    World Sound Healing Day 2017
    Join Katherine Dempsey of Amythyst Therapies and Trent Deerhorn of Deerhorn Shamanic Services for a evening of Sound Healing for our world.
    Experience a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath, a Drumming Circle, Gong, Rain Stick and Rattle Healing
    Followed by Trance Dance.
    Date: February 14th, 2017
    Location: SOULworks Sacred Healing Center 3-2228 Ave. C North
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CANADA
    Time: 6:30pm to 9:00pm
    Tuition: $30 at the door
    Heal the Planet as We Heal Ourselves
    Heal Ourselves as We Heal the Planet

  6. The Mt. Airy sound healing community of northwest Philadelphia invites you to participate with us on World Sound Healing Day, Tuesday, February 14, starting at noon, as we create healing sounds to 1. Heal our Planet 2. Heal Earth’s waters 3. Raise our consciousness. No charge, Love donations appreciated. RSVP to contact@reikisoundbliss.com for details or see Facebook.com/reikisoundbliss

  7. World Sound Healing Day- Southern Adelaide, South Australia

    We will meet at Port Willunga Beach- look for the rainbow and love heart flags!

    6:00pm- BYO picnic dinner, enjoy a swim, connect with friends old and new! Open musical jam time!

    7:15pm- World Sound Healing Day group vocal toning ‘AH” sound for our Earth Mother

    7:30pm- Enjoy the sunset and continue making sounds with voice and instruments
    Sunset is predicted to be at 8:11pm.

    Let’s create a beautiful central altar in the sand, and bring crystals, flowers and other offerings to our divine planet, Mother Earth!
    Let’s bring our children and families to connect with creating sacred sound to heal the planet!

    The main event will be vocal toning, but feel free to bring your instruments, drums etc as we will definitely make some sound with these for a time too!

    This is a free event, but lets each make a gold coin (or higher) donation to a worthy charity that helps to heal our Earth and Waters: Australian Conservation Foundation.

    *note* this event is in the evening, not 12 noon, to allow many more people to come and participate! Hope you can make it!

  8. The Celtic School of Sound Healing, Dublin, Ireland, joins with you all to celebrate World Sound Healing Day. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH sending our Sonic Valentine to Gaia <3 Love!


    • hello!
      unfortunately I am being called out to Florida during this time and so will be participating from across the states. . that being said, this event had to be cancelled. . I am guessing there will be others in and around Boulder, CO 🙂


  9. World Sound Healing Day 2017
    February 14th
    Join Lily Lau of Lil*star Healing to contribute your loving sonic tonics to mother earth
    Different communities in Hawkes Bay will be sounding for 5 minutes “AH”, created and projected with the energy of compassion and love, sending a sonic valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth
    Location: Various in Napier and Hastings
    Community groups:
    – Women’s Centre Hastings
    – Choir groups
    – and more
    Details of time and locations: https://www.facebook.com/events/1834259123473242/

  10. Judy Dougall of Heartfelt Yoga along with Linda Horn of Stillwater Awakenings are joining energies to offer another opportunity for Sound Healing. The intention is healing for our world, but the process is naturally healing for those that participate for we are made up of the same substances as our Mother Earth.
    It’s an evening of yoga, guided meditation with Sound, sharing the AH tone, plus a group activity to integrate the experience of Oneness with All That Is.
    Date: February 14, 2017
    Location: the farm yoga studio @71880 London Rd. Exeter Ontario, Canada
    Time: 7pm – 9pm
    Cost: $40
    Space is limited!
    Register by email or phone 519-615-0101

  11. World Sound Healing Day 2017 Please join us in celebrating World Sound Healing Day in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We will sending a sonic Valentine to Mother Earth. We will begin our celebration with gonging to open our hearts. We will then join others around the world in sending the healing energy of love and compassion by toning “AH” and sending gratitude, harmony, and peace to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.
    Date Feb. 14
    Time 7 PM to 8:30 PM.
    Cost Love Donation
    Location Healing From the Heart Center
    920 Jackson St Apt N
    Fort Wayne, Indiana
    Space is limited so contact Dr. Barbara Burk at barbara@healingfromtheheartcenter.com or at 260 413 9367

  12. World Sound Healing Day Sedona will be Feb. 13, 2017, 7 pm at Sedona Creative Life Center, 333 Schnebley Road in Sedona, AZ USA. 24 sound healing presenters and YOU the audience will co-create a sweet sonic Valentine for the Mother Earth – healing waters, land and consciousness. https://www.facebook.com/events/198200967306212/.

    Presenters include ThreeTrees (James Bauer) Nigerian drumming, chanting andtoning, Thunderbeat Devara (drumming and chakra aligning), Peter Sterling (Harp), Standswithbear (N. American flute), Natesh Kirtan- Natesh, Monnie Ramsell & Elizabeth England), Julian Forest, (Darrin Keith Hasting) angelic/cosmic bass), Shekina Rose (Language of Light and toning on Blue Ray), Daniel Posney (didge), David Young (Renaissance flutes), Luna Van Atta (crystal bowls), Arthur Baird (crystal & Tibetan bowls, Reiki Sonics), Anara Whitebear & Chris Katsaropoulos (acturian and agarthan expansive frequency tonings and channelings), The Celestials ~ Marilyn Weaver, Jonathan Ellis and Gwynne Reese on practitioner crystal bowls, Mary Lou and Mario, (I Love You mantra) and audience toning AH on the heart for Gaia. Sedona joins the sacred sound waveforms in Africa, Europe, Scandinavia and UK as the sacred AH begins to bathe the Earth’s 12 time zones in Love. Reserve EARLY, Eventbrite.com. CDs and sonic products available.

    We thank our generous sponsors Jonathan Ellis and David Posney of http://www.shamanichealingsedona.com, “Clearing the Way for Sedona’s Healers”. We thank Jonathan Goldman for founding this beautiful Global Event. Love Sedona WSHD

  13. Nadanta Waira: Centro Creativo de Somática Holística
    Viaje de Sonido : Cuencos de Cristal, Cuencos tibetanos, Tambor Chamánico,, Voz en armonía sintonización con la presencia del sonido AH para llegar al corazón de la madre Tierra.
    A Cargo de Ely Ramírez ( Maestra Certificada Método Feldenkrais, Facilitadora de Procesos de Sanación con Cristales y Sonido, especialista en voz y terapia vibroacústica, Guía de Animales de Poder).

    Lugar: Candelaria – Centro Histórico – BOGOTÁ, Colombia

    Necesario Reservar: Móvil 3202350615
    Mail: elyramírezsuarez@gmail.com

    • Dearest Benita, it is lovely to see you here! I shall be tuning into you as I sound tomorrow, bringing myself back to Luxor where I do hope I will get to in person again too! I hope all is wonderful in your world. Much love and huge hugs, Laura.xo

  14. I would like to work to advance a Sound Healing Day in the large hispanic-american community all the countries south of the border along with the large spanish speaking population in the US itself

  15. Our meditation group gets together on Tuesdays, so it is the perfect day and way of celebrating and hosting the 2017 world sound healing day.

  16. Join us for a world Healing Day at Ixmucané Healing Center in Lomas de Tzununa, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Tuning Forks, tibetan bowls, drums, shruti box and guided meditation with sound.
    Time 12 to 4 pm
    Email if have questions

  17. Lift Gallery of Sound and Light in Maleny, Queensland, Australia, will be having a sound immersion at 12.30pm in the main gallery featuring Vanessa Bytheway and Kim Kirkman and others. 926 Maleny-Montville Road.
    Please contact me for more details info@experiencealift.com
    All the best

  18. Sonic Valentine for World Sound Healing Day, 14th February 2017, Bristol UK

    Come and join Celia Beeson of Soundscape and Bea Martin and David Johnson of Bards of Avalon to celebrate the 15th annual World Sound Healing Day. Our intent is to send a sonic Valentine of love, appreciation and compassion to the planet and all beings.

    We will co-create a beautiful, healing soundscape, bathing you in the vibrations of gongs, Himalayan bowls, vocal harmonies, chimes and other sound treasures.

    During the soundscape, you can either sit in a chair or lie down. Please bring a cushion/mat/sleeping bag/blanket so you feel comfortable and enjoy this nurturing experience.

    Spaces are limited, so please reserve your place by emailing merlin@bardsofavalon.com

    Venue: St Anne’s Church Hall, St Leonard’s Rd, Bristol BS5 6JN
    Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
    Cost: £10.00/£7.00 concessions


  19. February 13, 6:30 pm Reiki Radiance of Apple Valley CA will be hosting a Sound bath. Using Crystal Singing bowls tuned 432hz we will do a chakra clearing, healing & Love intention.
    $20.00 Love Donation suggested
    Seating limited

    • Hi, this is Connie Darlington. Are you having another sound bath gathering? I would love to attend!

  20. Our Tuesday Afternoon Meditation group in Tiny Township, Ontario, nearthe shores of Georgian Bay will be participating in the World Sound Healing Day by sending a love song Valentine to Gaia, especially to the waters of our Earth and prayers through the AH sound for peace, love and harmony to prevail on Earth.

    All proceeds donated to Peace Mala
    On Tuesday 14th February 2017
    For Well being, Relaxation and Meditation

    Join Faith and Ayanna this year, as we share with you
    An opportunity to experience the healing effects of the Peace Gong and gongs ,Flute, Himalayan Singing bowls, Sea conch and other sound healing instruments and sound journey to enjoy where ever it takes you.
    * Heal our Planet*Heal our Waters
    *Raise our Consciousness

    29 Walters Row, Dunvant ,Swansea SA2 7TB
    Times- 1pm – 2-30pm session & 7pm – 8-30pm
    Cost £10 PP per session – Booking is Essential to secure a place.
    To BOOK – Tel: Faith on 01792 290458
    Email – faithcomplementaryholistics@yahoo.co.uk
    Tel: Ayanna on 07596156957
    Email – holistic@ayannatherapy.eu

  22. World Sound Healing Day 2017! Please join us in Sacred Sound to send immense love and healing intentions to our Mother Gaia and all those who grace this beautiful planet. Accompanied by the melodic instruments of friends, we will draw on our own bodily instruments to tone the AH together, whilst sitting or lying comfortably, inducing deep relaxation, meditation and the raising of individual and collective vibrations. A short kirtan and refreshments will follow.With love..

    Venue: 24 North Street, Coffs Harbour NSW
    Email Anita: anibark@hotmail.com

  23. World Sound Healing Day, February 14, from 6.45pm- 8.30pm
    Center for Divine Awakening in Phoenix, 15801 N. 40th Street
    Healing/ Purification with Crystal and Tibetan Bowls

  24. World Sound Healing Day with Sound Reiki Master & Teacher, Leanda Michelle… Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Australia
    We will connect with our Si’Stars in Canada @ Fieldstones Wellness via the big screen. Tone together and be guided with a visual meditation to emit the love frequency, to raise the vibration of our beloved planet and its people.
    Heart donation
    10:30 – 12:30 (Please bring a plate of vegetarian food to share)
    Email: leanda.creativeink@gmail.com
    Tel: 0400 730 602

  25. World Sound Healing Day at Waldorf Acacia School, Nuvali, Laguna (1 hour south of Manila, Philippines).

    February 14, 2017 at 12 noon (GMT+8): Free event organized at the Farm Shed of Waldorf Acacia, for the students, teachers and parents of the school and anyone else who might want to join and tone with us to heal our mother Earth!

    Address: Acacia Waldorf School, Hacienda Santa Elena, Laguna, Philippines.

    Email: margherita.palau@yahoo.com

  26. Join us at The Monastery, Manchester, UK for a day of sound healing with John Hofton and Janet Farnell on 19th February, 2017, to celebrate World Sound Healing Day. John Hofton will lead everyone in intoning the heart sound ‘AH’ to bring ourselves into alignment with the group, with the resonant acoustic vibration of The Monastery, creating a continuous wave of sound that will fill the Monastery with harmonious vibration. We shall set our intention to send this healing wave of sound out into the world through the ley lines that converge at the Monastery.
    We will also experience a Sacred Solfeggio Sound Bath given by Janet Farnell, using her solfeggio alchemy bowls, quartz pyramid and her 432 Hz Crystal Harp: – A journey with sound, transcending time and space. Help us to send loving heart-centred vibrations to the water of our planet, purifying and blessing our water with unconditional love!

  27. Meditation Vesica Pisces for the World Sound Healing Day
    I learnt this very powerful meditation attending to Jonathan Goldman’s Intensive. We will stay 2 hours chanting on 2 circles symbolizing Surrender, Gratitude and Trust
    February 14th, 8.00pm to 10.30 pm
    Passy, 74190 Haute-Savoie, France

    Méditation Vesica Pisces pour la journée mondiale du Son énergétique
    Une méditation chantée très puissante sur 2 cercles qui se recoupent en leur milieu, et forment 3 espaces: lâcher prise, confiance et gratitude, que j’ai apprise durant le stage intensif de Jonathan Goldman. Avec le support musical de Jonathan Goldman
    14 Février 20h à 22h30
    Passy, 74190 Haute Savoie France
    Email: contact@brigittemace.com

  28. World Sound Healing Day, February 14th – beginning sometime between 11.30am and 1.30pm. Organising a Healing Sound experince at the Hospice where I volunteer – For patients, staff and Gaia.

  29. Please join us in Knoxville, TN to add our hearts and voices to World Sound Healing Day on February 14, We will meet at Illuminations Metaphysical Center at 11:45am to settle in to sound. We will focus our “AH”s at noon and those who can stay for the full hour will continue to tone until 12:45pm.

    Jan Coe of Whole Notes Harmony will be organizing the event. Please call Illuminations for further information. 865-801-9194

    Illuminations is at 8078 Kingston Pike, Suite 119, Knoxville, TN 37919.

  30. World Sound Healing with crystal singing bowls.
    Please join us to participate in the 15th Annual World Sound Healing Day!

    Tuesday, February 14 12:00 noon
    Iowa City Public Library
    123 S Linn St
    Iowa City, IA

    All are welcome!

  31. World Sound Healing Sound bath and Vocal Toning at Casa Metta, San Jose de la Montana, Barva, Heredia, Costa Rica
    Sound bath begins at noon, toning follows, then a pot luck lunch

  32. Send A Valentines day gift to our Planet… your Voice and conscious intentions!
    We Joyfully invite you to raise up your voice with us on…
    WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY…( Valentines day) FEBRUARY 14, 2017.
    From 11:45 until 1 PM local time (or 20h till 22h)
    at Mark & Renée’s Energy Learning Center:
    Iteneraires de Coeur en Joie. http://www.i-c-j.com
    in Normandy FRANCE …

    We have room for about 30 people in our Home.
    This powerful Sound meditation will channel our vocal energy and conscious intentions of Release, Confidence and Gratitude for world peace, from Normandy, France as we join in with all the other voices and kindred souls worldwide!
    Le jour de la St Valentin offrez le son de votre voix en cadeau à notre Planète !
    Nous vous invitons joyeusement à la faire résonner en vous joignant à nous, le 14 Février prochain, le jour de la Journée Mondiale du Guéri- Son (HEALING SOUND) Organisée depuis les USA par Jonathan Goldman.

    De 20h à 21h30 chez nous à Breuilpont, dans le Centre Energétique des Itinéraires vers le Cœur en Joie.
    Nous serons : 2, rue Alfred de Musset
    27640 Breuilpont France.
    Contact information: http://www.i-c-j.com +332 32 36 67 35 ou +336 19 57 43 38,
    à l’unisson de tous les autres Cercles qui se réuniront à cette occasion :

    Nous pouvons accueillir une trentaine de personnes réunies en 2 ou 3 cercles se recoupant en leur milieu pour former 3 espaces: lâcher prise, confiance et gratitude pour la Paix dans le monde.
    Cette méditation très puissante, chantée depuis la Normandie en France s’unira à tous les autres cercles qui se formeront un peu partout autour de notre planète..

  33. From Roswell, New Mexico, We will be adding our hearts, minds and voices to the healing of the Body of Mother Earth and all her Life Forms. Thank you and Namaste.
    Location TBA depending on response. Look for Public Event on Facebook World Sound Healing Day 2017 in Roswell, NM

  34. To the H2O community in Fredericksburg, VA
    February 14th between 7PM to 9 PM
    Please join me for WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY.
    Celebrating Mother Earth and all of Creation
    ​Let’s co-create LOVE PEACE HARMONY
    using our sound as a vehicle​ and if you like bring your instruments honoring all the blessings we take for granted.
    If you cannot join, see the link below and support the healing sounds day wherever you are. and whenever you can.
    ​AHHHHHH…………looking forward to seeing you, (www.HealingSounds.com)
    Heike Albers
    PS Please RSVP in order to get into our gate and to prepare for parking and address. ​Thanks

  35. MADRID, ESPAÑA. 14 de febrero, a las 20h.
    Organiza: QdeCuenco Terapia de Sonido, y Sati Centro Mindfulness
    Calle Santísima Trinidad, 30, 3º. PLAZAS LIMITADAS, SOLO CON RESERVA.

    Celebraremos el WSHD con una introducción explicando qué es y qué dinámica tendrá el WSHD, hablaremos sobre Sonido Sanador, entonación del Mantra AH, meditación sonora (todos tendréis un Cuenco Tibetano para la práctica, o puedes traer el tuyo), y un Concierto de Cuencos Tibetanos. Hora y media de duración.

    – Más información en http://www.QdeCuenco.Blogspot.com
    – Evento en facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/277826922633547/

  36. Feb. 14th (TUESDAY) 15th Annual World Sound Healing Day
    FREE. 5:00-6:00 PM. Join Andi & Jonathan Goldman and friends for a FREE Toning
    and send a Sonic Valentine to Mother Earth as we tone the “AH” sound together for planetary peace. Come celebrate “The Sound Heard Around the World”— from 5:00 – 6:00 PM
    Solstice Institute, 302 Pearl St., Boulder,CO
    info@healingsounds.com or (303) 443-8181.

    February 14 – World Sound Healing Day

    EVENT: Sound Healing Collective – Song for Gaia
    Heartspace Manor, 45 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, NSW Australia
    7.30pm – 9pm

    Please join us to send a collective sonic valentine of love and compassion to the Earth and to all beings. Bring your voice and an open heart and prepare for a powerful and nurturing evening of channelled sound, light language and enchanting music with the intention to heal ourselves, the earth and humanity.

    Led by experienced Sound and Light Channel, Louise Charman-James, with other musicians and sound healers, including Geeti from Soulmoves who will treat you to the ethereal healing sounds of Prabhu’s legendary hang drum.

    More information at http://www.soulsignature.com.au/events or find the Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/1103746619751570/

  38. Hi Jonathan, I am hosting an event on world sound healing event here in Essex, England CO63PX at 7pm. Idealy, I would have preferred 5pm our time but needed flexibility for those who working at that time.
    I will be also posting details on facebook and my website in the next 24 hours

    Very Best Wishes, Keith Goodwin, Healing Alchemy.

  39. Further to previous message in case of typing error!!! we are holding a WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY event at our home on TUESDAY 14TH FEBRUARY 2017 at our home in Essex, England CO63PX 7PM-9.30PM.

    Best Wishes,

    Keith Goodwin Healing Alchemy

    • Hi everyone, we have extended the World Sound Healing Event,starting at 7pm and finishing at 10pm. Please contact us on 01206 213103/07846 246782/keith@healingalchemy2012.co.uk

      Love and Blessings,

      Keith Goodwin

      Healing Alchemy

  40. Meditation, Movement & Sound on Tuesday 14th February at 7.30 – 9.00pm GMT at Boscastle Village Hall, North Cornwall, UK
    Costs £10
    Be nourished & energised by meditation, movement and sound and then resonate with other groups and individuals around the world to tone for positive energy and healing in ourselves, communities and our planet…

    Facebook page: Jeanne Hampshire Life Spheres

  41. FREE EVENT: World Sound Healing Day
    February 14th, 2017
    1130am -1230pm
    Avalon Yoga Co-op, Avalon Beach, NSW, Australia
    Come and send a sonic valentine of love, appreciation and compassion to Mother Earth and all beings.

    Linda Barripp 0402 114940
    Martina Sandles 0408 570960

  42. The second annual World Sound Healing Day will take place at 7 pm February 14, 2016 at Chapman Cultural Center – 200 East St. John Street – Spartanburg, SC. Please call daniel @ 864-497-3550 for more information

  43. Tuesday, February 14, starting 11:30 am
    Praxisräume von WattenWunder, Ingrun Masanek
    Brummelkammp 15, 26506 Norden, Germany

    Welcome – Herzlich willkommen!
    Come join us and send a Sonic Valentine to Mother Earth – wir tönen gemeinsam für Mutter Erde

  44. Join Maui Vibrations in spreading Aloha across the universe on February 14 at Sugar Beach in North Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. Maui Vibrations is celebrating World Sound Healing Day with an open house at the new private studio location next to the Sugar Beach Event Center. We will gather on the beach between 11 am and noon to connect through a cacao ceremony before beginning the ‘Ah’ intonation in solidarity with others across the earth.
    Maui Vibrations is also sharing the love in a brand new private studio at Sugar Beach next to the Sugar Beach Event Center! Tour the new facilities, get free sound massage/sound bath samples, enjoy complimentary beverages, learn about group sound meditations or book a private session.

    Who: Maui Vibrations and you!
    When: February 14, 12 pm
    Where: Nani Kai Hale
    73 N. Kihei Rd. Kihei, HI
    How: Meet at the BBQ patio by the beach.
    Got a Why? Send a message on the website at http://www.mauivibrations.com/ or call 1+ (808)359-4215.

  45. Please feel free to join us in celebrating World Sound Healing Day on Febuary 14th at
    The Sanctuary , Centre Of Angels , Bride Street, Loughrea , Co Galway , Ireland at 12 noon..
    During the soundscape we will join others around the world as we channel our vocal energy and conscious intentions for world peace , love and gratitude and healing for our planet and for all beings by toning an AH vowel .
    You can either sit in a chair or lie down. Please bring a cushion/mat/sleeping bag/blanket so you feel comfortable . This is a free event .. all that is required to take part is a loving intention .
    Planning to meet at 11.45am so we can be settled and do a quick warm up .
    We will chant for a half hour … after , there will be refreshments and I will be doin a Sound therapy demonstration for those interested .
    For any more info CONTACT Martina 0868573298
    Sound Blessings x

  46. Please feel free to join us in celebrating World Sound Healing Day on Febuary 14th at
    The Sanctuary , Centre Of Angels , Bride Street Loughrea at 12 noon..
    During the soundscape we will join others around the world as we channel our vocal energy and conscious intentions for world peace , love and gratitude and healing for our planet and for all beings by toning an AH vowel .
    You can either sit in a chair or lie down. Please bring a cushion/mat/sleeping bag/blanket so you feel comfortable . This is a free event .. all that is required to take part is a loving intention .
    Planning to meet at 11.45am so we can be settled and do a quick warm up .
    We will chant for a half hour … after , there will be refreshments and I will be doin a Sound therapy demonstration for those interested .
    For any more info CONTACT Martina 0868573298
    Sound Blessings x

  47. Let’s join our voices, hearts, energy & Light for this sweet planet on Global Sound healing day, Feb 14th at 12 noon in Los Gatos California

    Please contact me by email or text for location

  48. Peaceful Parlour and Yolanda Lozano of Healing Hearts are inviting the community to Celebrate World Sound Healing Day with us on Thursday, February 16th from 7 to 8.30pm. Peaceful Parlour is located at 212 South 3rd Street, Geneva, IL, 06134, USA. To learn more, visit http://www.PeacefulParlour.com

    Learn to play instruments like crystal bowls, singing bowls, tingshas, rattles and drums to create calm and peace within yourself. Guests are invited to bring any instrument of their own to participate in this playful and uplifting event to heal the world beginning with themselves.

    Did you know that one of the strongest sound healing instruments is your own body? We’ll teach you a few simple chants and how vocalizing a tone radiates love from your energetic field that attracts abundance and happiness on a mystical level.

    On World Sound Healing Day, sound healers, meditators, peace activists and lovers of all humanity and sentient consciousness send a Sonic Valentine to the Earth with the heart sound “AH” filled with the intention of Peace and Love!

    Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat or cushion to sit on the floor. This community event, is open to all ages. RSVP by calling 630-232-6300 and walk ins are welcome. This workshop is $35, however, no one will be turned away due to a lack of funds.

  49. Sound Lounge for Sonic Valentine. FREE Drop in Event at the Queen’s Hall, Hexham, UK.

    The Sound Lounge is a dedicated space to explore the senses through sound and vibration of the continuous resonant soundbath of Gongs, Tibetan Bowls and Vocal Harmonics. Our collective intentional sound and vocal harmonics resonates our love and appreciation to Gaia, to our friends and our global family. This event will be linking with World Sound Healing Day.


  50. Join with us as we sound out for Mother Earth at Lotus tal-Qalb, Health and Wellbeing Centre, on the beautiful and tranquil island of Gozo, Malta. Arrive for 11.45am so we can settle down and be ready to start at 12 noon.

    You can find us at: 28 Frenc Tal-Gharb Street, Gharb, Gozo (next to Salvinas Restaurant.

    Thanks to Jonathon Goldman and everyone involved for this great opportunity to join together in peace and harmony!

  51. Sound Healing Circle , February 14, at 12:10PM PST in Middletown, CA the Joy Room at Reunion ReSource Center, 20150 Bush St., in Middletown across from the High School. 20-30 minutes of Sound Healing for Peace and Love both within us and shared globally for All That Is. Our Inspiration Circle meets weekly on Wedesday eves at 6PM. There is no fee. Your Presence is a gift.
    Betty Lue

  52. I am looking for a World Sound Healing Day event in South Florida that I can physically attend. <3 Anyone?

  53. The second annual World Sound Healing Day will take place at 7 pm February 14, 2016 at Chapman Cultural Center – 200 East St. John Street – Spartanburg, SC. Please call daniel @ 864-497-3550 for more information

  54. Join us and thousands throughout the planet for the 15th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY on Tuesday, February 14, 2017.
    At our Frankston Sound Bath (Melbourne, Australia) at The Garden from 6:45pm, we will sound forth for 5 minutes with the “AH”, flowing into our 45 minute sound bath.
    Places are limited so please SMS your name to 0409 585 422 to book your space.

  55. On the auspicious day 14th Feb. 2017,world sound healing day;I am feeling glad to heal ourselves by sending “ah” vibration to mother earth with our healers and meditation group 12.00 noon . I’m really thankful for the inspiration by you org.efforts for world healing.
    Dr.reetu verma
    Energy holistic healing studio

  56. Sound Meditation session with harmonic human voices, various musical instruments as well as sacred Gong Sound on Feb 10th from 4 to 6pm in Green City Compound. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
    This event will be linking with Worlf Sound Healing Day.
    Contact +966558724313 Yin Xiong

  57. We will be joining the Sound Healing Day from the Lake District in England UK…in Kendal at ‘Proper Northern Yoga’ hosted by Laura-Jane Clare and Hannah. Join us at 11.45 to be sitting and ready to chant at noon. All Welcome.

  58. Join the event on FB https://www.facebook.com/events/1352899118100478/
    Starting at 9 am till 9 pm…(your time) every hour offer blessings of love to our world. Feel free to do this in your own way and say (silently is ok) or chant OM, ring a chime, or sound a bowl, if you have one or listen to the sound of water.. dripping or splashing – a healing sound too. At some point we will be doing it together no matter where you are – blessing our home with our love… that keeps us all connected. peace
    Posted at the group I started that I would love you to join as well:
    Sound Healing For A Peaceful World Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AstroQiSoundHealing/
    I offer CoCreative Healing Services and this is my collection of Sound Healing AcuTuning Forks for sessions and Reiki Sound Healing Circles within Activations: http://www.cocreative.us/soundhealingcircle.htm

    I also make Astro-Qi Activations that balance the Astro-influences energetically to help with harsh transits in the sky effecting us all. My vision it to have Lightworkers (like yourself) meditating with the Astro-Qi Activation when the transit is happening to help balance energies towards the light.
    Here is where I post them: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AstroQiActivations/ and past ones you can hear at: http://www.soundcloud.com/aliahselah

  59. Matiz Wellness Center will host a Valentine Sonic Lounge Gathering on Tuesday Febrary 14th at 7:30 pm. At the Sound Theater 26131 Marguerite Pwy, suite B. Mission Viejo CA.
    We join our global community in celebration of the 15th anniversary World Sound Healing Day!
    Come and send a sonic valentine of love, appreciation and compassion to Mother Earth and all sentient beings. We will tone the AH heart vowel sound for 15 mins. To tune in with people all over the world after our sonar crystal sound bath, gong and ambient sounds.

    $20.00 Hearth contribution. We provide, cushions, blankets and pillows. please contact our website: matizwellnesscenter.org for further details.or call at 949-547-9562 to make reservations.

  60. Find Out What Your Heart Really Wants

    Two-Day BioAcoustic Workshop
    – Open-to-the-Public –
    Feb 9th & 10th, 2017
    – Online or Onsite in Ohio –
    10am-4pm EST Each Day

    Registration Required
    Seats Limited!
    Download Application Link

    included at no charge to students.

  61. Dr. Phyllis Bucci will be hosting at Holistic Apothecary, 15 N. Ridge Ave. Ambler, Pa. 19002
    The Event will begin at noon for an hour and a half…you can come join us on your lunch hour…. on February 14, 2017 and Margaret Claire Jacobs “Peggy” from Vibrational Toning and Attunement will be joining me to enhance the experience with her toning gift! Who better to lead the toning…. We will be using Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks and our voices!!! Please let us know if your joining us by the 13th…please and thank you! SHARE THE HEALING SOUNDS OF LOVE AND JOIN US

  62. There will be a gathering for the World Sound Healing Day on February 14, 2017, 11:30am – 1:00pm at Bantayog ng mga Bayani, Quezon City, Philippines. We will have a meditation leading to sounding the “AH” and a sound bath with crystal singing bowl.

  63. In NYC at the Edgar Cayce NY Center Association for Research and Enlightenment, 7:30pm, 153 W 27th St. Ste 702, $30 (members 15% discount) all proceeds benefit the center. Facilitated by Elizabeth Tomboulian, practitioner of Sound Energy Healing, CranioSacral Therapy, and Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy.

    Ceremony to Heal the World
    After a brief introduction into techniques of overtone singing and toning, join together with people all over the world who are singing with intention to bring healing to:
    • those you know and love • those who are suffering
    • those you are in conflict with • your own open heart
    • your body, mind and spirit • the collective consciousness of the planet
    • the waters of the Earth • the wellness of our Mother Earth
    • any focus of your intention

    No previous experience required. Active participation is optional. Attendees may wish to simply listen and receive. The universal nature of sound and the developments in scientific research into quantum physics, entrainment, cymatics, along with tenets found in scriptures of different world religions invite exploration into the power of sound. Just as water and wind create patterns on sand, so does sound create patterns of wellness in the human across dimensions.

  64. Nourishing Soul-U-tions

    Valentines Crystal Bowl Love Meditation

    Are you in need of a Date night or Self-Love night? I will be playing the crystal bowls the Monday before Valentines day for the intention of SELF LOVE and UNION.

    When: Sunday, February 12th @ 7p.m.

    Where: Asana Yoga Studio

    5701 Yukon Street, Arvada, CO 80002

    Cost: $20



    Sound, Celebration & Exploration into the Heart of the Matter

    (For Individuals and Couples – a heart opening time to be had by all)


    HEART SONGS – Explore the Sacred Alchemical Marriage of the Opposites – and what your heart longs to be united with.


    School of Multidimensional Healing Arts and Sciences

    (949) 752-5272

    18271 McDurmott West Suite H Irvine, CA 92614

    near Red Hill and Main St.

    $ 25.00 Heart Offering at the Door


    Yoga Mat / Blanket / Pillow or anything you need for warmth & comfort. Chairs will be available but most people opt to recline on the carpeted floor.

    The Inside World

    We will explore the Inner World of the Heart and true Alchemy in this Sound Ceremony Celebration. We will join people all over the world and raise our voices and soundings together to create healing, divine union and peace.

    With Mari from the “FRAGRANCE OF SOUND” ®



  66. Tuesday, February 14, 2017. 4 PM Caswell Beach, NC 28465
    Ella Hill will guide a Drum for Turtles Meditation @ Caswell Beach Public Access in Caswell Beach, North Carolina.

    If it is not raining and above 45 degrees, we will meet at Caswell Beach, North Carolina @ 4 PM. I will be guiding a lovingkindness meditation as I play a crystal bowl. Bring along your favorite small percussion and drums to end with music-making, singing, and sounding!

  67. Join East Clare Toning Group to celebrate World Sound Healing Day on February 14
    At St Flannans Cathedral Killaloe Co Clare Ireland
    7.00 to 8.00 pm.
    Warm clothes, blanket and cushion advised.
    For more info
    Contact Patrick 087 2026514

  68. The All Life Center for Integrative Well Being in Lewis Center, OH
    Sounds of Love All-Day Celebration of Sound Healing Day
    2/14/2017 Noon – 8:30pm

    Toning Circle – https://www.facebook.com/events/1924090664486298/
    Heart chakra ‘ah’ sound w/ Doe Hart Noon-1pm

    All Day Workshops – https://www.facebook.com/events/734789246684486/
    Jonathan Goldman’s Temple of Sacred Sounds 1:30pm-2pm
    Sound Clearings w/ Sandra Solano-McGuire 2:30pm-3:30pm
    Sound Therapy Workshop w/ Maggie Hardin 4pm-5pm
    Mysticism of Sound & Music w/ Alice Noonan 5:30pm-6:30pm

    Sound Bath – https://www.facebook.com/events/134988767012207/
    Sound immersion w/ ALC Sound Practitioners 7pm – 8:30pm

  69. World Sound Day Healing Meditation
    Tuesday, February 14 2017 6-7pm
    Serenity Essentials
    31 Woodland Street 10B
    Hartford, Ct 06105
    Meditation coach Lynn Johnson will lead a gathering for peace, using aromatherapy, EFT(Tapping) and guided meditation, sounding with the crystal bowl. All welcome!

  70. Come and join Jenni and Sally as we join thousands throughout the planet for the 15th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY. At 12 noon (local time in our time zone), we will sound the ‘Ah’ sound for 5 minutes, created and projected with the energy of compassion and love, sending a sonic valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth.
    The purpose of World Sound Healing Day is threefold:-
    – Heal Our Planet
    – Heal Our Waters
    – Raise Our Consciousness
    We will meet at 11.30 and do some chanting together before sounding the ‘Ah’ with so many other souls throughout the world. Jenni and I will then offer a short Gong Bath in Jenni’s amazing gong studio, which houses a full set of planetary gongs.
    At 12.30 we will have a shared lunch – please bring vegetarian food to share.
    Cost: Donations which we will send to Standing Rock.
    All are welcome.

  71. ‘The Ancient Sounds of Love’ Collaborating with World Sound Healing Day and Valentines Day here at
    The Pyramids of Chi
    Ubud, Bali – Indonesia
    11:30am arrival –
    We will begin at 12:00 inside the Sun Pyramid and chant sounds of the heart along with the Heart Sutra – Followed by a 60 min Ancient Sound Journey with the Gongs, Pow-Wow drums, didgeridoo and more.
    Please then join us in our beautiful open-air cafe and we will have a delicious melting chocolate cake with caramel and icecream for you and your loved ones. Served with Tea or Coffee. All included
    Rp 300,000 (approx $25 USD)

    We look forward to this wonderful event to send out love to the Earth and each other!
    ‘What the world needs now, is love, sweet love’…


  72. Awaken the Sounds of Love
    February 12th 11am – 3.30pm
    Dundee University Chaplaincy Building.
    Come join us in a beautiful creative liberating way awakening and exploring your unique voice,a way of love….including our offering,sounding AH,a valentine for gaia,healing our planet with sacred sound!
    with love

  73. I would love to get together with a like minded people in St. Augustine, FL and join the Sound Healing at 12 pm EST.

  74. I AM anchoring love light and Compassion with a gathering of likeminded souls on Gaia to anchor with many Globally on World Sound Healing Day. The Ancient Sound of LOVE ‘AH’ This is our gift to Gaia on Valentines Day , as we uplift the planet we uplift ourselves and as we uplift ourselves we uplift the planet 🌎. We join together in peace and harmony as ‘Ah’ is vibrated in a beautiful array in unison as one in LOVE ❤️
    Much Love Nola Devene
    Devene Healing 🌟💎
    Townsville Queensland Australia

  75. Any event in Washington DC or near by, Maryland, Virginia on February 14? Would love to participate. Please advise.

  76. * Free Worldwide Online Sound Healing Journey –
    A Special Session for Valentine’s Day &
    World Sound Healing Day *
    …From wherever you are in the world…
    We would Love you to join us : O )

    Love and Blessings 🙂

    Amitabhaya and Moriya

    Here is the Registration page:

    You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
    * Free Worldwide Online Sound Healing Journey
    A Special Session for Valentine’s Day &
    World Sound Healing Day *
    When: Feb 14, 2017 7:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

    Please register for the date and time that works best for you:

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

  77. Many Hands 4 Peace
    Plasma Energy Health Tools and Power Device Workshop
    Springfield Oregon February 17-19th
    Join Team Build in this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the creativity to learn the nuances of the energy of life itself. Team Build is a group of self-directed and educated plasmatogists who come together in mutual intent to conceptualize, design and build a new plasma device together in the week before this event and then co-lead this workshop to share their knowledge.
    We will circle and bring sacred sound into this space many times and on Tuesday, February 14 expect to hear us toning many times between 9am and 12 noon Pacific time. You are welcome to tone with us.

  78. World Sound Healing Day at Natures Gate, Cossayuna, NY
    Join Virginia Lynn Anderson at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM. We will ceremony with the intention of healing and protecting our waters and in creating Unity throughout the planet. We will connect in with the other gatherings around the planet through our high hearts and send waves of love and light with our voices, crystal singing pyramids and other sound healing tools. Everyone participating will receive a healing. Together we will create a sound infusion with the sacred waters from the property . Bring a small jar so you can distribute the Infusion to the waters where you live. Love donations accepted. Contact by email to RSVP.

      FEB. 14th 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
      4300 Fremont AV.N. Seattle Washington –
      * Free and Open to ALL*
      Come circle with us at the Seattle Sound Temple on World Sound Healing Day!
      Gather for all or part of this sacred toning as we join with others around the world toning the heart tone AAHHHHHHH, sending Love,
      Compassion, Kindness and Healing for Earth and all life.
      This two hour block of group toning will bridge the Noon moment as we join the thousands of others at this time.
      Come as you are for part or all between 11:00 am to 1:00pm. We will have seating in place around the Peace alter in the middle so you
      can just slip in and out or stay for all of this lovely experience.
      Access is at back of 4300 building with entrance actually on 43rd street. Look for our sign and head up the stairs!
      Questions to : Irene@seattlesoundtemple.com or http://www.seattlesoundtemple.com
      Feel free to bring an item to place on the alter if you wish.

  79. the House of Light Hellas aaaaahhh – Sounds of Love Collaborating with World Sound Healing Day and Valentines Day will be hosted this year at the spiritual/alternative eco-community Korogonas Ark, in South Lakonia, Peloponnesese, Greece.
    This IS a FREE and open for all event, donations welcome.

    Date: Feb. 14th
    Time: 12:00 – 13:00
    Where: Korogonas Ark eco community (in the building)
    “booking” required via email or mobile: +30 6934 777489 alexandros
    blessings to all

    alexandros m. pfaff

  80. I am working on setting this up in Tiffin, Ohio. I just came across it today so throwing it together at the last minute. Still trying to download the training video. Thank you for this, I am very excited and thinking of starting a regular meet up to chant.

  81. Healing Sound Bath Experience – February 14th, 6:00 pm

    Fellows Riverside Gardens / Davis Education & Visitor Center
    123 McKinley Ave.
    Youngstown, OH 44509
    Phone: 330.740.7116

    Join us to Celebrate World Sound Healing Day! We will join our voices, hearts, and light energy with countless others around the globe who are celebrating this powerful day through sound frequency and vibration. Our sound bath experience will help you to open the heart chakra to receive the collective love energy so we can harness it for our own wellbeing and then intentionally send it out for community and back to the whole planet.

    A Sound Bath is a deep meditative experience where you will relax by lying on your mat and just receive the sound that is played around you. The low frequency sound and vibrations of our gongs, crystal singing bowls, pyramids, flutes and other instruments take you on an inward healing journey, awakening every cell in your body.

    The vibrations release muscle tension and stress and stimulates the flow of our vital energy. Come dressed comfortably and prepare to let go and be carried into a deep state of relaxation. This experience will shift you into a higher level of awareness. You will leave feeling open, peaceful and more “in-tune” with who you are.

    Bring your mats, pillows and blankets and settle in for a wonderful experience.

    We will be in the Radius Room on the second floor of the Visitors Center.

    $25, Must pre-register. Call Fellows Riverside Gardens at 330.740.7116 to pay by credit card and reserve your spot! Cash only at the door.

  82. Мы будем рады всем светлым душам которые соберутся вместе с нами во Всемирный день исцеления звуком по адресу: Россия, Краснодар, Кубанская набережная, д. 7. Заходите в наши группы: в Фейсбук https://www.facebook.com/groups/1262370600445779/ в ВКонтакте https://vk.com/club101754459 и на наш сайт http://prostranstvo-zvuka.ru/

  83. We will offer an Evening with Sound and Breathe Practice from 18:00 till 19:30 MEZ, so Chakra Chants UOOAEIM for one hour and silent sitting / We will give half of our evening income to Gesellschaft für Bedrohte Vülker e.V. / Namasté Mat Grimm, Welcome to lebensforscher_persönlichkeitstrainings, 10967 Berlin 14.02.2017 18:00 – 19:30

  84. THE NETHERLANDS, MAARN, Amersfoortseweg 38, Praktijk van Healer Christa Nagtegaal (landgoed Plattenberg, 2e etage van de villa).
    Dinsdag 14 februari om 20.00 uur chanten we samen AH en begeleid ik een meditatie.
    Even aanmelden bij mij via Mobiel: 0611566239. Mijn website is http://www.christanagtegaal.nl
    May all beings be blessed with PEACE, LOVE, JOY and ABUNDANCE!

  85. KG Stiles Health Mastery Community – February 14th

    Our entire community will be joining, my friend Jonathan, collectively for his 15th annual Sound Healing send a ‘Sonic Valentine’ of Love, Light and Healing to Mother Earth for Global Harmonization.

    Much love!!

    -KG Stiles

  86. At the end of our weekly chanting group – we will be celebrating World Sound Healing Day

    Chant-Play-Have Fun (LONDON, UK)
    February 14th, 11am-midday GMT
    PAPA’s Park – 10-17 Pulross Road, SW9 8AF London, United Kingdom

    Maja & Friends presents ‘Chant-Play-Have Fun’ – a group for Mums, Dads, Babies & Toddlers & All Other Human Beings

    We start with a short meditation and then sing together & make music, stimulating our chests, infusing our voice with our innate feelings of compassion, kindness, and wellbeing.
    Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, chimes, whistles, flutes and more will enhance the whole experience.

    Mantra chanting uses vibration and sacred sound to connect to the most infinite aspect of being, to open the heart, to quiet the mind, and to elevate the circumstances for both mother and child. For someone going through the tremendous changes of mother/fatherhood, mantra is a powerful tool for peace and joy.

    Love Exchange: £5

    Give love to you & your baby. It’s life, it’s love, it’s nature & creation.

    ૐ●▬▬ THINGS TO BRING ▬▬●ૐ

    – Wear loose clothing
    – Good mood and positive spirit

    You can also enjoy some social time together after class – we get 20% off all coffee/tea/juices, toasts/cakes 🙂

    We look forward to sharing this special time together with you.

    Much love,
    Gayatri, Claudia aka Cloud Neun Spirit & Baby Maja xxx


    Somos uno la humanidad
    Somos uno lo entiendo ya
    Fusionados en la luz de la
    Mente Universal.

    Una luz todo el planeta ha
    Llegado a iluminar, es un
    Diamante que adentro de
    Ti brillando está.

    Para mostrar el camino a ti
    Y a la humanidad, pues al
    Final una luz toda la
    Humanidad será.

    No más mentiras y engaños
    Ni visas a la eternidad, es Aquí, ahora adentro que Buscando encontrarás.

    Un diamante que en ti brilla
    Y esa luz es tu verdad que
    Te da sabiduría y también
    La conexión, con el átomo
    Y el cosmos, con toda la

    Con una flor una estrella
    Al fin todo es vibración. ..
    Energía información que
    El Gran Pensador pensó
    Y después volvió materia
    Así igual pasó con vos.

    Pero aqui en este mundo
    Se olvidó la información y
    Olvidaste el diamante que
    Te da la conexión.

    A ti que andas por el mundo,
    Te digo: Es hora de buscar y
    Hayar, es tiempo de iluminarse y también de iluminar, que toda la tierra
    Brille en amor paz y hermandad porque del
    Gran Pensador esa es
    Su voluntad.

    Y cuando Cristo nos dijo
    Cosas más grandes harán
    Sabía que ese diamante lo
    Ibamos a encontrar y al tener la información y tener
    La conexión con el átomo y
    El cosmos tu también eres
    Un ¡DIOS!

    Somos un Portal de La Luz Cristica anclada en el pueblo de Guatape, Antioquia, Colombia Sur América.
    Para información llamar al 319-284-6025

    Or English and Spanish within USA

  88. Nessa Beckitt will be playing Crystal Singing Bowls at Innerji Sound and Massage, Grampians Paradise Camping Ground, Pomonal, Victoria, Australia.
    We will start at 11.30am with a connection and open up to the collective energies sending forth our own singing bowl vibrations between 12 and 1pm, then some shared food and a drink after.
    Please let me know if you are planning to attend as I can only fit 3 or 4 in the studio and may need to use a different space if more than 3 people book.

  89. Tuesday is not only Valentines Day but also World Sound Healing Day. Although the two have different names, they are both focused in love. The difference is that you don’t need a significant other or ‘Valentine’, and you don’t need to buy presents to celebrate World Sound Healing Day- the gift is love and we celebrate it together, united in harmony – literally! And we send our loving energy to ourselves and everyone else in the world.

    Come with friends, family or by yourself! Stay for 5 minutes, or your lunch break, or stay the full hour. It’s an amazing way to celebrate the abundant energy of love.

    In honour of World Sound Healing Day, I am holding a public session in Darling Gardens (Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Australia) from 1pm-2pm AEST where we will chant for almost an hour using the vowel sound ‘Ahhh’ to activate the heart chakra and resonate love out into the world.

    There is a Gazebo/Rotunda in the middle of the park that will be the perfect place to do this.

    The heart chakra is the body’s energy centre for love, joy, warmth and compassion. It’s location is in the centre of the chest behind the breastbone. We will focus our combined intention on this energy centre to resonate love – to ourselves and each other, to the people of the world and the earth we live on. The more the merrier – the louder we chant and the more we are, the stronger this intention will be felt, to raise our vibration and planetary consciousness.

    I will be bringing a small tibetan bowl to begin the chant and then it’s all voice – it’s all us creating the sound from within, as within is where our intention begins and within is where our love resonates from.

    Come and join us if you feel a connection to this and would like to be a part 🙂 ♥

    For more information about World Sound Healing Day visit:

  90. https://www.facebook.com/events/1146438022121915/

    Celebrating Sound Healing Day at Parmarth Niketan Ashram , Rishikesh India.

    Blend your sacred sounds with over a million souls around the world as we send our loving intentions to the Earth healing waters, land and consciousness on World Sound Healing Day, founded by Jonathan Goldman.

    It a free event please Come and join Sanj Hall of Delhi Gong Sounds Sanctuary to celebrate the 15th annual World Sound Healing Day on 14th Feb location will be the Ghat of Ganges in front of Parmarth Ashram, Rishikesh 5pm onwards which is before the Ganga Aarti and the session will be during the Aarti.

    Swamji will lead us for this session Our intent is to send a sonic Valentine of love, appreciation and compassion to the planet and all beings. We will co-create a beautiful, healing soundscape, bathing you in the vibrations of gongs, Himalayan bowls, vocal harmonies, chimes and other sound treasures.Let’s bring our children and families to connect with creating sacred sound to heal the planet!

    Swamji will lead us for this session Our intent is to send a sonic Valentine of love, appreciation and compassion to the planet and all beings. We will co-create a beautiful, healing soundscape, bathing you in the vibrations of gongs, Himalayan bowls, vocal harmonies, chimes and other sound treasures.Let’s bring our children and families to connect with creating sacred sound to heal the planet!

    Come lets feel the sound vibrations on the Maa Ganga Ghats.

  91. Agape Holistic Retreat
    Valentines Sound Healing Public Event
    Sounding for US.. our planet, the air, the water, the peoples, The creatures all spaces on this globe!

    The sound of LOVE and the HEART CHAKRA IS “ah” We are so grateful to Join with global Friends to sound Ah along with a guided meditation of our Ojas, with intention of light, colour, chakras, elements and oneness. We will use the I am that I am words as we run along our chakras. NO experience needed..this is a guided event.

    Where? FACEBOOK LIVE- Bernadette Davies
    When? Valentines Afternoon 11:50 Eastern Time Zone
    How Long? during your lunch break for 30 mins. YOU don’t have to sound.. .you can listen to benefit.
    What do you receive…Raised Consciousness.. Sound can change our DNA.. lets raise our personal frequency together and in turn raise the planets energy and peoples and wildlife and soil and air… you get this!

    Thank you for this opportunity to gather and express intentional sounds!
    Bernadette Davies
    Any questions bernadette@agapeholisticretreatsxm.com

  92. February 14th – After we join you at 12:00 for sounding AH for the earth, we will offer personal prayers and share a live poetry reading meditation surrounded by the Marshlands of Florida.
    I have put together an audio compilation of a few sample poetry readings, from the Nature Inspired Collection: “Reverence and Honor For Mother Earth”, that we will be enjoying. Blessing to you all.
    Focus on WE ARE ONE, With Hearts Full Of Gratitude as you still the mind and open the heart to receive in wondrous ways.

  93. Seventh Wave Yoga Studio World Sound Healing Event February 14 th 10:30 – Noon ! Yoga -SoundBath at about 11:30 will be chanting (ah’s) along with the World Sound gatherings all over this planet . Sending out beautiful sounds during this ambient soundscape . Focusing on the Heart Chakra and using Crystal Singing bowls that tone to the Heart. Toning ah’s a guided meditation Breathwork focusing on the heart and the opening of .The Gongs will lead us on with a heart beat vibration . Sounds of dolphins and tingshas and chimes will dance all around us . The asana poses will be heart opening and restorative flow to go along with this Painted Soundscape the vibrations will enhance this experience Bring your mats blankets or I will provide . No previous experience required. Active participation is optional. Attendees may wish to simply listen and receive Cost is 10.00 for the yoga class and also a love donation Location Waters Edge Healing Arts & Music at Seventh Wave Yoga Studio contact me Donna Aloia donnaaloia1@gmail.com 830832 2128 leave message Namaste possibly Facebook live

  94. Sounding love for the Earth.
    Come join us by Garretstown beach, Co. Cork, Ireland in the Sound Shack, where we will be uniting in love for the planet, singing and sounding from our hearts, Children welcome, from 11:45- 12:45

  95. https://youtu.be/0JDEZlNs8J4

    Scheduled for Feb 14, 2017 7 pm to 7:30 pm MST

    Do you feel out of balance and not in alignment with your higher self? Are you here for purpose? Are you playing small instead of being seen? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please join Sound Healers, trained by Jonathon Goldman and Tom Kenyon, for a solfeggio frequency activation as we celebrate World Sound Healing Day.

    Oriana takes you on a journey with a guided meditation and toning, Randall shifts your vibration using a Native American Flute and tuning forks tuned in the lost sacred frequencies. Shift your energy and feel peace, confidence and the energy to step into your hearts true desire.

    https://youtu.be/0JDEZlNs8J4 google live stream

  96. We Invite You to a 2 part Event to Celebrate Gaia, Our Mother, the Universe, Our Father. Together Triangulating With Sound We Vibrate to Achieve Harmony and Higher Vibrations to Ourselves and to All Brothers and Sisters that Co-Exist in this Beautiful Living Organism that We call Earth.
    At 12 noon (local time in your time zone), please go to http://www.templeofsacredsound.com/ah/ to enhance the vibratory effect as we sound together for Global Harmonization, planetary peace and healing and tone for 5 minutes with the “AH” sound, Creating Energy of Love, Cure and Compassion to Gaia, our Mother Earth.
    Part 2

    At 12:30 we beggin a session with Drumming with SpaceHolder Nelia Vortex, and then we proceed with SoundWorker BrunoC Satori to a short DNA Tune Up with pipes and tuning forks by sound.


    In Gratitude and Love for Being and Existing.

    Bruno C Satori and Nelia Vortex

  97. As Planetary Pries’tes’s of the 13 Moon Mystery School We Unite in the sacred sound temple of our Holy Heart

    vibrating free all density, all duality, all separation as we move to a higher octave of harmony and Oneness.

    We unite in the etheric realm transcending space, time and the mind.

    May this sacred sound of Ahh manifest heaven on Earth Here and Now and awaken all hearts to the Love that we are in service to the Divine.

    In deep devotion,
    sarah uma

    Founder of Inner Alchemy

  98. We will be holding a Valentines World Sound Healing Yoga Event here in Hawaii tomorrow evening. Kundalini Yoga for opening the heart and filling with LOVE, then chanting the Ahhhhs together, the offering sound healing with Symphonic Gong, Didgeridoos, drums, bowls – See Kundalini Gong Bliss – with Soraya faris Applegate and John Dumas. Oahu, 6.15pm – 8pm.
    Blessings to all xxxxx

  99. May there be peace on Earth. May we awaken Universal healing filled with kindness and compassion for one another.

  100. It’s World Sound Healing Day.
    In The Log Cabin I shall be intoning the sound ‘Ah’ in a meditation for planet Earth. I have chosen to extend this by a further 5 minutes following the news this morning that 23,000 chickens are to be slaughtered today due to bird flu.
    Please feel free to join me.

  101. Gratitude Love Togetherness ONE Sound Peace
    Including the ‘Sound Healing Universal Embrace’ on all the activities today.
    During Yoga Classes, Gatherings, Healing Energies clients… plus continuing the embrace through all the Yoga mini-retreats, Yoga & Wild Dolphins Retreat in June, Missions of Light…through my thoughts, words and actions.
    In Gratitude for the special and powerful gift of Sound, Love & Light
    Lydie Om.

  102. I will have a private event in Escazú, Costa Rica, beginning at 11:30. May peace & healing prevail!

  103. Many thanks and blessings from my home in Hillsboro, Oregon, where we have joined in this critical healing action for several years now. Sending light and love to Mother Earth and all life. Thanks to Jonathan and those who assist him with this amazing event.

  104. May the Peace and Harmony of Heaven flow into all the Chakras of our Beloved Gaia! May Peace and Harmony
    Awaken the Consciousness of all of Humanity Now and with One Voice, One Breath, One Heartbeat and One Energy,Vibration and
    Consciousness of Pure Divine Love together we sound the “Ah” for the healing of Our Beloved Gaia Now! ALOHA NUI LOA !!

  105. Bonjour Aurélien, c’est toujours avec beaucoup de plaisir et d&sÃuqo;intérrªt que je lis tes posts.Tu as bien raison de profiter de cette fin d’année pour te reposer et te ressourcer en prévision de la nouvelle année qui s’annonce. C’est en effet une période privilégiée pour se recentrer et semer en terre les graines des projets à venir. Je te souhaite donc une très agréable fin d’année porteuse de beaux et nombreux succès!

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