14th Annual

FEBRUARY 14, 2016

The most important co-creator of World Sound Healing day is–YOU! If you are planning on hosting a World Sound Healing Day event or toning group, please post your name, event location & time, and any other contact details you would like to share in the thread below so that other people in your area can join in and participate!  

As a special gift to everyone hosting an event, we are offering a free download of an hour long recording of the AH tone. This recording may be played to help set the sonic space at any gathering you may be leading, or enhance any personal meditation. After you post your event, we will email you the download link directly.

To share your event, enter your information in the last “Leave A Reply” section below.

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  1. Toning for Transformation & Peace will be hosting a free two hour event on Sound Healing Day ~
    Sunday, February 14th at the UR Light Center, Black Mountain, NC 28711.

    Beginning at 10:30am David Stowell will play sacred music with crystal bowls and other instruments.
    Followed by a vocal warm-up of guided chakra toning facilitated by Yvonne Rainbow Jensen Teplitsky
    ~ which will be leading us up to joining the world wide AH sounding at noon.

    Refreshments served in the bookstore afterwards. Other offerings: The Light Chakra Room. The outdoor Labyrinth. Hiking trails.
    More info: URlight.org
    Facebook: Toning for Transformation and Peace

    • UNIVERSAL LOVE – World Sound Healing Day
      DUNDEE,Dundee University Chaplaincy – Scotland.
      11am – 3.30pm
      We shall share simple, deeply rooted, yet liberating tools of the Naked Voice – Chloe Goodchild and sound healer/teacher Jonathan Goldman – a sonic Valentine for Gaia,in a conscious loving and compassionate heart space, a “Singing Field” weaving our heart centred sound practices, balancing our emotional fields individually and collectively, honouring the divine feminine and the divine masculine.
      Poetry – Sounding – Movement – Stillness – and Cake!
      A creative inspiring day of joy, exploration, opening our hearts to our own unique sound, a potent personal tool for improving the health of your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Great for confidence building,grounding and awareness.OM Love

  2. Please join us in celebrating World Sound Healing Day in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We will be joining Jonathan Goldman and thousands of others.
    The purpose of World Sound Healing Day is to:
    1). Heal Our Planet!
    2). Heal Our Waters!
    3). Raise Our Consciousness!
    We will be sending a sonic valentine to Mother Earth.
    We will begin our celebration with gonging to open our hearts. We will then join others around the world in sending the healing energy of love and compassion by toning “AH” sending gratitude, harmony and peace to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.
    As we heal ourselves, we heal the world. As we heal the world, we heal ourselves.
    Date: Feb. 14 2016.
    Place: 920 Jackson St Apt N Fort Wayne In
    Time:12 noon to 1 with refreshments afterwards
    Cost: Love Donation

  3. Our February 14th, Sunday Meditation and Activation Circle of Love, will be joining Jonathan Goldman for the 14th annual World Sound Healing Day Meditation. This will be the second year of our participation. What a wonderful opportunity to join our energies together in support for our Mother Earth. Thank you so much for this gift to all. We will be meeting at: Lightworker’s Sanctuary, 7336 Main Street, The Colony, TX 75056. With Love, Berena

  4. Agape Holistic Retreat meets Sunday Feb 14th, 2016 to sound AH from the HEART ON THE BEACH in st Maarten!

    Join us Date: Feb 14th 2016

    Place: Simpsons Beach, right beside the Diamond resort- “The Palm Hotel” on the beach near kim sha.

    Park: Next to The Hotel on the empty beach parking.

    We will gather together at 11 am to 12 30pm to hold hands on the beach and sound for peace and tone for WORLD PEACE
    Instructions given. All to join~ no age or ability required. YOU are PERFECT!

    Please bring your own drink, it can be hot! be prepared to swim after to cool off. Look for the balloons on the car.
    We will begin our celebration with a munay-ki opening our space, We will do a 7 minute alignment of our Chakras, Then sound the Sound of AH to go out to the GLOBE for world peace. Please add to this celebration your special gifts, toning bowls, toning forks. Whatever you do for peace bring it along.
    Cost: NOTHING but LOVE
    Host is Bernadette Davies- founder of Agape Holistic Retreat find us on the web
    Please like us on Facebook at Agape Holistic Retreat and Agape Holistic Retreat in St Maarten
    See retreat dates on our website jan 14-17th, Feb 18-21, March through 2016 see online. REGISTRATION there.

  5. World sound healing Event located in Dixefield Maine at sacred crystal site . Bring sounding bowls, chimes, drums, voices for increase of peace, healing , and love at this place of crystal transmission . Please contact Anna for additional information and directions .

  6. En Casa Nadanta, Realizaremos Meditación con Sonido Sanador: Cuencos de Cuarzo, Tambores y Voz, para sanar nuestra tierra, nuestra agua, y nuestro ser, en comunión con la energía de amor del Universo. Nos conectaremos con grillas de cristal personalizadas.
    Facilita Nadanta Waira: Terapeuta integral.
    Lugar Candelaria Centro Historico- Bogotá, Colombia
    10:30 am – 12:00 pm
    Aporte Voluntario

  7. The Playful Soul, located in the heart of Broad Ripple Village in Indianapolis, IN brings you a celebration of World Sound Healing Day! Featuring Sacred Rites of the Ancient Temple, Terri Rivera Sings with Ravens, international recording artist Zack Kouns and Marion Causey as well as teachings and discussion on the benefits of Sound Healing.

    This is an ALL DAY event on February 14th from noon to 6pm. You’re invited to come all day or just for a portion.

    Noon – 2:00pm: Beginning with chanting “Ahhh” led by Sacred Rites of the Ancient Temple followed by a teaching on Sacred Sound closing with another group toning.
    2:00 – 3:30: Terri Rivera Sings with Ravens
    3:30 – 5:00pm: Zach Kouns
    5:00 – 6:00pm: Marion Causey

    DATE & TIME: February 14th from noon to 6:00pm
    LOCATION: The Playful Soul – 6516 N Ferguson, Indianapolis, IN 46220
    MORE INFO: http://www.theplayfulsoul.com or call 317-253-0499

  8. Estaremos desde Nai Terra compartiendo el sonido de los panderos, tambores, cuencos tibetanos y de cuarzo y diapasones para celebrar el día mundial de la sanación por sonido.
    Acompáñanos en este momento de sanación.Puedes asistir presencialmente u online a través de la sala virtual
    Para más información escribe a mariam@naiterra.es

  9. World Sound Healing Day – 11.00am – Sunday 14 February 2016

    Please come together in Connemara, Ireland to join us in celebrating World Sound Healing Day @ Connemara Healing, 12pm

    We will be joining Jonathan Goldman and thousands of others around the World.

    The purpose of World Sound Healing Day is to:
    1). Heal Our Planet!
    2). Heal Our Waters!
    3). Raise Our Consciousness!

    We will be sending Loving intention to Mother Earth.
    We will begin our celebration with a short centering meditation and then play Tibetan and crystal bowls together, as we join others around the world in sending the healing energy of love and compassion by toning “AH” sending gratitude, harmony and peace to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.
    We will then have a mini sound bath session with gongs, drums, chimes, bowls and conch, then coming together in a circle of sound and intention to honour each other before closing.

    Remember as we heal ourselves, we heal the world. As we heal the world, we heal ourselves.
    Date: Feb. 14 2016. 12pm
    Place: Connemara Healing, Connemara Galway
    Time:12 noon to 1 with refreshments available afterwards
    Cost: Donation Basis bring something nice to eat and share with the group

  10. I am very pleased to join the World Sound Healing Day event for the second time from Yoena, Centrum voor Spirituele Ontdekkingen in Delft (NL)
    We start the event at 11.30 a.m. so everybody is present when we sound at 12 a.m.. After the sound AAAHH we will continue with singing mantra’s, hearthealing sounds till 13.00 p.m. Feel free to join us and sign in at info@yoena.nl or 06-19452894. Contribution: donation
    Yoena, Centrum voor Spirituele Ontdekkingen, Delftstede ruimte 202, Phoenixstraat 66, 2611 AM Delft (NL) near station and bus/tram

  11. We are excited to join the vibration of World Sound Healing Day through our offering of a crystal bowl meditation and group toning event at 12 (noon), in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. Location to be determined. Blessings of Love and Abundant grace.

  12. Hello

    Come and receive the sound energy of the vibrational sound tools being played, which move through the nervous system and chakras – opening, clearing and recharging the whole mind, body and spirit, which triggers a meditation state in which you have the opportunity to relinquish control of the mind. Negativity and stress are suspended, resistance is cleared, and the whole being is reset to a state of synchrony and alignment. You can expect to become very relaxed, and maybe even fall asleep!

    Gongs,crystal bowls, shamanic drums, rain sticks and more soulful sounds!

  13. World Sound Healing Day – 11.00am – Sunday 14 February 2016
    We come together in Asse, Belgium to join us in celebrating World Sound Healing Day ‘ A Sonic Valentine for the Earth -Love light an liberty ” from 10am-17pm
    We will be joining Jonathan Goldman and thousands of others around the World.
    The purpose of World Sound Healing Day is to:
    1). Heal Our Planet!
    2). Heal Our Waters!
    3). Raise Our Consciousness!
    We will be sending Loving intention to Mother Earth.
    We will begin our celebration with Sonic Yoga and go into crazy healing mudra’s and mantra’s and we will end with an amazing Ceremony . Be welcome with your friends and family . More information http://www.butterflycircles.com

  14. Send a sonic Valentine to our planet
    On World Sound Healing Day – February 14th, 2016
    In this event
    We begin by finding serenity in yoga practice with Stacey Huard
    Together we unite in Chakra Toning and global heart sound of “Ah”
    We immerse into Crystal singing bowl sound bath by Katherine Dempsey
    We awaken and celebrate in a Drumming Circle and Song by Trent Deerhorn
    Each activity flowing into the next
    We heal the World by Healing Ourselves
    We heal ourselves by Healing the world
    Time: 11am to 2pm
    Location: SOULWORKS Sacred Healing Centre
    3-2228 Avenue C North Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CANADA
    Investment: $25
    Registration on line at http://www.amythyst.ca before February 4th as space is limited
    Contact Katherine Email: katherine@amythyst.ca Phone: 306-371-2889
    What to bring: yoga mat, drum and a Healing Heart.

  15. Join us at Sankalpa Mandir Yoga Studio, 46 Francis St Portland, Victoria as we celebrate World Sound Healing Day under the energies of the New Moon.
    This event will begin at 4pm

    The New Moon represents the opportunity to begin new cycles, new beginnings, a time to plant new seeds for the future. An energetic doorway to pull in what you’d like to make real in your life.

    Join us as we celebrate World Sound Healing Day under February’s New Moon Energies.
    Healing our Mother Earth whilez resetting, anchoring and celebrating our months intentions in deep relaxation with the gentle & soothing sounds of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Angelic Voice Tones, Crystal Singing Bowls & Therapeutic Percussion.

    Only $20 per person, pre-purchase is required.
    Limited places available

    Herbal tea will be available after the session which also supports & helps with the integration of your new frequency.

    Please wear comfortable clothing, bring along your yoga mat, or a chair if you’re unable to lay on the floor, a blanket, a cushion if you like & a bottle of water.

    ***Please arrive 15 minutes early to get settled as the door will be locked before we commence. This ensures no interruptions to the session so everyone gets the full benefit of the healing.***

    For further information please visit http://www.sonicharmony.com.au
    Or Speak with Ramon or Cathy at Sankalpa Mandir.

  16. Celebrating Love & Healing: World Sound Healing Weekend!
    Devpreet Kaur, IKYTA, RYT is offering two opportunities to send a vibrational valentine to ourselves and to the world:

    1 – Saturday, February 13th at Samma Vayama Well-being in Glassboro, NJ 1:15 -3:45 EST
    To register, please go to www.http://www.svwb.org/workshops.html
    2 – Sunday, February 14th at Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness in Audubon, NJ 11:00 – 1:00 EST
    To register, please go to www.http://www.liveinjoyyoga.com/Page_3.html

    Both days of sound healing focus on love and healing. We will be creating heart coherence, opening the heart chakra, practicing loving-kindness meditation, chanting and using crystal singing bowls and other sound healing instruments.
    On Sunday the 14th at noon, we will join Jonathan Goldman and others around the planet as we send a collective vibrational valentine to heal mother Earth, our own hearts and all beings.

  17. HEARTS FULL OF LOVE Sacred Sound Celebration
    Saturday, February 13, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
    Blue Moon Yoga, 826 Camino de Monte Rey, Suite A5, Santa Fe, NM
    A Heart’s Expedition into Expansive Love
    Advance Tickets: http://www.creativedivinestudios.com/#!events/c10fk

    Valentine’s Day Heart Opening Chant and Yoga Practice
    Sunday, February 14, 12 noon
    Blue Moon Yoga, 826 Camino de Monte Rey, Suite A5, Santa Fe, NM
    Coinciding with World Sound Healing Day, we will lead 30 minutes of Heart Opening Chant and AAH, followed by a yoga class of Heart-Opening Asanas. $15 drop in or passes may be used. You may come for the Chant, or the class or both.

    Valentine’s Day/World Sound Healing Day Sacred Sound Celebration
    Sunday, February 14, 4 pm
    Menla Center, 7 Ave Vista Grande, Santa Fe, NM
    Sui Ki Li and Myrrh de Marmion create deep Heart-Opening space of Sound with Angelic vocals, Tibetan Bowls, gongs, and percussion, ending with 15 minutes of Heart-Opening chant. $20-$25 sliding scale at the door.

    Details: http://www.creativedivinestudios.com


    In honour of World Sound Healing Day and Valentines Day, we present a Candlelight Sound Bath by Shari Blake of Sonara Sound Therapy. We will join people in over 45 countries chanting “Ah”, holding the intention of love and compassion, sending out a “Sonic Valentine” to assist the healing of our World. This will be followed by a one hour relaxing sound bath featuring gongs, singing bowls and chimes.


  19. WILWAND TEA TEMPLE 9900 EL Camino Way, Atascadero, CA.
    February 14th 2016

    CELEBRATE WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY and VALENTINE’S DAY in a Beautiful Sound Healing Event.
    Featuring an “Astro~Energetics” talk on the monthly Energy Vibrations, at high noon we will send a Sonic Valentine to the Earth with the heart sound “AH” filled with the intention of Peace and Love!
    Join in on a distinct sound flow of 60 minutes with Gongs, bowls, bells, and chimes, luscious organic essential oils from Essential Oil Wizardry, a Magical Tea blend from the Wilwand Tea Temple, and a special Valentine’s Day entry gift!
    $25 per person
    25 people are being invited and welcomed into this event!
    GO TO http://www.originalfrequency.com or to SIGN UP…Link below to secure your spot in the Sound Temple!


    FEBRUARY 14 ~ 11AM TO 1PM
    This World event coincides with the opening of this new Heart Space.

    11AM ~ We will get things started with drumming and with Hapi Drums. If you have a drum please bring it. There will be some to share.

    12PM ~ We will join in the “Ah” chant with others around the world holding space with the sound and our intentions for heart expansion and intelligence in this new year. The chanting will lead into the sound healing with crystal bowls, gongs, and chimes.
    Fee ~ Donation

  21. Join Us for World Sound Healing Day at

    SoundWave Health, 1105 Alverser Dr., Midlothian, Va. 23113, Park at Sundrops Sound Health Playroom

    We will be joining Jonathan Goldman and hundreds of other groups across the planet to heal the environment, world peace, personal healings.

    11 am – Learn how to breathe and tone

    12 noon – Temple of Sacred Sound – We will tone “Ah” with the rest of the world for 5 min, then we will create the circle of ROLLING THUNDER for personal healings.

    1pm – Refreshments at Crinoid Café at the front of the Building

    2-5 pm – Cymatics Demonstrations, Tuning Forks, Crystal Bowls Drumming Circle OPEN HOUSE

    5pm – Second Session of Ah Toning in the Temple of Sacred Sound to coordinate with Jonathan Goldman’s Group (3 pm Boulder time)

    6pm – Conclusion of our 2016 World Sound Healing Day

  22. World Sound Healing Day – Featuring the World Drum! The second annual Kansas City celebration of World Sound Healing Day will be held at Aquarius Book Store in Westport at 7:30 pm (we’ll be toning with our relations in Australia). The evening will open with drumming and dancing by Kansas City’s percussion ensemble Women of the Drum led by Regina Compernolle, followed by a ‘sound bath’ with crystal bowls and tuning forks from Music of the Spheres. A healing toning circle will then be created with participants sending their healing energies with the AH tone to Mother Earth. The World Drum will be available for everyone to experience as well. The World Drum has been traveling around the planet since October 2006 and has played in hundreds of ceremonies for the healing of Mother Earth around the world. Most recently the World Drum was at the Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee ceremony on the anniversary of the Wounded Knee massacre. This will be a powerful evening for everyone. Call 816-589-4452 or 785-350-2941 for more information.

  23. JOIN US SOUND HEALING DAY at: REIKI ENERGETIX LLC – International Reiki DoJo at 8242 Calumet Ave Munster, IN 46321 (219)951-7167.
    11:30am – 1:00P.M. Temple of Sound – We will tone “AH” with the rest of the World for 10 Min at noon for heaing of the planet. The rest of time we will have personal healing circle and enjoy commUnity.

    Please consider brining a simple dish or fruit to share for closing of event.

    Love offering – Suggested Donation is $10.00 per person

  24. Join hearts and souls around the world for World Sound Healing Day, February 14, 2016 at Sound and Reiki on Sansom, 704 Sansom Street, Suite 302 Philadelphia, PA 19106. We are starting at 11AM with a brief, FREE community intro to chanting, followed by toning together with the world at noon. Please see RSVP link below to insure seating.

    From 1pm to 4pm we are offering Valentine’s Day sound attunements on a first come-first serve basis, for couples, 15 minutes for $15 per couple. Individuals without a partner will be accommodated as well, 15 minutes for $15. Please see RSVP link below.

    Bring your business card to enter a drawing for a special gift.

    Please RSVP to insure a seat, as our space is limited. http://bit.ly/requestsoundattunement

  25. World Sound Healing Day
    Moon Temple – Daylesford, VIC. Australia.
    Meditation & Activation Circle for Love & Healing.
    11.30am Meditation – tuning into our own heartbeat & the heartbeat of the Earth.
    12pm We’ll be linking with other groups Worldwide to tone “Ah” holding the intention of heart expansion to send love, healing energy & peace to Mother Earth & all beings.
    Date: 14th Feb 2016
    Time: Arrive 11.15am – 12.30pm
    Place: Moon Temple, Daylesford, VIC. Australia
    Bookings: Essential (space is limited)
    Cost: Donation
    Bring: Drums, Rattles, Voice. No experience required 🙂
    Bottle if Water & Vegetarian plate of food to share afterwards
    Contact: Samantha for more info

  26. Toning from the heart for World Sound Healing Day at 12 noon Swords Co Dublin, Ireland, with the Celtic School of Sound Healing.

    This will be followed by gentle gong waves spreading peace and love out to the Earth and beyond as part of a sound bath including Himalayan and Crystal Bowls, Harp, Flute, Drum, Solfeggio Healing Pipes and Zaphyrs.

    Grá agus Solas ( Love and light)


  27. Join us at Good Shadow Studios, Diarmid, Blairmore, Argyll Pa23 8th Scotland.
    11.30 Relaxation
    12.00 tone ‘Ah’ for ten minutes in conjunction with World Sound Healing Day.
    12.30 a pot luck lunch, bring something to share.
    1.00 – 2.00 An Experiential introduction to Sound Healing.

  28. We, Birgit Braun and Ines Reichel, will celebrate the World Sound Healing Day in Germany at “Drachenzentrum” Marktgasse 15, 01662 Meißen.
    We will meditate at 11.45 am and tone at 12.00 pm the AH to project the energy of compassion and love and sending a sonic valentine to our Mother Earth. Afterwards we´ll enjoy a meditative sound concert with gongs, tibetian soundbowls, a monochord, an elfharp and a cristalharp.
    For more information:


    For booking please contact: klang@schloss-gersdorf.org

    Thank you for this gaia-healing-event ! As one we love her, as one we heal her !

  29. Jacqui Russell from Vibrationally Sound is hosting a World Sound Healing Day in Edmonton Alberta. http://www.vibrationallysound.net
    A one hour event from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. with “AH” toning at 12:00 noon in sharing Sound Healing Instruments like Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Sining Bowls, Harp Monalina and Vocal toning in sending Peace to the Planet and People.

    For more information:
    For Event Bookings: inquiries@vibrationallysound.net

    IN Harmony,


  30. The community “SHANTI TOYA ASHRAM’ Ubud Bali
    invites for a special, guided sound healing event on international Sound Healing Day – February 14th-
    Jon us in the lofty rooftop Yoga Hall of Shanti Toya for sound Healing, guided by experienced Sound Healers.

    see facebook: shanti toya ashram for directions. Penarungan.. West of Ubud. Tel 081238 12504

  31. Join us at the North Sea coast in Germany
    on World Sound Healing Day 2016.
    We gather on February 14 at 11:30 am
    to tone together for mother earth at 12 noon.

    Ingrun Masanek
    Am Markt 60
    26506 Norden

  32. You are invited to a FREE Event for World Sound Healing Day and
    the launch of The Ahh Spa-Things that make you go aah
    Berry Uniting Church 69 Albert St, Berry NSW AUSTRALIA
    14 February, 2016
    Arrive 10.45
    11am Performance by Ganga Karen Ashworth
    11.15 Yoga with Megan and Graeme Smillie
    11.40 Launch of The Ahh Spa theme song with Ini Veerkamp
    11.45 Open your voice to release blockages, have fun and align your body, voice and intention
    12.00 Sound Ahh from our hearts to give back to our Mother Earth
    12.30 LAUNCH – The Ahh Spa
    1pm Finish
    For more info go to https://www.facebook.com/singingtheself/


    Daran Wallman & Edie Stuber will be using a variety of sacred sound healing instruments including: the didgeridoo, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, frame drum, kalimba and vocal harmonics balancing and clearing our energy fields.

    LOCATION: Shared Visions Retreat Center, 3717 Murphy School Rd. Durham, NC 27705

    DATE: Sunday, February 14 from 3pm – 4:30pm

    SUGGESTED DONATION: $10 – $30.

    For more information click here: http://healingearthresources.net/classes/sacred-sound-bath-concert

  34. World Sound Healing Day
    Sunday 14 Feb at 11.30 for 12.00
    Gwen & Ross
    56 Showlers Road Benloch
    Linking in at 12md for
    World Sound Healing Day.
    Bring your singing bowls or whatever makes your heart sing. ??
    Contact :: phone or text 0407687998 for details.

  35. Sedona, AZ USA Event:
    World Sound Healing Day in Sedona ~ Sunday, Feb. 14, 2016, 5 PM Unity of Sedona, 65 Deer Trail Drive in W. Sedona.
    We’re having a sound celebration with musicians Julian Forest (Darrin Kieth Hasting), Natesh Ramsell (Natesh Kirtan), ThunderBeat Devara, Shekina Rose, language of light/toning; crystal bowls opening and YOU (audience toning AH )! Join with hundreds of thousands around the world as we send our healing intentions to Gaia – healing waters, land and consciousness on World Sound Healing Day. A sonic co-creative Valentine for Mother Earth. ~ Joan Vann
    $10 love donation. More TBA.

  36. SOUTHEAST DENVER, CO. At 12:noon on our Universal Love Day while utilizing World Sound healing Day and sacred sound, the attendees at First Spiritual Science Church of Denver, 3375 South Dahlia St, Denver, 80222 will tone “Ah” for 5 minutes as a service closing. Service begins at 10:30; topic is “Your Valentine Gift…Eternal Love”. http://www.firstspiritual.com/

    Also in the afternoon in Centennial, the monthly pineal toning group will honor World Sound Healing Day by toning with our worldwide audience. We welcome sacred sound participants freely and if interested, please call or email Aurelia at 303.771.5622, AureliaTara@aol.com. We so appreciate this yearly opportunity to honor our sacred earth!

  37. 14th Feb World Sound Healing Day
    Come along and join with many voices at :- Hyssinton Hall Hyssington, Powys, SY15 6AT
    for a day of Meditation ,
    Chanting , and finishing the day with a Sound Bath with Gongs , Voice and
    various instruments.
    11:30 till 3pm
    Bring food to share and two blankets and a pillow.
    To contact for more info http://www.mikebarron.co.uk

  38. WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY CELEBRATION: As Venus goes into Aquarius, come see the new Aliah Selah music video “Venus In Aquarius” featuring Yana Clark and the Cabrillo Improv Troupe – to be released on Feb 14th 7-9 at Body & Soul (738 Chestnut St. – Downtown Santa Cruz) for World Sound Healing Day.
    A Valentine to the world – offering World Unity through Ah!

    We will be offering several music videos already released and a few unreleased and do some live music (bring your instruments) and Lotus Heart Yogadancing. Bring healthy treats… and we will have Super Chai and some healthy snacks (Paz’s amazing superfood pop corn & Foodcool cookies).

    We will do an offering for World Sound Healing Day and honor Valentines Day and talk about “Venus in Aquarius” from an Spiritual Growth perspective for all of us through an AstroReport from Astrologer Paz Rheinstein (also the brilliant cameraman for all video shoots – that Aliah edits).

    This will be a Santa Cruz local send off for Paz and I as we head on our Aliah Selah & Spiral On Tour of possible next stops: Grass Valley & Ojai in CA Truth or Conequences, NM, Sedona, Ashville, NC and The Farm & Nashville in TN and Virgina Beach, VA (ARE Clinic – Jonathan Goldman Sound Healing Event) and other places we find along the way, as we share our music, astrology, and sound healing energy.. and seek others into eco-inventing solutions to help cocreate a garden planet. Blessings to your contributions to a new world that is evolving because seek to care more than own. Stay tuned.
    All of these healing the planet focuses are the gifts of love that will save the day.
    This is what the AH sound is about… opening our hearts:

    So please know we love you Santa Cruz and are grateful to the 7 years here raising our son. He is in China at the Shoalin Temple School learning Kung Fu… and we are grateful he is following his visions for his life. And so we are doing the same and offering heart center sounds with the focus on World Sound Healing Day http://www.worldsoundhealingday.org/ with so many around the world who are honored to continue the tradition that began 14 years ago by the much loved Sound Healing Teacher, Jonathan Goldman. May we all know Infinite Om – http://www.soundcolud.com/aliahselah/infiniteom
    For more info: FB Event – https://www.facebook.com/events/986521901393958/

  39. An Sanctoir Ballyedehob West Cork Ireland

    from 11.30 to 12.30 Joining
    World Sound Healing
    Sounding together the Ah of Love and Compassion
    Celebrating oneness of all Beings.

  40. Please join us in celebrating World Sound Healing Day in Istanbul, Turkey. We will be joining Jonathan Goldman and thousands of others from all around the world to heal our planet, waters and raise our consciousness.
    We will be sending a sonic valentine to Mother Earth.
    We will begin our celebration with sound healing meditation to open our hearts and harmonise the group energy. We will then join others around the world in sending the healing energy of love and compassion by toning “AH” sending gratitude, harmony and peace to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.
    As we heal ourselves, we heal the world. As we heal the world, we heal ourselves.
    Date: Feb. 14, 2016.
    Place: BİLGİ PAYLAŞIM, Mete Cad. Park Apartmanı No:24/5 Taksim / İstanbul TURKEY
    Cost: 60 TL

  41. Discover the magical sound of AAHH from your heart to the waters.
    Sound Healing Day is February 14, 2016
    Come join us in healing the waters of the world. People all over the world are participating in this Healing event.
    Yolanda Sing is a licensed Metaphysician and Minister. She is a Sound healing Specialist, Reiki Master, Magnified healing Specialist and Oneness blessing giver. Ms. Sing has been teaching and giving healings for 20 years. She is a member of the Sound Healer’s organization. She gives personal and distant healings regularly. songsoflight.info

  42. In Italy,
    You are invited to a FREE Event for World Sound Healing Day
    Centro Congressi Galileo Galilei, Gariga di Podenzano (PC)
    14 February, 2016
    from 10 am to 11 pm
    10.10 am conference: Sound and biology
    10.40 am conference: Why 432 hertz?
    11.10 am conference: The Voice that create and manifest
    12. 10 am conference: Sound and Spirituality
    13 Lunch!
    14.30 pm to 17.30: Healing your own whit the sounds of voice of heart, Gong, Tibetan singing bowls, Cristal bowls, piano, guitar, percussions, ancient instrument, laughter yoga, hang
    17.30 19 pm: Healing Jam Session for the World
    19.30 pm: Dinner
    21 pm: Spirit Gospel Choir Concert at 432 hertz


  43. Grants Pass, OR.
    Celebrate World Sound Healing Day and Valentine’s Day with a sound healing performance, “River of Love: Stepping Into the Divine Flow.” Kathleen Anne will perform with crystal alchemy singing bowls, harp and angelic vocals.
    Aquarius Books in Grants Pass, Oregon, 2 pm. Phone 541-479-8858

  44. World Sound Healing Day in France! For the 7th year, I will organize a 2hours Vesica Pisces meditation in the framework of the Tibetan New year festival in the Chamonix Valley (France). Les Houches, 74310 France, Salle Olca. Feb 14th 2016. 10-12 am. Open to the public. Donation for the association Lions des neiges Mont-Blanc.
    J’organise le 14 /02/2016 pour la 7ème année consécutive une méditation Vesica Pisces de 2h (10h-12h) dans le cadre du festival du nouvel an tibétain aux Houches, vallée de Chamonix pour la journée mondiale du son pour la terre. Ouvert au public. Donation au profit de l’association Lions des neiges Mont-Blanc. contact@brigittemace.com

  45. Join us at Innerji Sound and Massage in the Grampians, Victoria, Australia for a Crystal Singing Bowl Experience starting at 11am, then at 12 noon sounding the tone AH for five minutes to connect globally. Bring a few nibbles to share afterwards if you wish.
    Space is limited if we use the studio, so please book with Nessa.
    Individual Sound Baths will be available from 2pm (60min) if anyone wishes to book in.
    To be held in the Innerji Sound and Massage Studio (or possibly by the lake if weather permits) or in the campground hall if more than 4 people book.
    Innerji Sound and Massage is at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland, 443 Long Gully Rd, Pomonal, Victoria, 3381
    Australia. Email vanessa.beckitt@innerjisoundandmassage.com.au, phone 0429799848

  46. We will join thousands throughout the planet for the 14th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY on Sunday, February 14, 2016
    at The Crystal Cottage on Big Pine Key, Florida
    Sound Healing meditation will Start at 11:30 am
    12:00 we will tone AH using Quartz Crystal Bowls
    12:30pm Potluck food share
    1:30 pm Caravan to Bahia Honda State Park to release healing water to the ocean
    Please RSVP 305-872-4750
    Hosted by sound healers, Eric Paul Levy & Debra Kupchok
    for more information go to https://www.facebook.com/The-Crystal-Cottage-227494540725023/

    “Remember: We heal the planet. We heal ourselves. We heal ourselves and we heal the planet.”–Jonathan Goldman

  47. http://www.meetup.com/Occoquan-Reiki-Energy-Healing-Meetup/events/228402373/

    Drumming & Vocal Toning Workshop w/Gary Niki, The Shamanic Samurai Medicine Man
    Occoquan, Virginia (just south of Washington DC)

    Experience powerful, personal energetic and physical transformation through Vocal Vibration Toning and Energetic Frequencies with Gary Niki, the Shamanic Samurai Medicine Man. Workshop attendees will have the opportunity (if they choose) to participate and learn how to use vocal and energetic therapies to promote the highest and greatest good for hearts and minds.

    You will have an opportunity to find your own voice and energetic frequency. Whether you choose to bring forth your own sounds or not your presence will help you energetically and positively shift through the vibrational frequency resonance of this transformational experience.

    See Garys powerful vocal toning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MlFrfUcmTU

  48. Dubai celebrates World Sound Healing Day with a Gong Meditation.

    Please come and join us as we send Love, Light and Healing to our beautiful planet and to all life upon it.
    LOVE is ALL there IS.
    We will begin with relaxation and breath work, as we weave the “AH” sound into our voice and our consciousness, sending gratitude, compassion, peace, healing and liberation to all beings in our world, galaxy and universe, universes and ALL.

    The sounds of the ancient gongs and other sound instruments will then embed their cosmic, planetary vibrations and co-create love, health and abundance for one and all.

    As we raise our individual vibrations, so too do we raise the vibration of the planet and ultimately, the cosmos.

    The session is free. All are welcome.
    Please bring your yoga mats and a shawl or cover.

    Where: Life ‘n One, Jumeira 1, Behind Magrudys.
    When: 14th February 2016 at 12 noon.

  49. http://angelacontessa.com/14-febbraio-una-giornata-mondiale/



    lo strumento per il Sound-Healing e il Massaggio sonoro.
    Durante il pomeriggio in Quantica, potrai anche scoprire
    il Suono della tua risata interiore, quella che nasce dal cuore.
    MIRIAM PIACENTI – Teacher Yoga della Risata – condurrà una sessione di Yoga della Risata
    Info: Angela CONTESSA– 3391136697

  50. The Sounds of Mystical Healing group is honoring World Sound Healing Day with two events.

    Andrea, Anthony, Asa and Irmina is extending this special invitation to you. Join us February 14 from 12 to 1 pm for:

    1. Free virtual sound healing event to support those who are unable to go out or prefer to stay at home during this time. The virtual event is designed to support beginners or advance practicioner who are part of our growing Sound of Mystical Healers network. Anyone can join in us. No special tools required. Through the power of sound, you too can explore deeper inner know and help heal our creations throughout nature. To register, please signup here: https://www.facebook.com/events/449920861866544/

    2. Semi private event in my home by invitation only. Invitations have been sent for this small gathering. We will be holding space for those participating in the virtual event above. Next year we hope to host an even larger group. To stay connected, please sign up for our newsletter at http://www.irminaulysse.com.

  51. World Sound Healing Day in Douglassville, Pa
    Join Us @ Kaleidoscope Angels. 1 hour NW of Philadelphia for a day of healings.

    8:30-9:30am Heart Opening Yoga with Cassie $12 Energy Exchange

    11:00-12pm DNA Activations with Fred Salzman. “Gift of Love to Yourself” Seminar via ThetaHealing
    this group seminar will introduce you to the amazing and powerful methods of ThetaHealing. Also, you will have the opportunity to experience first-hand what ThetaHealing can do for you.
    There will be 3 healings that will be discussed in a group setting, but completed in an individual healing. The first one is sending love to you as a baby in the womb. Since, ThetaHealing is Quantum based, we can go back to when you were a baby in the womb and send unconditional love to you for the entire gestational period. This will help release any anxiety, worry and fear your mother may have experienced during your pregnancy.
    The second one is to repair and mend your broken soul. We
    experience many traumatic events in this and past life times
    which can fracture and break your soul. This healing will
    repair and mend your beautiful soul with unconditional love.
    This is a very powerful healing.
    And the last one, which is the one most people are talking about is the Soul Fragment retrieval and clearing. We can harbor DNA from previous relationships that can still impact and influence us years later. This healing will remove any DNA fragments that are not yours, wash, clean them and send them back to their owners. Also, any of your DNA framents that others may have are removed, washed, cleaned and sent back to you. There have recently been some articles published discussing this in more detail and this will heal yourself of those fragments that are not serving you. $5 Energy Exchange

    12noon-1pm AH toning for the World PEACE and Heart Meditation FREE

    1:00-2pm Arlene Hampton-Harding from Ahhintuitive Therapies will be performing an attunement of the Heart and Crown chakras.She will be using tuning forks calibrated to the Heart and Crown frequencies on the two chakras.
    This attunement will open the heart and crown to the Divine Consciousness of the planet, which will assist the participants in sending the Love and Compassion energy around the world. $10 Energy exchange

    Kaleidoscope Angels
    1056 Old Swede Road
    Douglassville, Pa 19518
    Find Us on Facebook

  52. We will join with thousands throughout the planet for the 14th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY on Sunday, February 14, 2016
    First time is a World Sound day in Serbia, Novi Sad
    This is a 2 hour event which will include Yoga and Gong Bath. More information can be seen at our facebook page under https://www.facebook.com/Zvucna-Masaza-Vibrational-Sound-Massage-612952995493804/?ref=bookmarks or https://www.facebook.com/anika.petrovic.1
    Pridruzicemo se planetarnom Svetskom Danu Zvuka, Prvi put u Novom Sadu 14. Februara 2016 godine,sa Gong kupkom, sve informacije mozete pratiti na gornjim facebook stranicama.

  53. Meditation, Movement & Sound

    at Trevalga Hall, Near Boscastle, North Cornwall, UK from 11.30am to 1pm. Costs: £10

    Be nourished by meditation, movement and sound and then resonate with other groups and individuals around the world to tone for vibrant energy and healing in ourselves, communities and our beautiful blue planet…

    Please bring a cushion/rug, bottle of water and something for our display space
    (eg candle, crystal, flower, stone etc)

  54. SuZen RavenHeart is calling all light workers to participate in an to experience Meditaiton and Sound Healing Day Event at 12 noon, Feb 14th to be held as part of the Psychic Fair and Healers event In Bridegwater, NJ.from 11-6pm Just check in vibrationally to this event and join us on an alter space and time event. We connect on all levels of our being on this day to open our Hearts and to be the Receivers and Givers of Unconditional Love. Blessings SuZen , please visit http://www.suzenprevents.com

  55. https://www.facebook.com/events/731240980344759/

    Experience the Magic of Vibrational Bliss!
    Join us and Ride the Sound Wave of a Sound Bath…

    Himalayan Metal Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Flutes, Drums, Didgeridoos, Rattles, Gongs, Chimes, Tingshas, and other surprises produce sounds which invoke deep relaxation, naturally assist in Meditation, Stress Reduction and Holistic Healing.

    SUNDAY the 14th at 1pm
    Dancing Cranes 675 E. Simpson Ave (2240 S.) SLC, UT
    Please bring a cushion or mat if you would like to sit on the floor

    COST: $10
    TICKETS are available online at
    or at Sacred Energy Empowerment Center
    261 East 4500 South Murray, UT

  56. I’m in Lithuania, Vilnius and YES! WE’ll join in as a group of some 5 or more people , coming together privately… for World healing Day on Feb. 14.

    We’ve been doing this for some time, only never letting you know… I felt this time you should know how “far” this resonates…
    Much love to ALL, Lilija

  57. Welt-Klang-Heilungstag Hannover / Germany
    Heilung für unseren Planeten und für dich

    Sonntag, 14. Feb. 2016
    11.30 – 13.30 Uhr

    Seminarhaus Shadil, Groß-Buchholzer-Str. 30, Hannover
    mit Jochen Bockholt + Inke Lechner
    Eintritt: Spende

    “Wenn wir den Planeten heilen, heilen wir uns selbst. Wenn wir uns selbst heilen, heilen wir den Planeten. Wir können tatsächlich einen Unterschied machen.
    Es ist unsere Wahl.” Jonathan Goldman

    Am Valentinstag, dem “Tag der Liebenden”, lädt der amerikanische Klangheiler Jonathan Goldman gemeinsam mit zahlreichen Kollegen zum 14. Welt-Klang-Heilungstag ein.

    Unsere gemeinsamen Töne haben eine erhebliche und ganz reale Kraft!

    Gerade in Zeiten der inneren und äußeren Unruhen unterstützen wir mit dieser Kraft einen friedlichen und harmonischen Wandel – sowohl für uns selbst und unsere Liebsten als auch für die Erde.

    Wir verbinden uns in Hannover mit Tausenden anderen Menschen, die weltweit an dieser Friedensarbeit mitwirken. Zunächst stimmen wir uns auf einer Klangreise mit der Tambura ein und tönen dann gemeinsam den Herzton AH. Anschließend chanten wir uralte Mantras aus verschiedenen Traditionen. (Keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich.)

    Bitte Anmeldung per Telefon oder eMail.

    Jochen Bockholt
    T. 05032-9018938 | M. 0170-6468784 | http://www.heilsames-singen-hannover.de

  58. I invite you to PARTICIPATE in the WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY!
    11:45am – 12:15pm
    Feb. 14th @Judy’s yoga studio on the farm – 71880 London Rd. (3km N of Exeter, ON Hwy#4)
    At 12 noon after we’ve gotten aquainted and have set the energetic space we will join Jonathan Goldman’s Temple of Sacred Sound to chant “AH” for five minutes along with a background sound composed of a mixture of thousands of people.
    It is a short, sweet, yet effective manner to contribute during busy lives.
    Register your participation by contacting Judy at info@heartfelthealingcentre.com or phone 519-615-0101



    Please join us for our next Shamanic Journey as we celebrate World Sound Healing Day and Valentines Day with Abby & Tommy Anton and John Shambhu Eustor

    Sunday, Feb. 14th 2016
    6:00 pm – 7:30 pm / $15
    Sapphire Holistic Center Belmar
    911 Main Street
    Belmar NJ, 07719

    Join thousands throughout the planet on February 14, 2016 in celebration of World Sound Healing Day. Send a sonic valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth and change Global Consciousness!

    1). Heal Our Planet!
    2). Heal Our Waters!
    3). Raise Our Consciousness!

    ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥

    The Shamanic Journey is a ninety-minute sound healing meditation, providing a very calming, balancing, primordial and euphoric musical experience.

    An aspect of many sacred traditions across the globe, trance inducing sounds allow access to a deep level of consciousness, opening doorways to intuitive self-healing.

    Hypnotic drumming, chanting, flute, crystal and Tibetan bowls, gongs and didgeridoo are utilized to promote relaxation and vital awareness.

    *We welcome men and women, as well as children 8 y.o. & above who are able to be still and quiet during the meditation.

  60. World Sound Healing Day – 11.30 – 12.30 am – Sunday 14 February 2016

    You are welcome to Medisinsk Yoga Innlandet at Kapp, Østre Toten in Norway to join us in celebrating World Sound Healing Day

    We will center and get the energy flowing with yoga for the heart and then we will be joining Jonathan Goldman and thousands of others around the World in sending the healing energy of love and compassion by toning “AH” sending gratitude, harmony and peace to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

    At 18.00 – 20.00 there will be an mantra concert by Radical Devotion. You can just listen to the healing sounds or sing along.

    The purpose of World Sound Healing Day is to:
    1). Heal Our Planet!
    2). Heal Our Waters!
    3). Raise Our Consciousness!

    We will be sending Loving intention to Mother Earth.

    More information http://www.medisinskyogainnlandet.no

  61. World Sound Healing Day in Ireland on magical Hill of Tara co 14 February start at 3pm


    Join thousands throughout the planet for the 14th Annual
    WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY on Sunday 14th February.

    On this special day we offer 3 powerful events at the Hill of Tara

    1.Valentine to Gaia (free workshop) 3pm-4:30 pm

    We are going to create sound, and project that with the energy of compassion and love, and send a sonic valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth. Healing ourselves and raising the vibration on the Hill of Tara through our voices. If it rains the alternative venue will be at Tara Open Studio. Free

    2. Gong bath meditation 5pm -6:30pm

    Wash away your stress with a relaxing Sound Bath. Hear and feel the healing power of therapeutic Tibetan bowls, Gongs, chimes, shruti box, rain stick and rattles and many other relaxing sounds. Feel the sound vibration that works through your body causing deep relaxation that can help with physical and emotional issues, stress release and for improved sleep. (Tara Open Studio) Booking essential: Marta : 0851031578 € 25

    3.Naked Voice 25 eu 7pm- 9 pm

    The Naked Voice is a unique tool for accessing your authentic sound, authority and presence in the world, through the use of voice and sound. Finding your naked voice enables you to communicate with full confidence and self-awareness and create conscious and caring relationships in all areas of your life. This ground-breaking method explores the human voice as a source of individual and collective self-discovery, linking to the most profound levels of human wisdom.
    contact Marta 0851031578

    The Church of Universal Love: Divine Service (10:30AM-12 PM) 951 Wilson Ave. Suite, 16, Toronto
    Meditation, healing, inspirational talk & messages from spirit. Featuring speaker and medium T.C. Kendall.
    World Sound Healing Day: 12 Noon
    Join us as we create the vocal tone “Ah” for personal, group and planetary healing.

    For further information please visit our website http://www.churchofuniversallove.com or call (647) 975-7338.
    Vocal sound healing led by Joanna Grace http://www.SoundHealingEnergy.ca


    A Mystical Alchemy Valentine’s! Please Heather and Donny on Sun Feb 14th, 7pm in the beautiful Lumeria Maui Lobby for a Valentine’s Sacred Sound & Cacao Ceremony along with special guest beloved Hawaiian Kapuna Aunty Pua Mahoe who is featured on the cover of this month’s Maui Vision magazine! She will be sharing a special blessing and about the way of Aloha as being everyone’s birth right!

    Our evening will also include a Sacred Cacao offering — a sacrament which has been long been used by the Mayan’s for healing and opening the Heart. In addition it is World Sound Healing Day and we will be joining with thousands of people worldwide who will be raising the vibration on the planet with sacred sound and a special Water Blessing Ceremony for Peace and Unity..

    Mystical Alchemy Ceremonies bring sound healing, music and ritual together in an inspiring and transformational way. Innovative visionary mystics Heather Salmon and Donny Regal bring decades of experience as professional prayerformers, healers and agents of change. Each journey is unique and their sound baths are deeply relaxing and healing for the mind, body and spirit. Mystical Alchemy ceremonies incorporate sacred and uplifting music, as well as the vibrational frequencies of 432 hz crystal singing bowls, chimes, vocal toning, guided imagery, isochronic tones and binaural beats to assist with brainwave entrainment which is believed to affect cognition, stress management, and detoxification on a cellular level.

    Lumeria Maui Main Lobby
    1813 Baldwin Ave
    Makawao, HI 96768

    $11 to $22 At the Door

    Lastly please note the following:

    Promptness — as we are creating sacred space and it is distracting when people arrive late so we request that you make every effort to arrive by 7:00pm. If you do come in after we have begun, please enter quietly and mindfully.

    Children — we highly value diversity and welcome children who can hold a sacred space. Please be aware that our sound baths are a time of quiet inner reflection and stillness and we like this to be honored without any unnecessary distractions.

    Lumeria Maui Grounds — please be aware that we are guests on the property. You are welcome to enjoy and make dinner or lunch reservations in the restaurant. In addition, they charge a Spa Fee to use their pool and hot tub which can be arranged through their front desk 808-579-8877. As we end our events during their quiet hours they ask that we leave directly afterwards and not doddle or roam the grounds.

    For more information visit http://www.MysticalAlchemy.org or email us at BlackSwanTemple@gmail.com or call 310-415-8821

    Mahalo nui for helping to spread the word!


    We will gather to chant and celebrate World Sound Healing Day at the Yoga Shack, 1182 Homathco Dr. in Campbell River, 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Please bring a yoga mat or a blanket to sit on, water to keep your vocal chords hydrated, a drum or an instrument if you wish to join in the “musical support” and any mantras you wish to share. Free event but a small donation for the use of the space would be gratefully accepted.

  65. Our Sound Healing will be at Chapman Cultural Center on Sunday February 14 you may come at anytime between 2pm & 4pm

    We join the World Sound Healing Day 2016 with a meditative concert:
    Sunday, 14 February 2016 17:00
    SPAZIOSONORO – San Presto / Porziano
    Via Don Giulio Barabani

    Peter Treichler e Aanadi Cristina Pacciarini

    Ci uniamo alla Giornata Mondiale del suono di guarigione 2016 con un concerto meditativo:
    Campane tibetane, gong, flauti e POLICORDE.
    Sunday, 14 February 2016 17:00
    SPAZIOSONORO – San Presto / Porziano
    Via Don Giulio Barabani
    Prenotazione gradita

    Peter Treichler e Aanadi Cristina Pacciarini

  67. Moonee Beach Yoga Studio Coffs Harbour.NSW Australia
    Please join us for the World Sound Healing Day Feb 14th.
    We will start celebrations at 11:30 am with the vocal “AH’ tone followed by a meditation and sound bath.
    Please contact Lisa for more Details 0433095474
    Looking forward to seeing you

  68. Join us for World Sound Healing Day!

    ‘So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth’

    On Sunday 14th February it is ‘World Sound Healing Day’ and who wants to miss the chance of being part of healing our world?

    Well, here is your chance…

    Bristol Baha’i community are inviting you to come along to the Bristol Baha’i Centre in Redfield and immerse yourself in sacred sound and become part of a World vibrating event to send love, unity and peace around our beautiful planet and into the universe… imagine this!

    The day’s program looks like this…
    10:00 Doors open
    10:30 Doors close for a prompt and undisturbed start*
    10:40 Introduction to the day with Sacred Chanting –
    Hasti-Sabet, Bea Martin & Ishmael Velasco
    11:05 Sound Bath taster (singing bowls) –
    Bea Martin, Celia Beeson & Caroline Seyedi (limited space but please see below**)
    11:15 Recital and chant of sacred Baha’i text – Nica Sabet
    11:20 Sounds of the Sacred Baha’i Writings – Nica Sabet as facilitator
    11:35 Feedback
    11:55 Feeling gratitude reflection – David Johnson
    12:00 The sacred sound of the Heart – We will connect with others making the same sound around the world – David Johnson & Celia Beeson
    12:05 Sound bath – an immersion into the vibration of sacred sound –
    Bea Martin, David Johnson, Celia Beeson & Caroline Seyedi
    12:25 The sound of Silence
    12:30 Refreshment – a light lunch will be provided***
    2:00pm Sacred sounds, singing & music – family friendly (children very welcome)
    3pm Gong bath – adults will be in this main sound bath – Celia Beeson & David Johnson & children will explore sound in smaller reception room with Caroline Seyedi & Bea Martin
    3.30 The sound of Silence
    3.25pm Feedback
    4:00pm Sounding off time and an invitation to a monthly sound devotional event…

    ‘With whatever purpose you listen to music, that purpose will be increased…and so it is with all the things that cause the excitation of the nerves.’

    NB. *It is important that the day is not disturbed by late arrivals for health and safety reasons. Therefore the doors will be closed at 10.30am sharp so, please be prompt to avoid being disappointed.
    ** To host as many as possible the sound baths will be seated but feel free to bring a mat/blanket/cushion for your own comfort and if there is space you may lay down.
    *** If you have special dietary requirements, please bring your own lunch and/or preferred drink.
    It is important to keep hydrated throughout the day. Tap water is available but please bring your own water if desired.

    This is a FREE ticket event hosted by the Bristol Baha’i Community, places are limited to 40 and to attend you must register for a ticket here…https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/world-sound-healing-day-tickets-21388999072

    The World Sound Healing Day Team Biography:

    Bea Martin & David Johnson, therapeutic sound practitioners, have been working together since 2003 with a particular interest in sacred sound. and are both graduates of the British Academy of Sound Therapy… (www.bardsofavalon.com)

    Celia Beeson has been working with the healing and therapeutic qualities of sound for over a decade, in meditation and relaxation sessions, performances, celebrations and workshops using gongs, voice, singing bowls, bells and shruti boxes. She offers regular group gong baths and sound meditations in Bristol, and is available for bespoke sessions. (www.soundscape.org.uk)

    Caroline Seyedi, is an autism intervention and communication behaviour specialist and is currently exploring all modalities of sound healing as a student sound healing practitioner with the College of Sound. Caroline is incorporating sound and other forms of energy healing into her current working Practice. (www.copingwithautism.co.uk)

    Nica Sabet
    Hasti Sabet
    Ishmael Velasco

    Venue address: Bristol Baha’i Centre, 8 Church Road, Redfield, Bristol BS5 9JA

  69. SOUND JOURNEY in Spain
    Group Sound Healing session on SUNDAY 14 at 17.00H
    and Intoning Meditation for
    Booking Essential
    Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum
    share the Voice and Overtone Singing Techniques from
    Their respective books
    OR 629 841 665
    Asociación de Terapia de Sonido y Estudios Armónicos
    Harmonics Inc. S.C.P.

  70. We will gather to chant and celebrate World Sound Healing Day at the my NEW Yoga Shack, 1182 Homathco Dr. in Campbell River, 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. http://www.mbfyoga.ca
    Please bring a yoga mat or a blanket to sit on, water to keep your vocal chords hydrated, a drum or an instrument if you wish to join in the “musical support” and any mantras you wish to share. Free event but a small donation for the use of the space would be gratefully accepted.

  71. World Sound Healing Day comes to central Portugal…
    To be held at Divine Quinta..we will gather in the sacred space destined to be A temple of Light at 10.30 for a guided relaxation meditation, followed by AH toning at 11.11. Please bring a yoga mat, cushion and blanket. refreshments will be offered afterwards. Please let jeannette know if you would like to join us…

  72. Dear Friends of Sounding Circles World-Wide!

    Join Sounding Circles and Sound Pioneer Vickie Dodd in a FREE online gathering on Sunday, February 14, 2016 to celebrate WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY! Vickie will lead you, together with people around the world, through the powerful practice of sounding the “Global Ah” created and projected with the energy of compassion and love, sending a sonic valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth. Be part of this global celebration as we sound together and invite live participants to interact with Vickie! Plus, we’ll share information about her upcoming online course starting in March!
    Sunday February 14, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM PST

    Joule L’Adara
    Sounding Circles
    +1 310-321-2711

  73. Johnson City, Tn, USA

    The Living Trees presents: the 14th Annual
    WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY on Sunday 14th February.@ Samadhi Healing Arts Center

    423 W Walnut St, Johnson City, TN 37604
    (423) 926-2020

    12:00pm – 2:00pm

    We will be offering a Valentine to Mother Earth Gaia!Join us as we create the vocal tone “Ah” for personal, group and planetary healing.

  74. Event at The Red Shoes (www.theredshoes.org), Baton Rouge, LA:

    February 14th is World Sound Healing Day!
    This is an opportunity to join forces: sound together for Global Harmonization, planetary peace and healing. Filling ourselves with the energy of compassion and love we are sending a sonic valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth.
    This sound event will include an introductory recording from Jonathan Goldman and the sounding of the “AH” sound for 10-15 min. Afterwards we have some time to share.
    For background information and the download of the mp3 introductory recording
    go to http://www.worldsoundhealingday.org/ .
    Hope to see you there,


    Join me (Jane Ford-Farrand)for an hour of sacred chanting to include the heart vowel ‘ah’ at 12 noon
    WHERE: 11 North Green, Staindrop DL23JN
    WHEN: 11 am – 2 pm

    This is FREE but bring a contribution towards a shared lunch. We’ll be using voice, singing bowls and monochord to create a fabulous tapestry of loving, healing sound.
    See http://www.soundaffects.uk.com for more information.

    Jane Ford-Farrand

  76. World Sound Healing Day at The Monastery, Gorton, Manchester UK.
    11:00 AM TO 4:00 PM
    With John Hofton, Dip.W.S.A (Wheater Sound Academy)and Andrea Jackson, Pendle Holisitics.
    Join us and everyone around the world in projecting our positive vibrations by singing a heart-centred ‘AH’ to Mother Earth thereby generating peaceful energy throughout the planet with sound.
    + various sound healing sessions throughout the day including Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Bath with Andrea.


    The Sound Heard Around the World

  77. Sunday 14th February Yoena, Spiritual Cemtre of Spiritual Exploring organises the World Sound Healing Day at her place at the Phoenixstraat 66, room 202 In Delft, The Netherlands!
    We gather at 11.30 am till 13.00/13.30 pm to sound at 12 am.the healing sound of AH. We will sound with our voices, crystal singing bowls and drums and make connection from our heart with the heart of Mother Earth and beating with our drums the ritme of her heart.
    This day is a co-creation with Lia van der kolk, Birgit Karreman en Els Brouwer
    Join us at the 14th: info@yoena.nl or 06-19452804
    Start: 11.30 am, door open at 11.15 am
    Contribution: donation

    Op zondag 14 februari organiseert Yoena, Centrum voor Spirituele Ontdekkingen de Worls Sound Healing Day op haar locatie: Phoenixstraat 66, ruimte 202 in Delft, Nederland.
    We komen bijeen om 11.30 uur tot 13.00/13.30 uur om op 12 uur de klank AAHH te lakten klinken. We klnken met onze eigen stemmen, kristallen klankschalen, en drums en we maken contact vanuit ons hart met het hart van Moeder Aarde en met onze drums laten wij het ritme van haar hart horen. Deze dag is in co-creatie met Lia van der Kolk, Birgit Karreman en Els Brouwer.
    Doe met ons mee op de 14e februari! aanmelden via info@yoena.nl of 06-19452894
    Start om 11.30 uur, inloop vanaf 11.00/11/15 uur
    Bijdrage: donatie

  78. In honor of World Sound Healing Day, Reson8 Wholistic Education Center in Franklin, Indiana is hosting an event filled day! Vocal Toning to Heal the Heart starts @12pm Sunday, February 14th. Followed by Children’s Meditation class with focus to calm the heart @1pm & then a Community Sound Healing Concert & Drum Circle @2pm! Experience a special meditation for connecting hearts & souls in relationship to God consciousness. Join Miranda L. Shields & Michael J. Grow on a journey through sound while they present the “Music of the Spheres”.
    All events are Free to the community! Donations are welcome:)
    Reson8 is located @ 2443 N. Morton St. Franklin, IN 46131
    For more info, contact Miranda: (317)597-0233

  79. Join thousands throughout the planet for the 14th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY of Cincinnati, OH, USA on Sunday, February 14, 2016!

    At 7PM at Grace Church, our Cincinnati community, with several local standout musicians will come together with music and AH toning for the purpose of offering a Sonic Valentine of love & appreciation to Gaia, our Mother Earth. We will conclude with a drum circle and dancing, so bring your drum!

    Enjoy transformative performances by:

    Ron Esposito ~ crystal bowls, vocals
    Audrey Causilla ~ chant, piano, harmonium
    Jim Feist ~ tabla
    Vivian Hurley ~ gong bath
    Roxana Imam ~ clarinet
    Shari Lauter ~ violin,piano
    Baoku Moses ~ Nigerian drumming, vocals
    Johnny Ruzsa ~ flutes
    Janice Sunflower ~ Native American Flutes

  80. I am honoured for the second time to be a part of the annual an now 14th World Sound Healing Day!!!
    What a great Day! Thank you Jonathan Goldman to make this possible!

    Very welcome to join me and thousands beautiful souls from allover the world Sunday Febr.14th 11.30-13

    11.30-11.55 some shaking meditation and DoIn
    12.00-12.05 toning “aaaahhhh” together with thousands….
    12.15-13 Gongbath gong crystal bowls singing bowls rain stick drum etc

    13.15-14 time for gonghealing book your place info@handgreppet.se

    (((((In good vibrations/Beatrice)))))

    more info http://www.handgreppet.se
    Adress Friskvårdscentralen SamaSama
    Toftavägen 112, 432 95 VARBERG Sweden

  81. Teri Rivera, Native American from the Serpent Mound area in Ohio, joins sound healer Anara Whitebear at The Playful Soul, Indianapolis (Broad Ripple area).

    Anara writes: Anara WhiteBear ~ “Terri A Rivera will be at The Playful Soul this Sunday for WORLD SOUNDING DAY!!! Listen to this amazing woman calling in The Keepers Of The Stars!! Not only is her voice glorious, her heart is in eternal offering….!!! (Indianapolis IN USA all day event in Broad Ripple!!! With Terri A Rirvera from Serpent Mound area of Ohio.)

  82. Asheville Sound Healing.com and Skinny Beats present
    Sunday, Feb. 14th World Sound Healing Day in Asheville, NC at Skinny Beats World Music, 4 Eagle St, AVL.

    Join Linda Go and Billy Zanski as we vocalize our love for our dear Mother Earth and all of creation with an “AH” Valentine at Noon! Sacred group chanting will be followed by our weekly 45 minute sound healing concert.
    Linda Go : vocals / percussion
    Billy Zanski: Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, Didgeridoo. Gong Bath, Gu Zheng and Kora
    11:45-1pm Free event but donations gratefully appreciated.

  83. В честь Всемирного дня исцеления звуком мы проводим звуковую медитацию и мистерию “Ночь Гонгов” с тремя Гонгами, хрустальными поющими чашами и колокольчиками в Краснодаре. Подробности мероприятия здесь https://vk.com/event110344764 или по Email gaidamovish@gmail.com Да пребудет Мир на Земле!

    “In honor of World Sound Healing Day , we conduct sound meditation and mystery ” Night gong ” with three gongs, crystal singing bowls and bells in Krasnodar . Details of the event here https://vk.com/event110344764 or Email gaidamovish@gmail.com be peace in the world !”

  84. Healing With Sound Workshop.
    Sunday feb14th, 2016(In conjunction with World Sound healing day).
    Ohana Wellness and Yoga centre,callander,Ontario,CANADA
    See Poster on website for details.. and regsitration.

  85. MANAS community (Manas.si)
    Sunday, Feb. 14th World Sound Healing Day
    Me Ariel Puri and Dr. Rok Rotar will play (healing sounds) for Mother Earth.
    Ariel Puri will play big old chinese Gong in cosmic way
    Dr. Rok Rotar will play 5 crystal bowls and maybe tibetian singing bowls.
    Then will be folowed by singing sound AH.
    We will send peace, love, Light and thankfulness to Mother Gaia Unoa.
    Start will be at 12AM.
    Greating from Slovenia.

  86. Niagara Falls Ontario Canada on the Niagara Escarpment.
    Toning at 12:00 Sunday Feb. 14 World Sound Healing Day.
    Please join with AH filled with LOVE and LIGHT.
    This will be the 14th year for this event.
    Conact Kim

    World Sound Healing Day at HeartSpace
    February 14th at 11 AM-1:30PM

    Join thousands throughout the planet for the 14th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY on Sunday, February 14, 2016. At 12 noon (local time in your time zone), sound forth for 5 minutes with the “AH”, created and projected with the energy of compassion and love, sending a sonic valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth.

    At that time,we will go to templeofsacredsound.org to enhance the vibratory effect as we sound together for
    Global Harmonization, planetary peace and healing.

    Please visit Healing Sounds (Jonathon Goldman’s website)
    for more information. Click the link above for more info.

    If you cannot tone at 12 noon, sounding anytime during February 14, 2016 will help create positive shift and change for
    our planet on World Sound Healing Day.

    The purpose of World Sound Healing Day is to:
    1). Heal Our Planet!
    2). Heal Our Waters!
    3). Raise Our Consciousness!

    Terri will offer a Crystal Tones Alchemy
    Sound Circle
    at 12:30 PM
    Join us for Relaxation, Meditation, Frequency Balancing,
    DNA Recalibration, Messages and More!
    Love offering.

  88. This week we will be celebrating World Sound Healing Day.

    We will be meditating to vibrational sounds, Tibetan bells, meditational charms and instruments as we hold our intention to send the energy of compassion and love to Gaia, our Mother Earth and for global harmony, planetary peace and healing. We will join together in the “AH” sound as described on the World Sound Healing Day. We will close with a powerful Sound Presentation of kaleidoscopic Art by Anne-Francoise Potterat.

    Join us at Life Motivations, Sunday, February 14, 2016 6-8 pm
    located at 7, ch du Rivage, Chambesy, GE Coming from Geneva towards the Highway, turn right into the UNI gas station, after the station there is a right turn to ch du Rivage,then take a left, #7 is on the left.

    Greetings from Geneva, Switzerland

  89. Please join us in celebrating World Sound Healing Day in our Chapel, Woodstock, Vermont. We will be joining Jonathan Goldman and thousands of others.
    The purpose of World Sound Healing Day is to:
    1). Heal Our Planet!
    2). Heal Our Waters!
    3). Raise Our Consciousness!
    We will be sending a sonic valentine to Mother Earth.
    We will begin our celebration with gonging to open our hearts. We will then join others around the world in sending the healing energy of love and compassion by toning “AH” sending gratitude, harmony and peace to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.
    As we heal ourselves, we heal the world. As we heal the world, we heal ourselves.
    Date: Feb. 14 2016.
    Place: North Unitarian Universalist Chapel Society, 7 Church St., lower level entrance, Woodstock, Vermont 05091
    Time:11:45 to 1
    Cost: Free

  90. Valentine’s Day Concert
    A Collective Multimedia Event
    Be Part of World Sound Healing Day

    Toning with Singing Bowls
    Spend time with each of the sacred sounds as we tone with the rest of the world.
    Singing bowls will be provided for use while toning.

    February 15th 5:00 PM
    The Center for Harmonious Living
    18285 Minnetonka Blvd., Deephaven, MN
    Tickets: $25 Energy Exchange ($30 at the door)

    Tickets available by visiting the online store at: http://www.frankdicristina.com
    Yoga mats, Blankets, Pillows Recommended. Limited Seating Available.

  91. Sound SPA Slovenija, Europe: Please join us to celebrate Wolrd Sound Healing Day.
    There will be Sound bath on a distance at 11.00 am (Slovenia time).
    I will play crystal instruments for raising vibrations in our planet.

    What you need: lay down, feel your purpose for your healing (you can light a candle), sing few aaaaaaaaaaahhhh and enjoy the vibration that is coming to you.

    Send an email to: info@zvocni-spa.si with your name, so I can add you to this event.

    The purpose of whole event is to:
    1). Heal Our Planet!
    2). Heal Our Waters!
    3). Raise Our Consciousness!

    Deep gratitude to iniciator, Jonathan Goldman.

  92. Hello every one,

    You are welcome in Corgnac-sur-l’Isle, Dordogne, France, at 11.45 to join us for this World SoundHealing Day on Sunday 14th February for free.
    You can contact us through our website http://www.bodsha.com
    Greetings from France
    Body & Soundhealing Heart Association

  93. Everybody is invited to join in a skype LOVE IN ACTION meeting at 11:00-12:00 Greek time.

    Skype id of the meeting’s coordinator: mariaaggeli1

    We joyfully shall synchronise our voices to the LOVE sound, activate our hearts, share a couple of inspiring texts, meditate upon peaceful activism, sing a sacred song for unity and collective action.

    Cost: free

    Much love and gratitude,
    maria, friends & colleagues
    “the spiral, holistic education, human values, lifelong learning” * http://www.thespiral.gr

  94. Columbus, Ohio (off of Hayden Run Blvd)
    Mandala Center for Movement Arts
    2965 Donnylane Blvd
    Columbus, OH 43235

    Meet there at 11:30am then join the World Healing Sounders around the world at Noon.
    Please arrive well before Noon.
    We will follow with a few songs to continue sending healing energy with sounds and movement (Nia).
    Free event (love donations welcome for the space).

  95. Sound & Intention for World Sound Healing Day at Sacred Space Wellbeing Pop Up, London N12 0EH
    1pm on Saturday 13th February (1 day early)
    This is a free event, to include a mini workshop on Himalayan Singing Bowls, Sounding the Aum and Ah, group Healing Meditation and a group Soundscape. So join us in this fun and informal gathering as co-creators, followed by energy healing by donation and relaxing therapies.
    Love & Light

  96. From the Isle of Wight UK


    Steve & Maxine from Serenity Sound Healing and Maitri from Yoga with Maitri are collaborating with many others in the world to give energy of compassion and love, sending a sonic valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth. We would love you to join us to gather as one to send these healing vibrations to Mother Earth, ourselves and our loved ones.


    The day will look a little like this and feel you can attend all or parts of the event.

    11.00-12.00 Yoga with Maitri to include chanting, gentle yoga movements for all abilities, some gentle breath and relaxation practice.
    12.00-12.05 Chanting together the Ahh sound
    12.05-12.45 Gong bath with Serenity Sound Healing
    13.00-14.00 Veggie Food Share (please bring a veggie dish to share)

    What to bring: Blankets and something to lie on.
    Cost: Donation

    Please check out http://www.thewoodlandretreat.com for directions and where to park.

    With love and light

    Maitri, Steve and Maxine.

  97. Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY – Cape Town
    Time: Sunday 14th Feb. 12 noon.
    Venue: Long Beach, Kommetjie.
    Directions: Kommetjie road towards Kommetjie, turn Right into Wireless Rd at the very beginning of Kommetjie. (first right after Imhoff Farm Stall)
    Down Wireless Rd until there is a bend to the right. Parking area directly to your left.

    One Planetary Love!

  98. Cape Town South Africa our true noon is actually at 1pm Joburg time.
    We meet at Kommetjie, Wireless Road car park towards Long Beach.

  99. Lace up your walking or hiking shoes to join The Gong in its sonic amplification of the Healing Harmonics of the Cosmic “AH”, catalyzing Healing for our Beloved Planet and igniting Love within each Heart and The All That Is~!

    The Gong will begin sharing its celestial, oceanic overtones at 11:30 a.m. CST and continue until 12:30 p.m.
    You may come and go at any time during that window, respecting the space and the Intention of the Day with meditative silence. At 12:00, 5 minutes of vocalizing the Cosmic “AH” will commence, the Gong assisting in broadcasting and amplifying the Energy of Love.

    Please bring a portable chair or something upon which to comfortably sit as we will commune in a field beside Lake Georgetown, Texas. (directions below) Water, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended should it be a warm and sunny day. Total walking distance round trip will be about a mile.
    There are no nearby restrooms available, so please plan accordingly.
    Only if it rains will this outdoor opportunity be preempted, in which case another location will be chosen.

    Directions: Lake Georgetown, Texas. From DB Wood Road, turn onto Cedar Breaks Road, eventually arriving at a stop sign. Turn right into a parking area and continue walking south across the dam’s road past the cliffs. Once you are further down the road, you will see an expansive field to your right, with cliffs above. The Gong will be somewhere in that field~!
    You may also Tune Into the Gong from wherever you are—you will definitely feel it~
    Thank you for caring about our Planet and giving it the Love of your personally profound Cosmic “AH”~
    Anne Marie and http://www.GongtoGo.com

  100. Courtenay, B.C., Canada
    Where: The House of Now, 536 5th Street, Courtenay
    When: 11:45am-12:45pm
    Join Mikeoula (and her crystal singing bowls) and thousands around the globe as they tone the healing sound “AH” for 5 minutes at noon (in our respective timezones) and send Mother Earth a sonic valentine of Love,Peace and Harmony.
    This will be followed by a mini-concert with crystal bowls and gentle keyboard music. Children welcome. Some chairs and backjacks available. Please feel free to bring your pillows and blankets to make yourselves comfortable. By donation- thank you.

    **If you unable to join us in person, we intend to broadcast live using Periscope under “Mikeoula” so please tune in!**
    For more info: http://www.mikeoula.com

  101. Have organised someone to do a yoga class and a meditation in my home town as well as for us to chant Let there be Peace and Love amongst all beings in the universe on Valentine’s Day but it will be a day earlier to you guys as I’m in Australia.

  102. Sound Lounge for Sonic Valentine. FREE Drop in Event at the Queen’s Hall, Hexham, UK.

    The Sound Lounge is a dedicated space to explore the senses through sound and vibration of the continuous resonant soundbath of Gongs, Tibetan Bowls and Vocal Harmonics. Our collective intentional sound and vocal harmonics resonates our love and appreciation to Gaia, to our friends and our global family. This event will be linking with World Sound Healing Day.


  103. Peaceful Parlour and Yolanda Lozano of Healing Hearts are inviting the community to Celebrate World Sound Healing Day with us on Thursday, February 16th from 7 to 8.30pm. Peaceful Parlour is located at 212 South 3rd Street, Geneva, IL, 06134, USA. To learn more, visit http://www.PeacefulParlour.com

    Learn to play instruments like crystal bowls, singing bowls, tingshas, rattles and drums to create calm and peace within yourself. Guests are invited to bring any instrument of their own to participate in this playful and uplifting event to heal the world beginning with themselves.

    Did you know that one of the strongest sound healing instruments is your own body? We’ll teach you a few simple chants and how vocalizing a tone radiates love from your energetic field that attracts abundance and happiness on a mystical level.

    On World Sound Healing Day, sound healers, meditators, peace activists and lovers of all humanity and sentient consciousness send a Sonic Valentine to the Earth with the heart sound “AH” filled with the intention of Peace and Love!

    Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat or cushion to sit on the floor. This community event, is open to all ages. RSVP by calling 630-232-6300 and walk ins are welcome. This workshop is $35, however, no one will be turned away due to a lack of funds.

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