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Thank you for your interest! Enjoy The Guided Global AH! This recording was created by world renowned Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman and his wife Andi Goldman. It is approximately eleven minutes long and was designed to be utilized by those who wish to participate in World Sound Healing Day as well as other global toning events.


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Please remember–The most important co-creator of World Sound Healing Day is–YOU! World Sound Healing Day is an active participatory event. One of the goals is to tone the heart sound “Ah” for a minimum of 5 minutes, and of course longer if your schedule permits. You may join in at anytime, anywhere throughout the day. Often people will gather groups together and facilitate this toning experience in their respective communities. People often  tone at 12 noon in their local time zone, and as always, we encourage the sounding of the “Ah” by yourself or with a group at any time during the course of the day.

If you would like to host a World Sound Healing Day event or toning group, please visit the link below for more information about how to proceed.


How To Create Your Own World Sound Healing Day Event