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Vocal Yoga, the most powerful sound healing tool is the voice!

Vocal Yoga, the most powerful sound healing tool is the voice!

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When I created The Heather Lyle Vocal Yoga Method® I was interested in creating exercises that changed the voice but I discovered something fascinating, that the voice could change the body as well so the work is both voice work as well as somatic work. As we twist or stretch into different poses and make a sound the voice starts to release. We keep stretching until what I call a “golden tone” is emitted, a tone full of all the fullness and richness the human voice is capable of with a myriad of overtones. While doing The HLVYM® a surprise will cross the face of the yogi and the surrounding friends will nod their heads hearing that there is a new glorious voice that has been revealed. Where has that voice been? It has been collecting dust under the layers of tension that naturally form through the life of a person. You see, some of the body’s functions are to autonomically protect and defend so various forms of engagement and release of muscles happen all day until there is a layer of armor on the body that can hinder vocal expression. Once body armor is released and the “golden tone” is uncovered, the voice can be directed into parts of the body as well as more subtle energy centers like the nadis and chakras. The “golden tone” becomes the most perfect Om and able to relieve pain and promote healing.


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Feb-14-2022 @ 02:00 PM (PDT) to
Feb-14-2022 @ 03:30 PM (PDT)

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