The Breath of Light. Light and Sound Activation.

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Beloved Hearts, on this upcoming World Sound Healing Day in 2023, let’s get together. Open your hearts. Let’s sound Light, let’s sound Love.

Accept with love the waves of harmonics of sound and light from the depths of the Heart, manifested as a light and sound video album “Breath of Light”. The Breath of Light, the breath of Sound, the breath of Love…

Let’s create even greater harmony and peace within ourselves. And the more these conditions manifest themselves inside, – the brighter, more beautiful and more harmonious the life around will shine. We are the boundless orchestra of Divine Love, the Unity of Life. Let’s sound, shine from the inside with the most beautiful colors, light-tints and sounds, transforming our lives, emanating waves of harmony and love.

From heart to heart we give these harmonious consonances, accompanied by beautiful sunrises and sunsets. These are the codes of Cosmic Lights, streaming onto the Planet and captured on video

The Sun is a powerful translator of energy and information for our entire Planet. Since June 2020, it has become much more active in transmitting the vibrations of Light and Love. The published videos make it possible to touch the powerful Codes of Life emanated into the world by the great Luminary.

Such a touch is an adjustment that can significantly accelerate your Spiritual growth. It will align you with the global Processes taking place on the Planet and in Space. 

Let the sound codes in harmony with the light codes bring even more love, peace, healing to your hearts and blossom with beautiful fruits on our beautiful Planet.

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Date And Time

Feb-14-2023 @ 11:00 AM (MSK) to
Feb-14-2024 @ 11:00 PM (MSK)
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