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Studio Hermetica meditation piece 2023

Studio Hermetica meditation piece 2023

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I hope that you enjoy this piece of meditation music, written on a Db pedal note. The piece is rather fixated with the number 9, being in 9/4 time, 36 beats per minute, 36 bars long and starting and ending with nine chimes from an electric guitar, with the whole thing coming in at nine minutes long. In between are further chimes that are underlined by a chromatic chord sequence. The sounds came from a Yamaha Motif synthesizer and a Mellotron Micro. The piece was composed on Musescore, recorded and mixed using Ardour and the video was realised on Openshot. The lovely artwork is entitled ‘Vector starry gas nebula supernova and outer space background’ by Spearheart0 and came courtesy of


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Feb-14-2023 @ 12:00 AM (NZST) to
Feb-14-2023 @ 12:15 AM (NZST)

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