Sound Healing to Raise Consciousness

Sound Healing to Raise Consciousness

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David Maria’s beginnings to become a teacher began with many compelling prophetic dreams and a specific calling to Africa by three elder African Kings in Mt. Kenya.

Upon arriving, David was recognized and met by Senior Tribal elder Samuel Kamitha, one of 12 ‘seers’ who had the same dream. Over many days David was immersed in a series of initiations followed by energetic jolts that felt like lightning with every strike. David then was downloaded with The Eden Template, a template to return souls to their original blueprint.

As a conscious channel within the Monad [Unity Consciousness] David’s transmission is able to open another’s energy field and they are able to experience themselves as Source Creator, and know that they have never been separate.

Viivika Kalma is the embodied Blue Flame Holder, gatekeeper, genetic key holder, and Holy Alchemist. She has restored her original heart tone and transmits frequencies that correspond to the heart tones of the Holy Mother.

She embodies the breath of creation dragon breath. Breathing through her Sacred Heart, she transmits invisible light and sound from the heart of all creation, as a combination of crystal seed codes, key codes, and sacred geometry. Through her voice, she anchors them in the physical world, making them more accessible to the human body, and helping to open dormant portals and neural pathways,  in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. This light language that she transmits, can also be called the language of Divine Mother.

The focus of the transmission will be for the humans living on the earth, so that they may begin to remember who they are and learn how to live with Gaia in a sacred way.

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Feb-14-2024 @ 11:00 AM (GMT) to
Feb-14-2024 @ 01:00 PM (GMT)

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