Singing Field – Sounding a New Earth

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Hello Everyone, This group will not be livestreamed, BUT you are more than welcome to join us and sing the Heart Sutra with us at 5-6pm UK  timezone. Kindly email: to let us know if you will be meditating sounding with us on World Sound Healing Day. Sounding with YOU on Feb 14th.



Hello Friends of World Sound Healing Day – We are living through wild, unprecedented times. NOW is the time to discover your voice as a super-power of confidence, creativity and courage. The Singing Field is an all-inclusive, deep listening ground, where diverse individuals can meet to share their longing and belonging together, through the expression of wild prayer, love song, sacred mantra,  soulful poetry, and all retuning to the silence before sound, where the unified Field ‘beyond right and wrong doing’ is restored, and where we can each remember our true sound, as unique as your DNA, beyond fear of separateness, alienation and shame, coercion, aquiescence, misinformation and blame. The Singing Field is rooted in Love. Unconditional loving presence, and from there arises a sound that heals, reveals and dissolves old narratives, restores our capacity to remember why we chose to be alive at this unique and transformative time in human evolution. The Singing Field is rooted in three questions:  (1) Who am I? (2)  Why am I here? (3) What is mine to Express?  In our Singing Field on Tuesday Feb 14th at 5pm. We will focus our sound practice on the triadic nature of The Naked Voice understanding as follows :  Sound Awareness,  Soul Awareness and Wisdom Awareness.  The healing and sacred power of The Heart Sutra – or Prajna Paramita – will anchor our shared voices in the One Self. The Heart Sutra – which revealed itself to me in a dream almost 40 years ago – is one of the most widely recited and ancient of Buddhist scriptures in the Mahayana tradition, revered by millions of people and regarded as the most succinct, sublime and enigmatic of spiritual documents on the eternal Law of Oneness, within and beyond form. The Heart Sutra teachings are distilled into one central core mantra as follows: –  ‘Om gaté gaté paragaté, parasamgaté, bodhi svaha’  …  Om “Go, Go, Far beyond, Far Far Beyond, the Wisdom Is” Om…  Chanting the Heart Sutra wholeheartedly, without cognitively thinking through its message, is an essential sound healing practice, that has been recited across the centuries wherever this sutra has been encountered…..   We look forward to sounding the Heart Sutra with you on February 14th – Love Light and Blessings, Chloe Goodchild.


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Feb-14-2023 @ 05:00 PM (BST) to
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