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Online offering: NEW YEAR, NEW PARADIGM -Co-Creating 2022 From a Vibration of Love

Online offering: NEW YEAR, NEW PARADIGM -Co-Creating 2022 From a Vibration of Love

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NANCY HOPPS is an internationally recognized healing and performing artist. Her award-winning Relax Into Healing recordings and presentations have profoundly benefited thousands of listeners worldwide. As a sound healer, the frequencies of her alchemical crystal singing bowls, bamboo nose flute, over-toning and guided meditations create a truly transcendent experience. Of the many healing modalities she integrates into her life and work, she clearly demonstrates that “the greatest of these is Love.”   (  Follow Nancy on YouTube for “2-Minute Tune-ups” and more, or on FB or Instagram

New Year, New Paradigm – Co-Creating 2022 From a Vibration of Love

Thank you for choosing to be part of this healing, paradigm-shifting opportunity! We’re at a pivotal time in human history, a time of major crises on our planet. Yet within every crisis lies great opportunity. A profound paradigm shift, a shift in collective consciousness, is possible. But it is up to each of us to be an active part of co-creating this crucial shift…now!

The powerful vibrational force we will generate together (along with my crystal alchemy bowls and bamboo nose flute) will help create this new year on a newly activated level of consciousness. I’ll also be leading a guided meditation for personal and planetary healing, so we may move courageously, lovingly into what lies ahead with a sense of renewed passion and purpose, and a deepened sense of peace and trust.

Though my first preference is to all be gathered in a shared physical space, it’s all about intention, love…and good recording equipment! To that end, I have pre-recorded this offering so I can best share the powerful frequencies of my alchemical crystal singing bowls with you.   Thank-you for saying a deep hearted “Yes” to being a vessel of healing in this world.Together, we can heal and transform our world, as we heal and transform ourselves.


Date And Time

Feb-14-2022 @ 12:00 PM (PDT) to
Feb-14-2022 @ 11:45 PM (PDT)


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