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Harmonies of Light with Jim Oliver

Harmonies of Light with Jim Oliver

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Harmonies of Light with Jim Oliver for World Sound Healing Day 2023
Emmy Award winner and classically trained master musician Jim Oliver has created more than 3500 hours of transformational healing music in his 55 year long music career. Join us for Harmonies of Light, Transformational Healing Music and Harmonized Color. Experience this one-of-a-kind event with expansive music and a unique lighting system that presents the colors that are mathematically related/harmonized with the musical notes Jim plays on the keyboards. During the Harmonies of Light event will also see live Cymatics which shows the wave forms of the bass notes in water.

For this special event, Jim will speak briefly about Harmonies of Light and the powerful opportunity this offers to bring healing and illumination to the world during World Sound Healing Day and into the future. He will then create a 40-minute long expansive piece of transformational music based on the energy and intention of those that are present and those that will listen in the future. Spontaneity offers the greatest access to the “Now Moment”, so you can be fully and authentically present with Your True Self.

The more people that join us live and on the replays, the more momentum we co-create for world peace. Join us with an open mind and open heart.


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Jim began formal piano study at age 5, he attended The Hartford Conservatory of Music at 14, Julius Hartt School of Music at 16 and then Hartt College of Music as a Classical Organ major. Since the 1970s Jim Oliver’s passion has been to provide the most harmonious environment possible for people to experience and deeply connect with their true-self/true-nature and to help people to Awaken to the Magnificent Being You Already Are. Simultaneously combining visible light/color and audible sound (music and color) was the goal. After countless hours of research and experimentation over a great many years, in 2015 Harmonies of Light was a reality and Jim began globally live streaming these amazing one-of-a-kind video events.
As Jim plays the musical notes on the keyboards, the mathematically and harmonically related colors shine like Aurora Borealis, which offers a greatly expanded and finely attuned experience. This event also features live Cymatics. You will see the actual wave forms of the bass notes which are visible as ripples in water. These moving wave forms are blended with the colors of the music for an even deeper immersion into vibrational healing (to become whole). Seeing/receiving the colors and wave forms adds to the benefits you receive. Go deep and wide as the music and harmonized colors move and flow, reflecting the majestic you that you already are. Deeply and authentically connect with your True Self and fully embody and integrate the Magnificence of You!

Jim tunes into the energy and intention of those present on the live stream including those that will join in the future by watching the replays. This guides the unfolding and expansion of the music which in turn creates the colors you see. Each Harmonies of Light event is totally unique.

Harmonies of Light is a powerful transmission of high-frequency music and harmonized color. Now is the time for taking action from a place of wisdom, groundedness and enhanced clarity.
How can music support wellness? It is well known that stress is a leading cause of “dis-ease”. Current research by renowned author and epigeneticist Bruce Lipton and other leading health professionals indicates that as much as 90% of illness is stress-related. Jim’s comforting, calming and empowering music offers you an opportunity to deeply relax and rejuvenate. Check out Jim’s wonderful, in-depth video program with Bruce Lipton.

It is imperative that we all hold ourselves and each other in the highest possible light and move from fear and worry to love.

Please share this information with your family and friends. The more people we have participating, the greater the movement towards World Peace.

As a bonus, please visit Jim’s website and towards the bottom of the home page is a way to sign up on our mailing list – and for doing that you will receive a FREE GIFT of a beautiful piece of music called Deep Calm. Additionally, you will receive information for upcoming Harmonies of Light events and special offerings from Jim.

Join Us With an Open Heart and Open Mind

People write to us and say that the music feels personalized just for them. Yes, it is. Jim’s specialty is tuning into people and creating majestic, empowering musical improvisation based on the energy and intention of the group that is present live and those that collectively join in the future through the replays.The music is spontaneously created in alignment with your intention and highest purpose now and in the future. Spontaneity offers the greatest access to the “Now Moment”. The music continues to radiate healing energies for many days, weeks, months and beyond. Spontaneous music offers the opportunity for spontaneous healing and full immersion with your Soul Essence.

There is nothing you need to add to yourself, nothing you need to subtract from yourself. Harmonies of Light invites you to organically bloom into your naturalness.

The natural movement in the music creates a beautifully welcoming flow of energy that can gently wash away feelings of stuck-ness and resistance while dissolving the illusion of lack and separation.

Set your intention and breathe in the music and bathe in the harmonized colors. Directly experience the crystal clear focus of high coherence music, sound, color and light as you Illuminate Your Path.
Join us for a Unified Global Group Experience of Sound and Light Healing for Raising the Collective Consciousness and to Ignite Your Inner Light.

During this event, you will also learn even more about the benefits of Sound, Color, Frequency and Waveform and how Music is the Universal Language of Healing. You will also learn how to best receive the music and harmonized color for your longest-lasting benefit.

Personal experiences and areas of improvement reported during and after these events include:
·     Transmuting of Dis-harmony, Dis-tortion, Dis-connection, Dis-orientation, Dis-tress, Dis-ease.
·     Releasing Stuck Energy.
·     Opening the Flow of Abundance, Love, Compassion and Gratitude. 
·     Unraveling of Entanglements and the Dismantling of Dis-ease.  
·     Experiencing Illumination & Unleashing the Infinite You.
·     A Holistic Healing & Revitalization of Your Mind, Body & Spirit.
·     Soothing Frayed Nerves and Jagged Emotions.
·     Deep Relaxation and Releasing of Old Stressful Patterns.
·     Directly Experience the Truth of Your Being-ness – Your True Self.
·     Relax – Receive – Resonate – Release – Radiate – Rejuvenate

A note from Jim:
Harmonies of Light is the culmination of my life’s work and passion for offering healing with sound, music and color and I am so incredibly excited and grateful to provide people with an avenue to heal themselves and experience personal transformation through Synchronous Sound and Light.

Blessings and Deep Gratitude,


Date And Time

Feb-14-2023 @ 11:00 AM (MDT) to
Feb-14-2023 @ 12:00 PM (MDT)


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