Find Your Inner Goddess – Tea Ceremony & Sound Bath

Find Your Inner Goddess – Tea Ceremony & Sound Bath

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We will gather with intention to connect with the Divine Feminine parts of ourselves.

We will begin with the nourishing sacred tea blend of Elderberry, Blue Malve, Cosmea, Monarde, Marigold, Yarrow, Mugwort, Mantel. This tea is an ode to the Great Mother that supports and cares for the feminine sides in us.

The Great Cosmic Mother can be thought of as an aspect of the Sacred Mother, a changing role that is filled with feminine Buddhas and goddesses who transform over time with characteristics necessary for the healing and advancement of humanity in each era. It nourishes the growth and fertility-giving energy patterns.

Next you will be held in mesmerising orchestra of alchemy crystal singing bowls, which recalibrate every aspect of your being, bringing you into harmony.

As the sacred sounds reverberate through every cell and fiber of your being, Ewelina gently works with each participant to help clear blockages held within the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies.

The alchemical fusion of these profound healing modalities creates an optimal space wherein layers and patterns of crystallized vibrational energies can release and be transformed, gently realigning you with your innate divine blueprint and the consciousness of your Higher Self.

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When: 14th February 19:00 – 21:00

Door opens for you at 18:50 Energy

Exchange: 50€

Where: Crvstalline Sound Institute Rheinsberger Strasse 31, 10435


Date And Time

Feb-14-2024 @ 07:00 PM (GMT) to
Feb-14-2024 @ 09:00 PM (GMT)

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