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Cymatic Sound Bath Meditation

Cymatic Sound Bath Meditation

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Sound healing is one of the best ways to quickly put yourself in a deeply relaxed state, and engage the para-sympathetic nervous system, which is ideal for digestion and stress reduction.

Come and join us, and a global audience, this February 14th to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of World Sound Healing Day!

Give yourself a break from outside world, from your worries about the future, from the latest pandemic news stressors and yet more conspiracy theories to come fully into the present moment.

People who have meditating for many years can sometimes get into that deep state of relaxation for a prolonged period, but it takes years of practice for most to go, and stay, that deep. Or, you can just come to a sound bath! You don’t need any experience and there are no side effects, although it has been known to be habit forming!

And the best news? Giving yourself a break from stress by slowing down your brain wave vibrations to a deeply meditative state is one of the best ways to supercharge your immune system.

Rufus is delighted to be collaborating again with his dear friend Micha Dahan, an uber-talented multi-disciplinary visual artist, cinematographer and director, and a remarkable cymatic and video feedback artist.

Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration.
The term Cymatics was coined by Hans Jenny in his 1967 book, Kymatik.
Cymatics involves the use of a vibrating plate with a granular material that arranges itself into patterns as a reaction to sound vibrations. The study of this phenomena was pioneered by Robert Hooke. On July 8, 1680, Hooke ran a bow along the edge of a glass plate covered with flour and saw beautiful patterns emerge. The term was broadened to include patterns in fluids.

Please find a quite place to relax, undisturbed if possible. It’s ideal if you can lie down, or sit comfortably in meditation posture, on whatever cushions or bolsters will help you remain comfortable, to watch and listen to the cymatics being created live.

Experiencing both audio and visual stimuli is known to engage both hemispheres of the brian and create what is called hemispheric synchronization, which encourage the formation of new neural connections between the brain’s hemispheres.

Sound is best delivered through high quality speakers, noise-cancelling headphones or quality earbuds, ideally not Bluetooth (due to the loss of sound quality).

Many find it easier to connect to Zoom and the accompanying Facebook Live webcast through your smartphone, as it can lie next to you, where you can easily adjust the volume without looking, if necessary, and have the option look at the cymatics your phone.

Participation is by donation, which are gratefully received, as they help Rufus and Micha support their families while their careers are in quarantine! E-transfers can be sent to without a fee from Canadian bank accounts, or funds can also be sent through PayPal: NOTE: PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR E-TRANSFER MESSAGE SO WE CAN EMAIL YOU THE LOGIN INFORMATION AND CONTACT YOU IN CASE WE HAVE TO CANCEL OR REFUND YOUR DONATION.

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Rufus Glassco is a trilingual Drum Circle Facilitator who specializes in drumming for health and wellness. He is also a Sound Healing Practitioner and a Shamanic Coach, and helps both individuals and large groups to relax, and come into greater resonance and harmony. Rufus puts his experience as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumental percussionist to use in the soundscapes he weaves together using a variety of sound healing instruments (quartz crystal bowls, didgeridoo, tuning forks, handpan, shruti box, native drone flute, ocean drum, tongue drum, gathering drum, frame drum, kalimba, chimes, ting shas, and voice). He creates a multi-layered sonic journey that transports sound bathers to a deeply relaxing place.

Micha Dahan is a multi-disciplinary visual artist; as a cinematographer and director, he has created music videos with some of Canada’s most beloved musical talent. Micha’s interactive art installations have been exhibited at three Nuit Blanche festivals, and in several galleries and other cultural events. Self-Reflectron is a project for visualizing subtle energies that exist all around us. Using cymatics and video feedback, Micha will create organic, healing visuals to complement the healing audible vibrations of the sound bath.


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Feb-14-2022 @ 07:00 PM (EDT) to
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