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Biomusica – Voice – Movement – Energy

Biomusica – Voice – Movement – Energy

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In this On line Event for World Sound Healing Day, Carol will guide you through a typical Biomusica practice session adapted for on line participation.

We  will start with some simple  physical movements  to prepare  for energy to move more freely though the body. Then we will combine movements with our  breath and voice  to accumulate energy in the body and  then distribute this energy using specific vocal sounds that resonate and ‘tune up’ different aspects of the body and emotions, rather like toning. We will complete the session with rhythmic mindful  movements to be with equilibrium.


Email to  to register interest  and for zoom event link and passcode

The session will take no longer than 40 mins with extra time for Q&As 


Biomusica is a group based fun activity which explores the effects of music and sound on the human body. Founded in scientific study and combined with ancient knowledge.
In Biomusica practice we use fun, creative and musical activities, in a non competitive way, in any setting.With simple exercises that bring together the body and voice, we harmonise our our physical, emotional and energetic systems.
Biomusica is suitable for all ages and abilities and can be modified to suit individual and group needs. It is an evolutionary activity to motivate, revitalise and inspire. We can also improve fitness, mental agility, memory , coordination, confidence and help reduce symptoms of stress, and many more benefits when practiced over time.
Biomusica was founded by Prof Mario Corradini, music therapist, composer and musician.

As one of the first English Biomusica  operators, Carol began  training with Mario in 2009 and qualified in 2012 and has delivered sessions with groups and individuals in her hometown of ScarboroughUK and other venues across the North East coast of England.


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Feb-14-2022 @ 11:30 AM (BST) to
Feb-14-2022 @ 12:30 AM (BST)


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