A Sound of Unity

A Sound of Unity

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When I allow myself to go within to stillness and quiet I find a thread that leads me to visions of balance between nature and humans, peace exchanged through encounters of strangers, a vision of all life living in harmony together! As I integrate my actions towards flowing these visions to my reality more and more abilities open up within me, like a remembrance of a lost toy from childhood. As I harness a particular peculiar ability that shares a vibration of the intention of greatest good, I feel the shift within energy of life that is aligning to individual wholeness. This ability has shown me the thread of collective unity we are all a part of and connected to. This particular peculiar ability sources from my natural frequency of love and is what some call Light Language! On February 14 I will flow my energy with an intention of A Sound of Unity to be sprinkled upon Mother Earth and all life!

Light Language is an ability, I believe, we all have. It has only been in my awareness and actively flowing with me for the last 2 years. It was awakened as I walked an Ancient Feminine Initiation. For me, Light Language began with copying bird sounds then animal sounds then sounds of all ranges started flowing out of me. It may even sound like I’m saying words of “another language” than the language I speak or others comprehend. It is different for everyone, and doesn’t stop at vocalization, I am sharing my experience to connect on this next level that might be helpful to you in receiving this experience! As I channel a sound of unity to be shared I harness the intention of WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY to collectively heal and spread LOVE on purpose to each other and all that is!

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Date And Time

Feb-14-2024 @ 10:30 AM (EDT) to
Feb-14-2024 @ 11:15 AM (EDT)

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