World Sound Healing Day Sound Bath

Embark on a soulful journey with us as we unite on the serene shores of Hawaii. Join Kaori and three other gifted sound healers, bringing the magic of vibraphone, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, and many other soothing instruments. Let our harmonious vibrations resonate with the global community on this 22nd Annual World Sound Healing Day, a celebration of intentionalized sound spreading love and appreciation to our beloved Mother Earth. Together with Aloha and energy of Mana, we create a symphony of healing vibrations heard around the world from Hawaii. Mika Erickson: Vibraphon Chiho: Crystal singing bowls Joviel: Tibetan singing bowls Kaori Isomura : Crystal singing bowls   To fully embrace your session, kindly bring something comfortable to lie on for the beach, a blanket to shield against wind or possible rain, and an eye mask or shading item to protect your eyes from sunlight. Remember to bring water to stay hydrated before and after the Sound Bath. Join us in this heartwarming celebration!   This event is a gift to the community, offered freely to all. All ages, genders, nationalities, and ethnicities are welcome to partake in the festivities! Your generous donations, suggested at $20 to $30, are deeply appreciated and support the continuation of this harmonious tradition. Let’s unite in sound, spreading love worldwide, and fostering positive vibrations together!   •◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦ This session embraces an organic and natural setting in nature. For an optimal experience, kindly arrive early, as spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Being closer to the instruments enhances the fullness of the experience. If you seek a quieter Sound Bath, consider exploring one of our indoor sessions for a complete and serene journey. •◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦