2014 WSHD Events

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12th Annual

FEBRUARY 14, 2014

The most important co-creator of World Sound Healing day is–YOU!

If you are planning on hosting a World Sound Healing Day event or toning group, please post your name, event location & time, and any other contact details you would like to share in the thread below so that other people in your area can join in and participate!


As a special gift to everyone hosting an event, we are offering a free download of an hour long recording of the AH tone. This recording may be played to help set the sonic space at any gathering you may be leading, or enhance any personal meditation. After you post your event, we will email you the download link directly.

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2014 WSHD Events — 111 Comments

  1. Friday, Feb.14th
    Event: 12th Annual World Sound Healing Day Boulder Toning Group
    Time/Place: 5:00 –6:00 PM at the Solstice Institute, 302 Pearl St.
    City/Town: Boulder, CO
    Cost: FREE
    Contact: http://www.healingsounds.com / 303-443-8181

    Join Andi & Jonathan Goldman and come celebrate “The Sound Heard Around the World”. Gather together for an hour of sound and sacred ceremony as we tone the heart sound “AH” sending a sonic valentine to Mother Earth for planetary peace and harmony. We’ll be connecting with thousands of others throughout the planet as we all tone our loving sounds together on this day. This is a once a year event that you won’t want to miss!

  2. Date: Friday, February 14, 2014
    Event: World Sound Healing Day
    Time & Location: 6:00pm, Inspiration Point, 483 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York
    Cost: Free
    Contact: http://www.facebook.com/thehealingheartbuffalo or (716)883-8670 to register

    World Sound Healing Day is a time to manifest your personal intentions for peace, harmony and healing through sound. Please join Rev. Jenifer Grasha in raising the collective vibration of our City and extend it to the World through sonic meditation and toning the heart chakra.

  3. We are base in Dublin we will Celebrate Sound Healing Day in Marino Institude of Education Dublin 9
    Start from 2pm-3pm -cost :free
    Project Peace to our Mother Earth and generate peaceful energy throughout the planet with sound! Sound coupled with intention has the ability to heal and transform. We will sound an “AH” sending a heart wave of Sound that will resonate throughout the planet.
    From 3- 8pm cost 50 euro- in program : helaing voice , gong bath -Chakra Tones: Energize Your Life !
    contact :www.sound-healing.ie !
    All people from all the world are Welcome OM !

  4. Date: Feb. 14
    Time/Location: 7pm at Grace Episcopal Church, 5501 Hamilton Ave, College Hill (Cincinnati), OH 45224

    We will tone the heart sound “AH” sending a sonic valentine to Mother Earth to spread the vibration of peace and harmony. Inspired by the original event created by Jonathan Goldman, we be connecting with thousands of others throughout the planet as we all tone our loving sounds together on this day. This is a once a year event that you won’t want to miss!

  5. Date: February 14th 2014
    Time: 12:00 noon EST
    Location: Harmonic Visions Healing Studio
    Contact: karyn@harmonicvisions.com or 828-581-0230

    Details: We will tone the heart sound “AH” sending a sonic valentine to Mother Earth to spread the vibration of peace and harmony. Inspired by the original event created by Jonathan Goldman, we be connecting with thousands of others throughout the planet as we all tone our loving sounds together on this day. This is a once a year event that you won’t want to miss!

  6. Dearest!

    It is a great project to heal our Mother Earth. We will make an event in Celje or Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe. We will tone the heart sound “AH” sending a sonic valentine to Mother Earth to spread the vibration of peace and harmony.
    From 6pm-8pm local time: gong bath, healing voice, crystal sound galaxies bowls meditation
    All information on: tjasa.cepus@gmail.com and http://sound-spa.jimdo.com.

    With Love, Peace, Joy

    Join us from wherever you are in the world for an hour with: “The Angels’ Voice” of Anna Taylor, and “Sacred Sound” of Erica Longdon. Celebrate the 12th Annual World Sound Healing Day join us via TELECONFERENCE
    9am PACIFIC – 12 noon EASTERN – 5pm UK.
    Contact Erica or Anna via their website or email for the dial in number for your country. Your normal call charges apply.
    email: angelhandsheal@aol.com or anna.taylor444@btinternet.com
    web: wwww.angelhandsheal.com http://www.anna-taylor.co.uk

    COST: FREE or small donation

  8. PRAYING WITH SACRED SOUND, Feb14-16 is a weekend for anyone who wants to learn about sacred sound and to be part of a field of harmonic sound that is permeated with love. Wendy Kohlhaas, will work with her exquisite collection of crystal singing bowls. Cecilia Corcoran will engage the group in chanting and toning will lead the weekend. Both women studied with Goldman in last summer’s Healing Sounds Intensive. To join us in rural Wisconsin contact

  9. World Sound healing day EVENT: BRISBANE Australia
    February 14th 10:00 am – noon
    Sound Song Chant
    at Annerley, with Claudia Ocean leading a Native American flute Circle filled with blessings, supported by an orchestra of instruments including medicine drum, flute, rain stick, rattle, thunder drum, eagle bone flute, North American flutes, crystal bowl & Tibetan bowl, rain stick, gong, tingshas & bells, chakra chimes, 13 tones of creation. Chant in Lakota, Sanskrit, Spanish, Hawaiian, and experience being bathed in sound while deeply soothing tones help us to heal Earth our Mother.

  10. The Crystal House will be holding a Prayer Circle/ amplified field of sound Healing

    We will actively gather on Friday February 14th at 6pm to have time to experience Sound shift ourselves and our planet with the intension of Love and wide open hearts of gratitude and Healing all that no longer serves us and the planet replacing the space with Beautiful Peace, Gratitude and Joy and Activity. Please email if interested in attending daviesbernadette@ymail.com

    request bring a white candle to light and invite the sacred angelic realm to be present and assist us individually and collectively

    No cost.

    Place Burlington Ontario Canada

  11. DATE: February 14, 2014
    TIME: 12 NOON
    LOCATION: Las Vegas, NV

    I have posted the basic information on our Real and Raw Foods Meetup to invite individuals to participate wherever they are in the city. Anyone who knows of any other related local Las Vegas event please post on our Meetup or tag onto our existing post.

    Blessed Be.

    Sound Healing Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls We will sound an “AH” sending a heart wave of Sound that will resonate in us and throughout the planet.
    Friday February 14th (day of Love)from 7.30-9.00 pm
    For details email Dagmar Hellriegel at Hellriegel@unitybox.de

  13. Consciousness Shifting Drum and Sound Healing Circle

    On the second Friday of every month (2/14/14), from 7 pm – 9:30 pm we gather for a Consciousness Shifting Drum and Sound Healing Circle in Landenberg, Pennsylvania. This month’s circle will be dedicated to the World Sound Healing Day. Come and bring your sacred being, your sacred voices, and we will join the world in sacred vibration for our mother, the Earth.

    For more info and directions, contact Cyndy at snakedancer@rhythmoftheearth.com

  14. The St. Croix Wellness and Renewal Centre will hold our first World Sound Healing Day Event at noon on Feb. 14th In St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. Location TBA on our facebook page. For more information email dana7@nbnet.nb.ca

    Details: We will tone the heart sound “AH” sending a sonic valentine to Mother Earth to spread the vibration of peace and harmony. Inspired by the original event created by Jonathan Goldman, we will be connecting with thousands of others throughout the planet as we all tone our loving sounds together on this day. This is a once a year event that you won’t want to miss!

  15. we are in the YogaFest in Dubai with Gong Bath Meditations, Singing Bowl Meditations and Chakra Toning. We will dedicate one-hour during the YogaFest to the World Sound Healing Day. The timing is yet to be determined but we are looking at sunset for this session. is it possible to get a larger image of the logo (600 x 600) so that we can share it on fb and in the marketing material? thank you, lawrence alohagong@rocketmail.com

  16. Friday, Feb.14th
    Event: 12th Annual World Sound Healing Day
    Time/Place: 1:00–2:00 PM (Telephone Conference)712-432-6060 Passcode 541461#
    City/Town: call in from anywhere
    Cost: FREE

    How blessed are the people who know the joyful sound!
    O Lord, they walk in the light of Your countenance. Psalm 89:15


  17. Hello everybody!
    We are happy to invite you to our new base at the Korogonas’ Ark sustainable community in South Lakonia, Peloponnese, Greece. We will be hosting the heart-sound-event in our new central building made of natural material (straw-clay, clay and lime plasters). Please call well in advance as the interiour is still under construction and we have to arrange seats for everybody e.g. on straw balls etc.
    Please contact us via email or phone *30 210 5616300 to receive exact time and location instructions as we are in the very nature between two villages (Papadianika and Daimonia).
    Time will be early afternoon… This event will be in Greek language but in case of foreigners we will BE glad to work bilingually if required. Many blessings to all – alexandros & maria

  18. Ubicación: España, Madrid
    Fecha: 14 de febrero 2014
    Hora: 20:00 hrs pm
    Ubicación: CENTRO MANDALA
    Contacto: cantoterapia.es@gmail.com o 646646026
    Aportación 5 euros para compartir costes de la sala.
    Detalles: Vamos a entonar el sonido del corazón “AH” juntos en este día tan especial de San Valentín para enviar el amor a la Madre Tierra y difundir la vibración de la paz y la armonía por todo el mundo. Inspirado en el evento original creado por Jonathan Goldman, nos conectaremos con miles de personas en todo el planeta como todos a través del sonido y de la vibración.
    Esto es una vez al año el evento que no querrás perderte!

    • Bonjour,
      Le 14 février (heure à préciser : 12h ou 14h), joignons-nous pour chanter un son sacré à l’intention de notre Terre-Mère, des Eaux, de l’air…. Avec Amour et Gratitude….
      Bienvenue à Mayenne (53100 France)
      Contact :

  19. World Sound Healing Day at Avebury, UK

    Friday 14th February 2014

    Come and join us in celebrating the 12th Annual World Sound Healing Day in Avebury, one of the Earth’s most significant energy vortex points.

    At 12 noon we will tone the heart sound “AH”, sending a sonic valentine to the Earth for planetary peace and harmony. We’ll be connecting with thousands of others throughout the planet who will be singing at 12 noon their local time, creating a sonic wave across the planet.

    In the afternoon, we’ll continue the celebrations with sound baths using voice, drums, crystal bowls, gongs, Himalayan bowls and a variety of percussion instruments, together with spaces for meditation and reflection.

    We will conclude by creating a group soundscape expressing our love and compassion for the planet and all beings.

    This is a co-creative event, so please bring any musical instruments, poetry, art, crystals etc as you feel inspired.

    For more info:


  20. In Lancaster, Pa. at Sage Continuing Education Center, 719 Olde Hickory Rd., just off Rt. 30. Plenty of parking! We will meet at 11:30am EST, toning AH, using singing bowls at 12noon. Please let us know you are coming healthnmusic@aol.com.

  21. I hope this cosmic sound OM girded all our Mother Earth. meet me here in Poland and the small town of Bydgoszcz. Meditation and the sound of OM connects us to all the Brothers. LOVE&LIGHT – Bożena

  22. World Sound Healing Day
    Date : February 14, 2014
    Time : 7pm – 9pm
    Place : Colpitts Settlement, NB, Canada
    Contact : Dana
    Email : dana@allcreaturesspiraljourneys.com

    Join thousands throughout the planet for the 12th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY on Friday, February 14, 2014. We will sound forth for 5 minutes with the “AH”, created and projected with the energy of compassion and love, sending a sonic valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth.

    The purpose of World Sound Healing Day is to:

    1). Heal Our Planet!
    2). Heal Our Waters!
    3). Raise Our Consciousness!

    See you then!

  23. Date: Feb 14, 2014
    Time: 11:45 to 12:30pm EST Starting with Heartmath exercise. Toning of “Ah” starts at noon,
    Location:St. Ceclia’s Church on the South Side, Pittsburgh, PA
    Cost: by donation

  24. Join Deb Jennings for the 3rd annual Des Moines celebration of Jonathan Goldman’s World Sound Healing Day. We will meet at noon to tone and make sacred sound for the benefit of the planet and all its inhabitants. We will also specifically make sacred sound to help heal the water on the planet. We will be joining with communities around the world meeting at the same time with the same intention. Join us in intentionalized sound for the benefit of all! Raise consciousness! 12 noon to 1:00 p.m.
    Location: Unity of Des Moines, 414 31st St., Des Moines, IA

  25. Date: February 14, 2014
    Event: Valentines for Water
    Location: The Atrium, Exploration Place Regional Museum, Prince George British Columbia Canada
    Day: 12-1pm, Continuous Group Toning, drop-in, free
    Eve: 7-9pm followed by refreshments, fundraiser for new PG Water Gratitude Society

    Valentines for Water

    PG Water Gratitude Society

    Co-hosted by sound weaver and Water steward Danielea Castell and Spirit Keeper and Lleidli T’enneh elder Darlene McIntosh. A fully participatory community celebration of their love for Water including community Water stories, dance, first nations storytelling, drumming and a group improvisation, called a sound weaving, to direct supportive loving energy to Mother Ocean in the Fukushima region.

    Admission: sliding scale $10-$100
    Children welcome

  26. I have hosted small World Sound Healing events for the past 4 years in London. This will be my first time hosting the event in Forres. The event will run from 19.45 to 20.30, the exact location yet to be confirmed, so please feel very welcome to email me to check this or if you would like any other information. Whether you have participated in previous sound / sound healing events or if this is your first time, your presence and participation will be so much valued and appreciated.

    Hosted by: Joule L’Adara
    at the META Center New York
    214 West 29th, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10001
    7:00pm – 9:00pm

    Every February 14th, people around the planet send a Sonic Valentine to Gaia, our Earth Mother. This is an opportunity which YOU can partake in to assist Global Harmonization–the process of creating harmony and peace on the Earth.

    Joule L’Adara’s Sounding Circles workshop teaches simple techniques which serve to create a coherent field between your heart and brain. When coupled with intentionalized sound, these techniques amplify the energy we project and make us more effective vehicles for co-creating positive change.

    Experience gorgeous therapeutic instruments designed to relax and energize, active guided vocal exploration to discover healing sounds for your unique body, and then come into resonance with others around the globe on this full moon night of universal love!

    To register for this event please go to: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=8zcssleab&oeidk=a07e8uklpvnac7696a0

  28. Gathering in Rishikesh India, on Feb 15th. (Joining with the sounds being created on the 14th in N.America)
    Meeting at 7:30 pm in Laxman Julha. If your in India email me for the exact location or call 9760132155
    We will be sounding the ahh as we tune into the heart with the vibration of love. Then will lead a sound healing journey with another sound brother… Voice, didges rattles, Native drum, gong, tibetan bowls, and shurti box.. please join us heal our mother earth and all beings on her.

  29. World Sound Healing Day at Queens Woods, Highgate, London UK

    14th Feb 2014

    Entrance: Free

    As Part of the 12th Annual World Sound Healing Day, we will be holding a free event within an ancient sacred site, situated in Queens Woods, London.

    Join us, for a Heart Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls, (led by Cassandra), Drumming Circle (led by Regina) and Chant (led by Daniel Morrell from CHANT).

    At 12pm we will tone around the vowel sound “Ah”, joining thousands of others around the world, with the aim of creating sound with intention, sending healing vibrations to all.

    We will meet and greet at 11am in the cafe, before heading to the site.

    This is a free event open to all and no experience is necessary. Children are welcome under adult supervision at all times.

    For more information email: singbowl.therapy@gmail.com


  30. Free! 2/14/2014; 4pm down at the beach by The Mermaid Cottage 26726 calle Juanita, in Capo Beach, ca 92624, d13mckee@aol.com. Bonfire through sunset, bring your healing sound tools and Power Crystals, Heal mama Gaia and the Sea with me Debi McKee! All welcome! *;)8>0~~{‘
    Crystal Swirlies!
    Debi McKee
    Crystal Energie’ Healer
    Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioner

  31. World Soundhealing Day sound meditation in VOORHOUT, Netherlands.
    BodySoulTuning will collectively join in the global ‘Ah’sound for peace and healing.
    Healing sounds from (crystal) bowls, flutes, chimes etc.
    8PM local time
    in Yoga Studio Jade – Yogacentrum Voorhout
    please register to make sure there is a space for you!
    All info can be found on http://www.bodysoultuning.nl

  32. World Sound Healing Day at Tiruvannamalai.
    14th Feb 2014, 12:00
    Address: Paliyappattu Village, off Bangalore Road at Tanna Maidu. Once you reach the TiruFarm GH, there will be signs how to reach the place.
    Contact Number: +919943644757
    Free Entrance
    THis year is the 12th Annual World Sound Healing Day. We will participate for the first time with an event at Tiruvannamalai to celebrate this beautiful day by sending our love, compassion and positive vibrations in every corner of the world.
    Join us to create together beautiful healing sounds.
    At 12:00pm we will be toning on the “Ah” sound, together with thousands of other healers around the world.
    This will also be the first ceremony of our new community; the Soundguru – Soulful Living Community. Being just after its conception, this community aims to be a place for spiritual and personal exploration

  33. World Sound Healing Day New England
    Calling on Sisters of New England. We will gather to create sacred space in Shelburn Falls, Massachusetts.
    Address: Shelburn Falls Yoga Center
    1 Deerfield Avenue
    Shelburn Falls, Massachusetts
    7-9pm sliding scale donation to cover rental of facility: $10 – $25
    Contact Virginia Lynn Anderson 860-543-3302 or elandra4444@gmail.com

  34. World Sound Healing Day in Athens Greece.
    Feb 14 2014
    18.30- 19.30 hrs
    Location: Faethoniasis Mets
    Cost: By donation
    Contact: info@faethoniasis.gr

    We will be joining thousands of people around the world to sound the “Ah” vibration of love and sending it out to the world. The aim is to send healing vibrations to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. We will start with a singing bowl and gong session and heart meditation then we will tone sending forth the vibration of love and compassion to all. The session will be in Greek and English.
    This event is open to all and no experience is necessary.

    For more information visit http://www.faethoniasis.gr or email Contact Gianna: info@faethoniasis.gr

  35. gathering in kingsville ontario canada…7pm…smudging toning drumming singing celebrating…for more information email peaceloveandhappiness@hotmail.com…we will also be painting the ceremonial drum for total recall xii…for more information visit totalrecallretreat.com or like us on facebook…’peace is flowing like a river, flowing out of you and me, flowing out into the desert, setting all the captives free’…
    cost: by donation

    Sound Healing Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls, hang drum’ African hurp and more…
    sound healing workshop,a seremony in the merkaba, singing circle of prayer songs together and sounding an “AH” together to send a heart wave of Healing Sound for our planet and all of Humanity.
    Friday February 14th from 12.00-16.00 pm (israel time)
    For details email us at kfarsagol@gmail.com

  37. Details: Drumming and Toning Healing Circle. We will start with toning the heart sound “AH” sending a sonic valentine to Mother Earth to spread the vibration of peace and harmony. Inspired by the original event created by Jonathan Goldman, we will be connecting with thousands of others throughout the planet as we all tone our loving sounds together on this day. Then follow up with 5 minutes of drumming and then earth healing meditation. This is a once a year event that you won’t want to miss!

  38. Love to be a part of this event and would also invite my friends and circle of healers and light workers.
    126, 1ST FLOOR, D.R.TOWERS,
    Phone;+91 9739076535

  39. High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands. De Boerderij (across the lake) 12 PM CET
    Feel free to join us in toning on the “Ah” sound, together with thousands around the world.
    Preparing guided meditation by Eef Maaswinkel starts at 11:30. Afterwards there’s a 45 mins. Ashtanga yoga session with teacher Ruud Lagendijk.

  40. World Sound Healing day event in Killarney Co.Kerry Ireland.

    a Sonic Hug to Mother Earth.

    at 12 noon At Saob’s Orchard Flintfield Faha Killarney.
    with Margot Boerma and her group of Sonic sounders. Please come and join us!

    Everybody Welcome!
    Contact: Margot on 086-3478038 or margot09@eircom.net

  41. Chakra Dance Yoga with Sound Bath – World Sound Healing Day, Fri. 14, 2014
    Devi Yoga CEnter, Shakti Hall, Bobenčkova ulica 4, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe
    Facilitators: Tea Smonker & Svemir Vranko

  42. RAISE YOUR LOVE VIBRATIONS!!Celebrating full moon, Valentines, World Sound Healing Day
    with Soraya at the SoundShala, HONOLULU
    Friday 14th February, 7.00-8.30pm

  43. World Sound Healing Day Come and sound the sound of love for the world!
    • Date Feb. 14,2014
    • Place 7403 Capri Drive
    Fort Wayne, Indiana
    • Time 7 PM
    We will be joining Jonathan Goldman and people from all over the world sounding the sound of love AH and sending it out to the world. You do not have to be able to sing, just come with the intention of wanting to send love out into the world.
    There is no charge for this gathering.

  44. World Sound Healing Day and 2nd Annual Sacred Sound Festival, Vancouver Island, Canada

    When: Friday, Feb.14th
    Where: Simms Park, Courtenay, B.C. 11:30-12:30
    Sending Mother Earth a Sonic Valentine, supported by Mikeoula and her crystal singing bowls.

    2nd Annual Sacred Sound Festival,
    When: Sat., Feb.15th, 10am-4pm
    Where: Cumberland United Church, 2688 Penrith Ave., Cumberland, B.C.
    Celebrating the power and beauty of sacred sound and music with a wide variety of musicians and sound artisans, from Roger Helfrick on harp to Mikeoula with crystal singing bowls, laughter yoga to chanting…
    for more info:http://www.mikeoula.com/events.html

  45. World Sound Healing Day in Tucson, AZ USA Friday, Feb. 14, 2014, 6:30-7:30 PM AZ time
    Joining with the world in Valentine love and tones of AH for Oneness and healing. Venue: Unity of Tucson, 3716 N. Camino Blanco, Tucson, AZ off of River Road between Craycroft and Swan Roads. Plenty of parking. Listen for hundreds of Solari bells outside as you enter Harmony Hall. Love offering for space. All are welcome.

    Our toning circle gathers in Unity’s Harmony Hall with chanter, crystal bowler and medium Erin Madden who often chants for Ammachi in Albuquerque. She will open and close the circle with crystal bowls and her powerful voice of love. Other guests TBA. Group toning is sublime. Please join us!
    contact Joan Vann at chantingriver@gmail.com.

  46. SOUND MEDITATION celebrating the 12th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY on Friday 14th February at 12-1pm.
    St Pancras Church House, 1 Lancing Street, LONDON, NW1 1NA, UK.

    Come and join together in peace and harmony for this global toning event. Let us resonate together with the sacred heart sound ‘AH’, sending out the energy of love and compassion to our Mother Earth and fellow beings. Free event. All welcome.

  47. I will have an open house at my private adres in the center of The Netherlands (EU). It is located near the Pyramide of Austerlitz, a pyramide of sand, clay and stones, built by soldiers of Napoleon. If the weather is good we can go there. People can contact me on facebook *Volg Mijn Hart* (meaning: Follow My Heart), as I live in a small appartment and have limited space. Open house from 11:30 – 13:00. After 13:00 we can have a potluck. Warm greetings, Fred.

  48. AUSTIN TEXAS !!!
    Feb. 14, 7 p.m.
    Quartz Crystal Sound Healing & Meditation session to be offered free of charge!
    Come experience the amazing power of a Singing Bowl Session on this World Sound Healing Day!
    MUST RSVP ~ Sandee.Conroy@yahoo.com or 908-399-4355 (cell/text)
    See my website for more info: SingingBowlLady.com

  49. We will be toning the Ah with me and my heart Chakra bowl at the Well at Willen, Milton Keynes, MK15 9AA at 2.30pm to 3.30pm.

    We will be intending the energies of love and compassion for our beautiful Earth and taking some water we have energised to the lake.

    Please confirm your attendance on bluegreenworld333@hotmail.co.uk to Sue Armstrong.

    In love, light and harmony

  50. World Sound Healing Day in Madrid 🙂
    Sound circle with shamanic drum, meditation & Tibet bowls
    With Antonio Muñoz at Fundación Proyecto Dorado.
    14-2-2014 20:00h.
    C/Manuel Gascon, 4 – Metro Pinar del Rey
    28043 – Madrid – Spain
    Tfno. 91 344 74 38 – 644 277 110

  51. World Sound Healing Day in Northern Germany:

    Toenen fuer Mutter Erde
    on February 14 at 6pm
    at my practice rooms in
    26506 Norden
    Am Markt 60

    gathering starts at 5:30 pm
    all are welcome
    for more info contact: info@wattenwunder.de

  52. Cangleska Wakan (Lakota for Sacred Circle) El Bolson, Argentina, 8 PM to 9:30 PM

    Nestled in the Argentine Patagonian Andes mountains, we will tone Ah and guide our spirits with ancestral sounds: Lakota drum and chant, gongs, singing bowls and mantras, in meditation and relaxation. Our intention is to re-establish balance and harmony for Mother Earth and Humanity.

    on friday 14th February 20h00.
    We will sound 2 hours long on 2 circles drawn on the floor changing from the Surrender space to the Trust space and the Gratitude space. Joint us for our 5th world sonic meditation for the earth

    le 14 février 2014 à 20h00. Nous chanterons pendant 2 h en nous déplaçant sur deux cercles délimitant 3 espaces, lâcher prise, confiance et gratitude.

  54. Existential Extravaganza is a monthly Jam Party with Right Om Fusion-Kirtan group! This fun evening will include a potluck of healthy snacks and drinks, singing, chanting, dancing, drumming and whatever other Mystical Mayhem we can manifest together! Please bring enough healthy snacks and drinks to accommodate at least the number of people you’re bringing, any musical instruments you might like to play and share, your loved-ones and a willingness to explore the most fun you can create with loving hearts you can imagine! Suggested Love Offering of $5/person or $10/family is suggested but none are turned away

    Right OM is a spiritually interactive fusion music group featuring Native American, Hindi and English language chants, with African, Turkish, Latin and eclectic rhythms and sounds.

    Our soul-full tribe of mystic musicians is a collective project formed to let out what we all intuitively already know how to do, utilizing attuned, interactive primal rhythms. The band encourages audience participation, so bring your drums, flutes, didgereedos and other musical instruments to add to the sound. Use your voice and your body to enhance the energetic communication with Spirit!

  55. 14 Februari is het Wereld Sound Healing day; wij doen mee!

    Waar; De Blauwe Decade in Alkmaar NoordHolland Nederland
    Datum en tijd; 14 Februari van 14.00 tot 15.00 uur

    Een uur lang zullen wij spelen op Tibetaande en Cristallen klankschalen en andere instrumenten.

    Het Doel is de liefdesfrequentie op en om onze aarde te verhogen zodat wij in liefde met elkaar kunnen ZIJN en samenleven en moederaarde een liefdesboost te geven.

    Wereldwijd wordt aan de soundhealing meegedaan met als achtergrondgeluid de AHfrequentie die Jonathan Goldman beschikbaar heeft gesteld voor deze gelegenheid.

    Anna Heddes http://www.deblauwedecade.nl

  56. World sound healing day wij doen mee. Waar: de Blauwe Decade Alkmaar Tijd: 15:00- 16:30.
    Wij spelen op Tibetaanse- en Kristallen klankschalen en andere instrumenten. ENTREE GRATIS

    Jet Voorman, Anna Heddes en Til Hermans

  57. Crystal Spirit Sound Healing Presents:
    The Power of Quantum Love
    Find the essence of all, open and shine.
    Heart-Centered Sound Meditation
    24 Carrot Learning Centre
    714 Discovery Street
    7:00 pm

    reserve your ticket early at:
    Full Circle Gallery
    1800 Store Street
    Victoria tel 850 920 4037

  58. Where? Gorton Monastery, Manchester, UK
    when? 12:00 noon on 14th February
    As part of the ‘Find Yourself at the Monastery in February’ events we will be sounding the heart sound ‘Ah’ as taught by Jonathan Goldman and also chanting for global peace, love and harmony.

  59. Sound Meditation Evening at The Trinity gardens Childrens Centre, Devitt rd. Trinity Gardens. The session involves Chakra Toning, Sacred Chanting, Sound Bath and we will be sounding the heart sound ‘Ah’ as taught by Jonathan Goldman for global peace, love and harmony , together with thousands around the world, for World Sound Healing day.
    Contact Cindy-Anne 0417824661 for bookings

  60. WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY in Seremban 2 / Malaysia

    Date: Feb 14, 2014 ( Friday )
    Venue: The Health & Welnness Place Yoga Energy Centre
    Time : 10pm

    Sound Healing Meditation with crystal singing bowls. We will go into our hearts and from there enter into the coherence state of gratitude followed by toning AH to project our love, appreciation and gratitude to Mother GAIA and all her children.

    For details, email yewkuin@gmail.com


  61. Hola, saludos desde Colombia. En mi casa, en privado, me uno a su celebración y haré mi canto en privado. Por el bienestar de la humanidad entera, de la tierra que nos sostiene y alberga, contando con la ayuda y guía de los seres de luz que nos rodean. Saludes a todos, y gracias a Antonio Muñoz por su invitación desde Madrid.

  62. Lets meet in World Peace Yoga School , Laxman Jhula, (Orange Hotel) Rishikesh, India. Time : 6pm local time. You welcome to bring your instrument! love&light

  63. We are celebrating World Sound Healing day on Bournemouth Beach, Pier Approach, Dorset, BH2 5AA at NOON. Meet just Outside The Prom Cafe, under the flyover, if raining at 1145 as preparation. This will be a joint celebration as afterwards we will be Rising and dancing for V-Day, a global onebillionrising.org event and our toning will be offered as a prayer for the one billion women and children suffering abuse.

    No need to RSVP, just turn up and offer your unique voice to the Sacred Unity Voice to help heal our planet. You are the difference that makes a difference and YOUR VOICE COUNTS!

    Contact Tania on 07886592394

  64. Meet at 11.11am on Friday 14th February, St Valentine’s Day at Ewyas Harold Recreation Ground Car Park. We will walk up onto Ewyas Harold common and gather at the Christmas Tree at the top for the sounding. Bring you own food and drink for afterwards. All very welcome.

  65. A few friends will gather in La Jolla park w/ a xylophone to tone and make music (noon) and (3 pm) both
    Peace & Blessings…feel free to join us

  66. World Sound Healing Day!
    Gainesville, Fla

    We are so excited to be participating in this beautiful global event!
    Will be chanting “Ah” to bring healing to our planet. Potluck lunch afterwards.

  67. TaKeTiNa – Connecting to Stillness – The Yoga of Rhythm
    DRUMHEART – Michael Kenny MMT, MT-BC
    Friday, February 14, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (CST)
    Little Rock, AR

    Come experience this process of engaging in rhythm, embodying sacred geometry, in which the shared activation of the rhythmic voice is the ocean that carries the group on a rhythm journey to wholeness.

    “In a moment like a dream, during the chanting and dancing, I felt as if I was doing something ancestral, as if my body and soul knew this already from a far back experience, and I felt as if I was not just myself, but a timeless soul…one with my passed ancestors.” Ben T

  68. Welcome to Sound Healing Day in Garder, Vestby, Norway!
    We are holding a sound healing circle bringing in new energy through meditation and music for the planet and the universe. The music is unique and is from New Equations Body Resonant Music.

    Body Resonant Music aligns with your spirituality – which is already aligned with the Forces of Nature and the source of creation – to help your spirituality become more physical. Human spirituality becomes physical while still in alignment with the evolution of the whole universe. From that spiritual physical place, through the present moment of your soul, your expansion and development appears.

    This piece will be used:

    Pesdjet VIII Music from One Universe – All There Is Aligned Symphony

    Music performed by Siv Roland
    Composed by: Alan Sheets, Siska (Barbara) Tovey, Siv Roland

    Place: Garder, Vestby, Norway
    Time: 1900-2100
    Regstration: kajamagnussen@me.com

    See you warmly Kaja <3

  69. 17.00h at THE DOME RETREAT CANTRE Alicante Spain
    Organised by the Association of Sound Therapy and Harmonic Studies,
    Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum
    Group Intoning with Harmosied Intention
    We’ll nbe wioth you Vopice and Overtones,
    Sound and Spirit

  70. Hey, begeht mit uns den World Sound Healing Day am 14. Februar.

    Vormittags von 10-13 Uhr Workshop I “Erwartungen – Werte – Selbstverständnis” mit Qui Gong und Tai Ji und den wunderschönen Klängen von Klangschalen und anderen Instrumenten.

    Nachmittags von 14 – 17 Uhr Workshop II Fortsetzung oder auch Alternative zu Vormittags

    Abends von 18 – 19 Uhr Klangentspannung

    Alles im Seminarzentrum Art of Balance, Michael-Roiger-Weg 2, 91217 Hersbruck. Anmeldung unter info@sound-balance.de oder Tel. 09151-839886, oder 0176-51627119

    Bis Freitag!!!

  71. Special Valentines Day and World Sound Healing Day Meditation

    Kundalini Crystal Bowl and Gong Meditation
    7:00pm – 8:30pm

    Please join us on the Feb. 14th 2014, from wherever you may be, for a combined World Sound Healing Day and Valentines Day meditation.

    Love yourself, Love one another, Love the world.

    Lifespring Creative Wellness Center
    23 Taylor Avenue (route 71)
    Manasquan, New Jersey 08736
    (entrance on the right side of building, down the stairs)

    THE CRYSTAL CHAKRA BOWL MEDITATION opens and energizes each Chakra for proper balancing, healing, clearing, and to promote optimum health and emotional well-being. Each bowl is played for 3 minutes starting from the Root Chakra, working the way up through each to the Crown Chakra, then to the Zeal Point, and back down. The Gong played at the end of the meditation produces the primordial and original sound “Om”, an extremely powerful and healing sound which works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

    $12 offering

    Meditation starts at 5 minutes after the hour and doors are locked out of respect for the other attendees. If you are running late, please call to let me know (631-741-2295).

    Thank you.

    JOHN EUSTOR is a musician with over 30 years of experience and for the past seven years has been involved with tribal and shamanic drumming, dance, sound, light and vibrational healing.

  72. Hello,
    My event is:
    Wonder of Love – Celebrate Valentine Day! – 11:30-12:00PM EST
    Love is a magikal word, it generates awesome vibrations. It changes our lives and other people lives.
    Feb 14, 2014: Let Cupid’s arrow hit your heart ==> Fall in Love with Your Life!
    Look in the mirror and say: “I am the most beautiful person I know!” – Take a moment to see how it feels…

    12:00 PM EST – Join WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY sounding the sound “AH” MP3 file, this was created and projected with the energy of compassion and love, sending a sonic valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth.

    My question is: Can I use Jonathan’s mp3 file in my radio show? Thanks

  73. Honolulu, Hawaii
    Join us for a night of celebrating sacred sounds, communal energy, and cosmic cycles. In conjunction with a Lunar Cycle full moon Ritual, there will be chanting, prayers, drumming, and an open jam. All around a sacred fire, surrounded by nature.

    Feb 14th
    10:30pm – Dawn
    Contact: beingoflight@gmail.com

  74. We will be in my studio chanting the Divine Shield Meditation for Protection and Positivity, Ma followed by a full moon multi gong bath here in Hong Kong. Spreading healing light and love to ourselves, our lvoed ones and the world.

  75. Consciousness Shifting & Sound Healing
    ~ Lead by Diya
    ~ 14 February 2014
    ~ Coopers Beach, New Zealand

    Simple Loving Kindness Meditation, sitting in presence and love for all mankind….. we will tone the heart sound “AH” sending a sonic valentine to Mother Earth to spread the vibration of peace and harmony. Inspired by the original event created by Jonathan Goldman, we be connecting with thousands of others throughout the planet as we all tone our loving sounds together on this day.

    Diya 6421-633-966 or diya@clear.net.nz
    (ps. Yesterday I sat in silence…. today I tone with family and friends and join in with those in other time zones)

  76. February 14, 2015
    Join Deb Jennings of “Sounds for the Soul” for the 4th annual Des Moines celebration of Jonathan Goldman’s World Sound Healing Day. We will meet at noon to tone and make sacred sound for the benefit of the planet and all its inhabitants. We will also specifically make sacred sound to help heal the water on the planet. We will be joining with communities around the world meeting at the same time with the same intention. Join us in intentionalized sound for the benefit of all! Raise consciousness! 12 noon to 1:00 p.m.
    Location: Unity of Des Moines, 414 31st St., Des Moines, IA

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