New Moon Womb Activation

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New Moon womb activation

Calling all Womban!!!

Join me for a free virtual New Moon Womb Sound Activation this Thursday 11th February 2021 5pm GMT/ 7pm South African Standard Time.

The planetary forces are here NOW, to assist us in awakening and healing our Wombs.

I’ll be guiding you through a sound transmission using sound, voice and specialized ISOCHRONIC frequencies to balance our feminine hormones and awaken our wombs for the fertile ground to birth our creations.  

The new moon in Aquarius will take place on February 11th.  It will be part of a large stellium in the sign that includes the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. That’s 6 planets in the sign of Aquarius the last time this happened the Dark Ages ended and the renaissance (rebirth) began!

This planetary alignment is sure to WAKE US UP!

I know everyone has been telling each other to wake up for years now. I am not trying to irritate anyone but Aquarius-ruler, Uranus is called the AWAKENER.

You’re not sleepin’ are you?

Join me and a community of women as we AWAKEN and HEAL our WOMBS. 

​If you are new to Isochronic frequencies and understanding what they are think of a repetitive drum beat that creates rhythmic pulses. These repetitive pulses entrain your brain to sync with its frequency inducing profound states of consciousness on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. As women we do this naturally by syncing with the rhythms of the moon during our menstrual cycles. With the assistance of our current planetary forces and this gifted sound transmission lets unit and welcome in the fullness of who we are. 

​In this live sound transmission ill be using an isochronic tone that will assist with the following:

​Deeper states of relaxation
Balancing your hormones
Activating and healing your womb
Centering mental stability 
Healing of body/mind

Date: 11 February

Time: South Africa Standard Time – 7:00 pm 

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Date And Time

Feb-11-2021 @ 19:00 (SAST) to
Feb-11-2021 @ 20:00 (SAST)


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