MetaMusic Journey with Laura Inserra

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MetaMusic means beyond music, or beyond what so far you have considered music. In this context, music becomes experiential, functional, a metaphor of life, and it carries healing, inner guidance, and deep transformative properties. Join us in this day of Love and Unity. 

Hosted by Laura Inserra 

Laura Inserra is a sound alchemist. She lives and creates at the confluence of music from around the globe, wisdom practices, and cutting edge technology. Her career has been multifaceted —  multi-instrumentalist, music teacher, sound therapist, composer of soundtracks for movies, theatre and dance, producer of artistic events.

She uses music as meaningful entertainment, as a tool for healing, as a boost for intuition, as a facilitator for creativity, as a way to harmonize a conversation, as guidance for group retreats, as medicine for inner transformation, as a medium to connect to the intelligence of the body. 

In the last decade, Laura has been focusing her work on the transformative and therapeutic power of sound. Combining her intimate knowledge of music with her studies of ancient schools of wisdom, she developed Resonant Healing, her own multifunctional method for self-healing and wellbeing. In person and online, she uses this method in one-on-one sessions as well as in group work, public gatherings, and art installations. 

She also teaches MetaMusic, a comprehensive body of work about sound healing and music ceremonies. Her in-person and online teachings are about creating resonant fields from which deep transformation, inner guidance, and healing arise.​

Laura is the co-founder of Seeds of Gold Institute, whose mission is to research and integrate ancient technology and schools of wisdom into modern life. The Institute is dedicated to helping individuals, groups, and the global community in the journey of personal growth and collective evolution.

Born and raised in Sicily, she now lives in the SF Bay Area and works around the globe. 

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Feb-14-2021 @ 13:00 (PDT) to
Feb-14-2021 @ 14:00 (PDT)



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