Heart Calming & Clearing Practice — Free on FB Live

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Sunday Feb 14, 9pm (mst)
Calming & Clearing the Heart Center

with Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix
Tibetan Bowls & Chanting

What can we do to help the world in this time of turbulence and uncertainty? One step is to detach, for a few moments, from the outer drama and return to the peace, love and light in our heart center. This is beneficial for you – and it sends a pulse of peace, love and truth into collective awareness – benefiting all.
In this free Facebook Live session of Tibetan Bowls and chanting we will drop into Heart Space to clear the confusion of the outer world and reconnect with inner wisdom.

We are not speaking of the anatomical heart – but of the energy center of the heart that we know as the place of love, truth, courage and soul connection. It is important in this time to remember the power and wisdom there. Centering into the heart helps us find inner balance and stability amongst the swirling illusions and dramas happening around us.

In Heart Space we can remember who we really are – we can connect with soul and divine light. We can hear our intuitive guidance to help navigate and stay centered in the outer storm.

It is best to listen to this session through good quality speakers – or good headphones. Laptop or phone speakers are not recommended. It is also good to prepare a quiet space for the session with a candle, incense, crystals and other sacred objects so you can journey safely into inner heart space.

While this event is a free offering, you are welcome to make a contribution via Venmo or Paypal. All contributions are greatly appreciated!
Venmo: Paul-Temple-6
Paypal: PWTemple1@gmail.com

To register for this event please visit the following URL: https://www.facebook.com/RadianceMatrix/posts/3572503496178672 →


Date And Time

Feb-14-2021 @ 21:00 (MDT) to
Feb-14-2021 @ 21:30 (MDT)



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