Harmonies of Light REPLAY 2-14-21

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Here is a link to the FREE REPLAYS of Harmonies of Light livestreamed event for World Sound Healing Day 2-14-21.

REPLAY LINK Harmonies of Light 2-14-21

Harmonies of Light is a one of a kind transformational music and color system developed by Emmy Award winner Jim Oliver. Jim has created more than 3500 hours of transformational healing music over a 40 year span. He began formal piano study at age 5 and majored in classical organ at Hartt College of Music. As Jim plays live, the harmonically/mathematically related colors shine like aurora borealis. He also integrates live Cymatics so you can actually see the waveforms of the bass notes. This event will be about 45 minutes long. Jim’s specialty is spontaneous improvisation which gives you greatest access to the “Now Moment” which is a powerful opportunity to experience the full presence of Your True Self – Your True Nature. Jim’s keyboard array provide a vast array of sounds ranging from deep and grounding to expansive, galactic textures which he masterfully weaves into the tapestry of the music. The music that flows through is based on the energy and essence of those in attendance live and those that will view in the future.

 Set your personal and global intention. 

FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF THE HARMONIES OF LIGHT LIVESTREAMING MUSIC AND COLOR EXPERIENCE – Be in a quiet and comfortable place – no distractions, no multi-tasking. Please TURN OFF cell phones. This is your time to be with yourself fully. Have a bottle of water with you while you are experiencing the event. The water becomes infused with your intention and the resonance of the music and harmonized colors. Drinking the water refreshes that resonance. Having good quality speakers and if at all possible, a subwoofer on your computer allows you to fully immerse in the music and colors. If that is not possible, then please use good quality headphones. Connecting your laptop to a large screen TV is even better…surround sound is the best. I can help and make suggestions for speakers and headphones if you like. Computer stereo speaker systems are inexpensive and very easy to connect.

Please allow yourself plenty of time before the Harmonies of Light Experience begins for personal centering and for setting a clear intention for the highest purpose in this moment.

Give yourself plenty of quiet space after the Harmonies of Light Experience completes for feeling the resonance you have created with yourself and with all of humanity and for deeply integrating the authentic feelings you are in touch with. Sitting in complete silence for 10 – 15 or more minutes after the event completes is very much suggested.email: support@JimOliverMusic.com
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To register for this event please visit the following URL: https://vimeo.com/512265966 →


Date And Time

Feb-14-2021 @ 11:00 (MDT) to
Feb-14-2021 @ 23:45 (MDT)


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