Free Event on Zoom: 19th World Sound Healing Day. 

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Free Event on Zoom: 19th World Sound Healing Day. 

I participate every year in the World Sound Healing Day, which has been in existence for 19 years. 

My dear  friend Jonathan Goldman has organized this event every year on Valentine’s Day, the  to spread the energy of Love through Sound worldwide.

  I invite you to sow seeds of love through the co-creation of sacred sounds. You can sing, play with sono-therapeutic musical instruments or with drums, with me from 2 to 3 p.m. live on Zoom for one hour. 

This Day is a global event dedicated to the healing of our planet through the projection of intentional sounds of love on Earth and on all sentient beings.  

The goal of World Sound Healing Day is to : 

 1). Heal our planet! 

2). Heal our waters! 

3). Raise our consciousness! 

Traditionally, at noon (your local time), participants would ring an “AH” lovingly encoded as a sonic Valentine to the Gaia Matrix – our Mother Earth.  

 This year, due to global circumstances of restraint, we suggest that anything done with the energy of love and compassion is wonderful to resonate on this World Sound Healing Day.  

 This healing sound can be any vocal sound – Ah, Hum, Om, etc. – and it can be any sound that is spoken. – any resonance – crystal or Tibetan bowls, didjeridoo, etc. – any instrument – piano, violin, drum, etc.  

 As long as it is created with the energy of love, compassion and dedicated to the goal of World Sound Healing Day, it will sound good and appropriate. 

 Here is the link for the Zoom Union which will start at 2pm sharp.
 Try to log in at 1:45 pm if you can so that we can fix any technical problems. Equip yourself with headphones and a webcam if you want to have the best experience of the sound effect. 

Looking forward to sharing sacred sounds of love for the earth to accompany the deployment of new, evolving energies of creative freedom and find new ways to heal our Planet and all living things. 

 Mark  Robertson

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Date And Time

Feb-14-2021 @ 14:00 (CEST) to
Feb-14-2021 @ 15:00 (CEST)

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