Corona Virus Whale Healing

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We are your Elders and we are the molecular librarians of Earth’s history.  We embody conscious creation, and we have the experience and intention to assist you with core level healing. It is our intention to assist humanity in claiming their Mastery and restoring your physical forms to radiant health.  We are the Whales and we have existed on Earth now for over 500 million years.

A few years ago, the Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto photographed the structure of Water, proving it is conscious and sentient, and alive.  Dr Emoto and Dr Todd Ovokaitys used the HUMPBACK WHALE SONGS to successfully CLEAR the filthy and toxic Japanese tap water. Only the Whale Sounds could clear the toxic water.  Star Tetrahedron Crystals formed as the Whales returned the Water to pristine clarity.  The Whales have told us that their SONGS are the SONGS of CREATION and they bring us the most powerful  healing Sounds available. 

In March of 2021 the Great White Whales communicated to Laurie Reyon that they could create a healing protocol to remove the Corona Virus from the human form.  Reyon agreed to work with them to accomplish this task and then to create an Immunity Shield of Gold Scalar Wave Light.

In the past few months over 8000 people have successfully experienced this miraculous Healing Modality from the White Whales.  Would you like to share this experience?

Laurie Reyon is an internationally known Inter-Species Communicator and “Voice” for the Great Whale councils.  She uses her voice combined with the energy of the Whales to offer this Healing process to humanity. 

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Feb-14-2021 @ 12:06 (PDT) to
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