Dr. Brenda Negley, MsD, is the owner of Yosemite Vibrations. Yosemite Vibrations is a sound and energy healing practice in Oakhurst, CA., near Yosemite National Park. Both Dr. Brenda and Rev. Dr. Judy DeRosa, SsD, offer a variety of energy healing modalities. Dr. Brenda is a Certified Practitioner of Vibrational Sound Therapy by the Vibrational Sound Association (VSA). Dr. Brenda also runs a nonprofit for a local sequoia grove, Nelder Grove, that is in the Sierra National Forest. Brenda is often found in the grove doing research and educating others about sequoia groves and the local mountain forests. She is also an author and local historian. Rev. Dr. Judy DeRosa, aka Morning Star, Echota Cherokee Elder, offers a joyful environment for Sprit Work. As a certified Hypnotherapist she has helped many people with the exploration of past life regressions enjoying the positive result of using Mind, Body, Spirit team to work towards a life enriched through a deeper understanding of the Whole Soul Self. Rev. Dr. Judy also does dream work, crystal stones, Reiki energy and drum work. She also offers classes on sacred tools, healing of the Soul, Totem animal guide, and wand making. This is a brief description. For those that want to learn more, it is recommended to view our website to see a full list of what we offer. YosemiteVibrations.com

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